Thrillville off the Rails Review

Thrillville off the Rails

There are very few productions that can entertain both children and adults at the same time. It is both very difficult and very risky to maintain the balance between them. Because it is not the solution of every production to not compromise on the other hand while satisfying one segment. But Thrillville off the Rails largely keeps its promise and, as they say, manages to appeal to all segments.

I first played the PC version of the production. But when the PSP version appeared in front of me, to be honest, I was really surprised and so curious. Because our game consists of building and managing an amusement park. We’re used to playing Tycoon vari productions on PC, but playing a strategy game on PSP can be harder than thought. Contrary to what I thought, Thrillville Off the Rails is very well integrated into the PSP and has proven that some strategies can be played on the console without the mouse. Our aim in construction is simple; creating a beautiful amusement park, making toys and Roller coasters with plenty of attractions, predictably entertaining visitors to the maximum and not sending them out of the park without emptying their pockets. But the production makes a very interesting point and focuses not only on entertaining park visitors, but also on entertaining you.

Amusement park

Thrillville gives you the management of your themed amusement park with its single-Player Campaign mode. We’re not as alone in the administration as we thought. With the first cinematic, we meet the slightly nutty professor. The professor is responsible for developing new things and helping us. He tells us everything through tutorials, and he doesn’t complete the training without practicing one-on-one supervision. As you can see, we are constantly taking on new goals, tasks as we build and manage our Great Park. These tasks can be like building new fun toys, as well as beautifying the environment, chatting with our guests, checking their pulse, or even trying out toys. Each completed mission returns to us as cash and the popularity of the park. The more popular we are, the more visitors we have and the more money we have. I said that the production was intended to entertain us as well as the guests. It also provides this with 50 different mini-games and walkable, rideable toys. Let’s assume that you have installed a Moto-Cross in your park; we can immediately play motorcycle racing, which is one of the mini-games in the 2D structure. Or, by installing a tank toy in your park, you can play a 2D tank battle, a mini-game in which you control a tank. Each completed mission can unlock locked toys by raising our score with each mini-game, making parks with different themes playable.

We can’t call Thrillville a mere Tycoon for off the Rails. Because it doesn’t contain as deep a strategy as a Tycoon. Thrillville wants you to spend your time organizing, riding toys, playing mini-games and building Roller coasters, focusing more on entertainment. Of course, we are not only having fun, we should also not forget about the management work such as Park promotion, campaigns, pricing, park officials. But often we are able to run things without much need for money. Certain areas of the park can only provide a certain amount of energy to toys, and these empty areas allow the construction of a limited amount of toys. This is because the Frame rate (screen refresh) that starts especially on the PC can be kept high. Because too many visitors combined with a large number of moving toys can cause the graphics processor to be stuck in the game, the solution has been introduced by installing toys in certain areas.

Easy playability

It is very simple to install Roller coasters, especially in PSP, which is the main theme of the production. After getting simple and advanced Roller Coaster training, you can install the fun train you want in your park, and then test it by riding them. If you don’t want to deal with installing a Coaster, you can buy one of the ready ones and install it directly in your park. You can also include add-ons such as reverse somersaults, passing through hoops of fire that can eat away from visitors ‘ lives on your Roller coasters.

The production shows that a very undeveloped strategy can also be played on PSP with its colorful cartoon structure, cheerful music and chirping sounds. Thrillville off the Rails is a production that you can’t leave for long hours by entertaining both your visitors and you.


50 minigames, colorful structure and gameplay

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