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theme park world

Because Strategy and simulation games appeal more to PC players, such games are not often found on consoles. Theme Park World is one of these simulation games on PlayStation 2, whose numbers are limited to a few. This name may sound unfamiliar to most console players, but in fact, TPW is an amusement park simulation with a lot of fans on the PC. So you build your park and run it and try to make money.

Let’s let’s go to the park…

Everything in the game is designed like in an amusement park. You can build Roller coasters, roller coasters of different types and many other entertainment units in accordance with your financial opportunities in your park. And then your customers start coming to your park, and you try to do everything you can to please them. Of course, a few Roller coasters and similar entertainment units are not enough to satisfy your customers. To add additional resources to your park, you must keep everything in your park, from arcades, restrooms, hamburgers and similar fast foods for your customers ‘ basic needs. Everything is not limited to this, many more details are included in the game, such as maintenance staff, security and cleaning staff for park safety.

Some are angry, some are happy, some are hungry

The satisfaction of your customers is indicated by the symbols immediately on them, and you see your shortcomings accordingly and act within the framework of these directions. As I said, you not only build the park, but also manage it. As we achieve certain achievements in park management, we also have different themes (fear parks, etc. as…) parks are opening and you have the opportunity to operate different parks. In the game, a small caricature of a Laptop constantly keeps you informed of what is happening in the park and helps you with various messages.

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For some reason, the graphics are a little rough when such games are transferred from PC to PS2. In other words, the resolution in the graphics is slightly lower, just like in the PS2 version of the AOE II. But still, the bright colors on the graphics are pleasant to the eye. In addition, the animations in Dec videos are very simple, but they are quite funny. Although the sound effects are also not very good, they are sufficient for this kind of simulation game. Details such as the screaming of those riding the Roller coaster are well thought out points. The controls are also prepared in such a way that even those who are not used to such games can quickly understand. The fact that you can see the park from different camera angles is also one of the factors that makes your work very easy.

So if you ask me if it’s fun to do all this now, I can say yes and no. Because this kind of simulation game may not appeal to everyone, especially PlayStation 2 players.

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