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The Warriors, shot 25 years ago, is a film about the relationship between America’s street gangs. Rockstar Games, on the other hand, is coming up with a new project, taking the copyright to the film. “Another movie game… Very bad for sure!!!” I hear you ask. But Rockstar Games has again revealed a work that will surprise us all. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the movie or not, because unlike other movie games, the Warriors are a major work. Our work on gang wars in New York City puts you in one of the powerful gangs of the era, the Warriors. Let’s see if you can be a real Warrior.

Our game manages to draw you in from the first minute with a cross-section from the movie. From now on, our work takes on a different atmosphere. If you’ve seen the movie, there’s the same similarity in the Warriors, just like in The Matrix movie and games. The artwork takes us to the months before the opening demo, and with the practice section, we begin our adventure describing what happened before the film. Because we’re a rookie who just joined the gang, we’re taking a number of brute force classes that will help us survive on the streets. In this exercise mission, we learn which keys do what. As with any beat-‘em-up game in general, we have similar attacks here. We have powerless, strong strokes and a holding move. Although it may seem quite small in the first place, I can safely say that there are hundreds of different combinations that we can apply against our enemies as we move forward. Using these three keys, you can turn everything into a chaos environment. It also has a block button, but I can tell you almost never use it. The fighting system is quite simple and very well applied to the game. Although it may seem easy to beat people in the first episodes, it will be vital to use these three keys as the number of enemies from the rival gang increases in the following episodes. When eight people surround you at once, you can move on thanks to the right combinations. In the Warriors, you will be able to use a number of weapons to eliminate your enemies. Most things around here will be waiting to be used. You have the option of beer bottles, bricks, baseball bats and knives. Also, when you use such weapons, you will have a noticeable advantage over your enemies. That’s why I recommend using them when you have such weapons around you. In the Warriors, the processing of the script and the atmosphere of the work will take the work one step up from other beat-‘em-up alternatives. Finding a successful script based on the film and the tasks you have to do in the episodes will make you feel like a gang member. Don’t beat anyone up all the time… We will draw the symbol of our gang(graffiti) on the future walls, join the uprising in the city and steal goods from shops, Rob people walking on the Future Street, hide in the shadows and quietly eliminate our enemies. In fact, by not breaking the rule that nine-tenths of manhood is to escape, we will escape from rival gangs… All of this is so successfully interconnected that when you play the Warriors it will sound like you’re playing the life of a gang member, rather than a beat-‘em-up. The Warriors allows you to play a lot of the characters you see in the movie. In one mission, you can manage Cleon, the founder of the gang, while in another mission, you can manage Rembrandt, the rookie. In addition, each character’s powers have different and unique strokes. If we look at artificial intelligence, I’d say they were successful overall. After about half an hour, you start to warm up, and even if you are surrounded, you can easily handle it. Cops are a little tougher than rival gang members. If the cops are outnumbered, it’s a little hard to get rid of. But in such situations, we can slow down time and increase the strength of our fists by moving into a spiritual state that we call rage.

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As we beat our enemies, our rage bar fills up and finally allows us to enter rage. Cops, on the other hand, usually handcuff your friends from the gang, and in this case, you encounter a small player who asks you to quickly press the keys to save them. These little players have spread throughout the Warriors. When you do Graffiti, Rob radio and people, open handcuffs and door locks, you can encounter small games like this. Drawing graffiti can be a nightmare for you, especially if your ability to use analog is poor. As you progress on your adventure, you will not find medical bags around to renew your life. Instead, you buy goods from drug dealers and use them. When we have friends with us or run Cleon, we have the authority to give orders to friends. In the order menu, you have six orders in the style of” Attack, Follow, surround, protect me and turn the place into hell.” If you also use these orders according to the conditions of the environment, it can save your life. In our work, we can not register at any time, but Rockstar has successfully transferred the registration method in the checkpoint system that we know to the game, you do not experience any problems.

My favorite feature in the production is the ability to play the game for 2 people. You can continue your adventure with two people using the second gamepad wherever and whenever you want. The camera angles are pretty well thought out, you don’t have any problems playing one person. As a matter of fact, the same situation does not apply when you play two people. When two players are close to each other, you can see it from a single camera, but when you start to separate, the screen splits in half and your field of view gets considerably smaller. Apart from the camera problem, it is quite enjoyable to fight back-to-back with a friend. The Warriors script gives us about twelve hours of play. But there are a lot of playable off-script games. You can do some tasks about the past, known as flashbacks, which I think will interest anyone who has watched or not watched the movie. In these missions; “how the Warriors were formed and how important gang members participated” we learn more about the work by playing them, which I think will be very interesting for those who like the film. Also in the flag hijacking section, which you know in the multiplayer sections, we kidnap girls instead of flags. Such original ideas add a different air to the game and earn plus points.

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If we look at the graphics of the game, obviously I can’t say that they are very beautiful, but they are above mediocre. Character and environment modeling is not bad. I can also say that I don’t see a graphic error that might bother you. At least they can reflect the mood of the 1970s. In addition, the artwork supports a widescreen feature, and the PS2 version does not experience squaring in the image. If we look at the Warriors ‘ sounds, the original soundtracks were used in the work, which brings the atmosphere to the top. In addition, the characters in the game are successfully voiced by people who play in the movie. Sound effects, on the other hand, come into our eyes compared to alternative works.

The Warriors said, ” movie games are bad.”It comes across as one of the rare works that can break the taboo. Thanks to a successful script inspired by the film and high playability powered by a successful combat system, the Warriors come across as a production that I think can give anyone who doesn’t like the beat-‘em-up genre a chance. I think you can enjoy it, especially when you play with two people, the Warriors is a work that should be found in the archive of every game lover, which we can call the good the bad.


Successful combat system, Extra content, Multiplayer part

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