The Sims: Unleashed Review

The Sims: Unleashed

Sim City. I don’t suppose anyone knows this game. The point that made this game different from other games, which gained popularity for millions of people from the moment it came out, was that unlike most games, it was based on making and living, rather than destroying and killing. In the game, you built and ran a city called “sim”, where a society of variations of a modern-day person, who can be very happy and whose desires never end. People at Maxis looked at the game selling a lot, the more games they followed monetary policy, the more they made games like Sim Ant, Sim Tower, sim zart, sim zurt. Of course, these games didn’t even achieve Sim City’s success. Because the goal in the game was always the same: to lead a community. Maxis always offered the same things to game lovers. As time progressed, two new versions of Sim City were released, called 2000 and 3000. These were highly acclaimed games. But now the players wanted something different.

The expected big revolution was with The Sims in early 2000. In this game, in previous games, you treated The Sims that you managed as a huge society as individuals and built their lives or destroyed them on their heads.. So in short, it was a” life simulation ” of The Sims. Immediately after the game came out, it was uploaded to millions of computers around the world. It attracted people of all ages and genders. People could find something of themselves in this game. Or they replaced the person they wanted to be and built a kind of virtual life. They formed relationships, were thrown into business and determined their fate. As the days progressed, Maxis prepared additional packages for the game. House Party, Hot Date and Vacation. There were different innovations that all three packs brought to the game. While House Party was for those in the fun of business, Hot Date focused on relationships between the opposite sexes. And at vacation, you were on vacation under his name. The latest expansion pack, The Sims Unleashed, also touches on pets, which are an extremely important part of everyday life. Just like other packages, you will need The Sims game to play this game.

As someone who changes 1 time a week because I’m cold to feed fish in the aquarium in the previous game, this idea of a pet scared me at first. How am I supposed to deal with a puppy who’s always peeing and barking while trying to get a promotion and take social life at the same speed? Fortunately, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought. It’s really fun to deal with your pet. In order to own an animal, you first need to go to Old Town, another version of downtown in Hot Date. To do this, pick up the handset and drive the bus(?) just call. After jumping on the bus, you see an isometric image of the Old Town again, as in Hot Date. It’s possible you can build your own shops here. From there, you choose a place that sells pets and buy an animal according to your taste. It can be a cat or a dog, or an exotic bird or a lizard. But you can’t expect an iguana to bring your slippers, it’s wandering around in its own cage gawking. After choosing your animal and gender, you make your way home, paying an exorbitant price. From now on, your animal has an indicator of need, just like other characters. He gets hungry, bored, or tired, just like you.

When you select your animal from the menu, you can see its relationship status, character and abilities with other animals or Sims. But you can’t order your animal to lie, get up, eat. You can only get him to go somewhere. All other activities are performed by left-clicking on your animal with your SIM (training, caressing, scolding, etc.)). Other than that, there is no care that you have to apply to your animal. As long as you give him his food, he can handle it on his own. You can advance the business, share information about animals with your neighbors, learn new things, and even put your animal in a beauty contest. The animal does not undergo much physical change during its lifetime. Roughly the dimensions stay the same. But he’s improving in terms of intelligence and ability. The animations are really nice. So much so that sometimes I get carried away and talk to the screen in real time. And it’s more fun when you play with other packages. You can go on vacation with your dog, visit Downtown.

Apart from feeding pets, there are several innovations in the game. New clothes and types, new professions (including veterinary medicine), new items, new music. In addition, it is possible to farm in the game wherever Maxis’teki people think. You can sell tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, parsley-type vegetables that you will grow in your backyard at the market in the Old Town. All this is very well thought out. But the mistakes of the old game stand in the same way. As you progress through the game, you will find yourself stopping, slowing down and accelerating the game again. Sometimes it can be very boring to do what Sims want you to do. You feel like you’re looking at a baby crying and whining all the time. AI sucks the same way. Simler chooses the most opposite paths to go from point to point and extends the path as far as possible. For example, you will call a taxi and go to the Old Town with your girlfriend. The taxi is waiting outside the door. Your SIM begins to walk, crosses the foyer, but what is it? He instantly makes a 180-degree turn, comes out the back door and wanders the big garden and gets into a taxi. You’ll talk to someone. After your SIM spins around a few times in front of the person you are going to talk to, he starts talking. He forgets the sequences of orders you gave him because of a chair that stands in his way. Because of such errors that have not been corrected for 2 years, sometimes you are really bored. But despite everything, this new add-on pack adds another dimension to the game, making The Sims more fun than ever before. A game not to be missed for fans of The Sims. Take it, play it, and your horizons will expand…

Ways To Have A Good Time With Your Dog

1-play with him, love him. This will make both you and your best friend happy.
2-a balanced diet is the most important factor that makes it possible for a strong dog and a satisfied owner.
3-an undisciplined dog is like a house without a roof.
4-regular bathroom means hygiene and cleanliness.
5-training ensures that your friendship is permanent.

Pros: pleasant character animations, refurbished items-occupations-shopping venues, pet feeding facility
Cons: now outdated graphics, errors in the original game

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