The Sims Online Review

the sims online

The Sims game, which has not been at the top of the bestseller list since its release, is now online. In fact, although many of us are tired of additional mission packages, for some reason Americans still play this game with love. Maxis released Sims Online due to the intense interest of Americans in this game. The feature that distinguishes Sims Online from other additional packages is to gather Sims players around the world under the same trench and create a social platform in a virtual environment.

Now The Sims will be hanging out on the net

You begin The Sims world by creating a character according to your own desires and desires. Character creation is extremely comfortable as in previous Sims games. After that, you choose any of the twenty-four cities with different geographical structures and determine the place where you will establish your final home. My choice was to choose a city where people are busy. I’m thinking of buying a chalet later.

Everyone who starts the game is paid enough to buy a small house. By working, you can make your home bigger. But it makes sense to find yourself a roommate. In this way, while you buy household items, your friend also decorates the house. Of course, you should choose a good friend; after all, you will share the same house. When there are people bothering you in the game, you can prevent them from seeing you by taking them to the Visible list. He calls guests to your house and if you don’t want him to enter your room, just put a password on the door. We also have a list of five hundred friends that you can communicate with in-game. In this way, you will be able to communicate with a friend when the game is online. Again, we will try to meet a lot of our needs and live a happy life.

I have very good news for those who want to be a popular in the game. Top 10 and Top 100 list. In these lists you will see the names of the players who have the richest and largest house. In this way, players will make a great effort to keep their name in the top ranks. Everything you do in the game is constantly monitored. In the game, when you click on a menu called Maxis suggested, there is an agenda for you about what you can do during the day. The information written in this calendar is adjusted according to the tastes of your character in the game. Finally, I emphasize that every product you have in the game receives a tax. Be aware 🙂

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