The Sims 3: World Adventures

The Sims 3: World Adventures

The Sims craze has been going on like a hurricane around the world for years, and a cut that won’t be thrown into the Wild is playing this series. Sims, who has always found a place in the sales lists, finally joined the third game. Of course, EA Games also released the first additional package for the third production, not breaking the tradition. After that, there will be a continuation. We’re used to the numerous additional Sims 1 and 2 packages, so let’s see how many additional packages will be in three?

Miss Earth!!!

In The Sims 3: World adventures, you go to different countries. These places are: Egypt, France and China. Visa required for solo travel. At first, these visas are low, so journeys are short, but the more adventures you experience, the more tasks you do, the higher level visas can be obtained. Speaking of adventure, yes, as can be seen from the name of the game, Sims experience different events and perform tasks. These attractions are entered in monumental tombs and different places in France, Egypt and China. Sims can see their needs in base camps in countries and dive into adventures from the board at the camp.

We need to explore and open interesting places and graves in countries. When it comes, you have to solve small puzzles, such as moving statues. At the end of these, we can get to valuable antiques and treasures. Of course, everything is not so easy. Some treasure chests need private keys, and there can be traps on the way. He can even chase sim The Mummy while chasing treasure inside a pyramid. Run away when you see the mummy, if you can’t escape, it curses Sim, and Sim, who is not free from this curse for a certain period of time, does not end well. To get rid of the curse, you need to resort to mystical and sacred ways. We don’t always collect treasures, valuable antiques. We can also collect different materials, such as insects, plants found in the environment. Information about missions and adventures is also kept in the diary. During journeys, we can meet other Sims, which sometimes help us complete the mission.

Other innovations

World Adventures has new talent. These include: Photography, Martial Arts and Nectar Making, as well as personal features (photographer’s Eye, Disciplined, Adventurous). In photography, Sims can buy any cheap camera and start taking pictures. Egypt has the necessary inventory of this ability. In the pictures taken, a little Simoleon goes. Martial Arts are also close martial arts. This ability is learned from Shang Simla in China, and Sims who learn Martial Arts can participate in martial tournaments. Nectar Making is from France. Thanks to this, Sims grow grapes and various fruits and make nectar. If we briefly talk about personal characteristics: it is related to photography, as is evident from the name photographer’s Eye. Disciplined is for close combat, while Adventurous also outweighs the sense of adventure.

The additional package not only offers a small world tour, but also includes new items. You can place country-specific items in the house, there is even the possibility of making the roof of the house in a Chinese style. You can also buy items from Sunday places in the countries you are going to.

While the results…

The music has names like Nelly Furtado, Pixie Lott, Stefanie Heinzmann. The production is successful in this regard. Offering innovations, new life rewards, Adventures, World Adventures is fun to go to different countries and dive into adventures. Fans of The Sims series will most likely not miss the first package released for the third game.

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