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One of the biggest craziness of recent years, acting in an interesting way, if we do not want to enter our lives again, stubbornly settled in a series (Life Simulation, as if it would be more accurate) we meet with the last ring. I don’t know how true it would be to say sleepless nights are waiting for us, but especially female players are waiting for hours when they don’t understand how it goes.

Beautiful life

When The Sims first entered our lives, the calendars showed 2000. But the idea of Sims was born long before that, from the bitter experience of Will Wright, who lost his home and all his assets during the Oakland Fire in 1996. After the fire, Will Wright, who tried to rebuild his life by moving to a new house with his family, said that this great pain he experienced played a leading role in having such an idea. Then a 4 year wait, all the wrinkles have disappeared and as a result of an agreement with Electronic Arts released The Sims in a year by 35.000.000 € (yes, 35 million euros), with sales of the year 2000 was the best-selling game.

Anyone who wasn’t interested in computer games at the time bought and played this production. Then, when The Sims, supported by many additional mission packages in recent years, became no longer in demand due to the aging graphics engine, Will Wright re-engaged and released the second of the series in September 2004. Great 3D graphics and newly added Life-Cycle technology were enough to put The Sims 2 on the list of best-selling games of all time in 5 months. Now our Sims were getting old and dying. He can even have children and grandchildren, thanks to the DNA system, relatives look alike, and their characters show similarities. Sales were so high that (I think you can understand what I mean if I say 5 million copies in the first 5 months) Maxis and EA probably started not to say money for money. I don’t know if they’re probably called Simoleon.

With the departure of Will Wright from the project, EA Games, which has always shown us that the Golden-laying hen should not be cut, announced that the third and final ring in the series would be released on June 2, 2009. Curiosity was great. Because Will Wright was no longer there, and it was unclear whether the new game would taste as much as the old ones in the series. For now, the wait is over, and I can say that The Sims 3, which I am holding in my hand, has shown that it deserves to be the best of the series. Let’s look at the reasons for this.

End to neighborhood pressure

When we start building, the classic loading screen appears. In-game systems are loaded, and while we’re waiting for a menu, we look at a window that asks us to choose a neighborhood. As you can understand from neighborhood selection, you can now make living spaces where you can even exaggerate your own neighborhoods and reach the size of the neighborhood.

The Sims 3 has a wide range of system requirements to run smoothly even on low systems. I recommend that tight players immediately bring the details to the final level and raise the resolution on their tight machines. And then you take a look at the ocean view and start creating our family, or you choose one of the ready-made families and place it in a house. Although the screen for creating our families (not necessarily a family, you can also create a single Sim) shows great similarities, especially with the second game in the series, our sims are much more detailed now, especially because the graphics are highly improved. From this screen we can access the watch on your arm, the ring on your finger, the headbands, the glasses and all kinds of clothes, different hair shapes. But here there’s a problem. The system first seems a little complicated. I’m just saying, you’re gonna linger for a while until we figure out what’s where. Also, if you’ve played The Sims 2 version with all the additional task packs installed in the last few months, the options on the character creation screen may seem very, very limited to you, because they seem small. Of course, EA will increase the number with additional task packages, and time will tell. In addition, thanks to The Sims 3’s own Download Manager, you can get new hairstyles, dresses.

After we’ve had enough of the character creation screen, we need to take the SIM or family we created and put it in a house. Again, as my personal idea, be sure to read the Tutorial sections that the game tries to tell you by putting you in your eyes at every opportunity. The reason I’m asking you to do this is because it offers a lot of information about the production. After placing our family in our home, The Sims 3 switches to an installation screen, and these installation screens take a really long time. I use 4 GB Dual DDR2 ram on my own PC, where I tested the game. The loading screens that lasted as long as Football Manager really bothered me. Not only the loading screens, but you have to wait a considerable amount of time when you want to save the game. I’m sure that’s because of the neighborhood system added to The Sims 3. We live in a fairly large and vibrant neighborhood, and since it is an ever-changing evolving habitat, registration times can also be quite extended. I’m just saying that the kadi girl has so many flaws.

The construction and goods purchase screen looks the same, except for minor changes. So if you’re familiar with the old games, you’ll be able to do what you want without any difficulty. In fact, it will be nice to see that your work is accelerating thanks to a few newly added features. For example, instead of drawing four walls to add a room to the house now, it is quite nice to set only the size by selecting the room option. Even thanks to this option, it is also possible to get rid of only square rectangular shapes and make rooms in small houses. Speaking of walls, stop wiping walls when you want to expand your rooms or home. When you move the mouse cursor over the walls in construction mode, you will notice that a Yesil arrow appears. This means that you can expand the walls by holding down the left key. It’s a little novelty, but it certainly brings great convenience. Apart from what I consider, I can say that there are no other innovations that come to my mind in the construction department. As a classic, there are also options such as raising the ground, lowering it, and reaching the water by digging.

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In the goods purchase section, there is no innovation, except that the goods are re-categorised and collected under certain headings. The classic method of buying items continues, but here we are waiting for another feature. In the old days, for example, after putting kitchen cabinets, we could not put items on the Cabinet that coincided with the corner. Because there was no corner system, and the item we put there would be unusable. Now they’ve put an end to this ordeal, and you’re allowed to put things in any direction you want. It means that now we can put things diagonally. Again, it seems small, but we can call it a good development. After construction and purchasing systems, I move to the most important part. Starting with the character creation screen, it’s time for the characteristic features that come into our lives, which continue with them as long as your children in the game.

Character or non-character, that’s the whole point!

As we can remember from the old games of the series, we would choose a horoscope for them when creating our characters, and then determine our character by increasing and reducing options such as cleanliness, intimacy. These options, which were quite limited, seemed not to matter much, as they didn’t make us feel too much in the game. Now this system has been completely created from the beginning, and you are asked to choose five different features when starting construction. Although these features can be replaced by one of the rewards you receive using future lifetime Happiness points, it is not possible to change what you choose at first under normal circumstances. So when creating your character, you no longer have to think twice, but five times. These characteristics, which affect the course of The Sims 3, will determine what kind of life your Sim wants, their social relationships, professional careers, and even their lifestyle. You need to select five characteristics from 63 options. It’s quite a lot, and it’s really hard to choose. Because I think it can help you understand if I say I was able to make a choice after spending about half an hour on the character creation screen. I want to say that you may be forced, especially if your English is not sufficient.

After selecting five of these characteristics, you will see that five lifetime Wish options will appear, and you will start the game by selecting one of them on your Sim. Since the number of these life goals is quite large, I leave it to you to solve it, and I think I’m actually showing that I’m not that thoughtful.

After starting the game, as time passes, you will see that it will now appear on the left side of the menu that they want to do during the life of your Sim. From this menu, you can select what you want to do with the left mouse button or specify what you don’t want to do with the right button. I can hear what you’re saying if I don’t do it. Nothing happens, but if you do, you get a Lifetime Point. And what do these points do? This Lifetime Rewards system is the same as the Aspirations (goals) system in the second game of the series. Again, you can earn points and buy rewards by fulfilling your Sim’s wishes. These prizes also have 30 options and are vital. For example, you can earn a discount on your purchases with one, while with another you can reduce your toilet needs incredibly. Although after a certain period of time, our Sims turn into robots and don’t go to the bathroom or eat. It’s actually good for us on the one hand, and it’s a big blow to realism on the other.

In character selection, we can have a different number of characteristics for each age stage. Babies can get two, school-age children three, teenagers four, and adults and seniors can get five characteristics. For babies, it is necessary to choose a new feature as they grow up. In short, because we have an incredible amount of combinations, it is a fact that unless we choose the same features one-on-one, we will mix with Sims with different characters.


The need system is exactly the same as the old games. They are listed as hunger, sleep, toilet, cleaning, entertainment, social relationships. Now that the needs are much easier to meet, I can tell you that there is more time left to play The Sims 3. Especially the need for food and toilet is quite easy to eliminate. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t Cook. From ready-made frozen foods to dishes that you will make by purchasing their ingredients and recipe specifically, we have a fairly wide menu. Even as your Sim improves its cooking ability, it will start to be able to make new recipes.

Speaking of talent, now you have certain goals, such as missions, according to your abilities. But these are the kind of things we can say, whether they happen or not. In any case, you achieve most of them when you live, not willingly, and it gives you some characteristics. You can access these tasks by pressing the J key in the game. As an example, if you manage to Cook 75 times in the game, you win the title of Master Chief, and you can now prepare dishes twice as fast as usual. For example, if you spent 60 hours (with game time) working with the tool to build muscle, now your Sim becomes novelized from the tool work. That’s how these examples go.

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Your needs no longer play a fundamental role in your SIM’s mood. The cause that affects your mood has been changed as the events you experience. So when you enter into a relationship with a woman or man Sim that you like, your Sim will be happy. As a result, he will be able to learn skills faster, for example. Situations such as the situation you are in, a promotion from work, and the rejection of your marriage proposal have a lasting effect on you for a while. The mood is also determined accordingly. Of course, your needs continue to affect your mood, but as I said, they are not as problematic as they used to be. To improve your mood, you can visit the graves of your loved ones in the cemetery, make donations to certain places. It is also possible to donate organs, for example, you can donate your spleen. As cars are added to The Sims 3, you’ll see plenty of bright, beautiful cars buzzing around the city. In fact, your Sim could get hit by a car and die. And according to the way The Sims die, their souls change color. There are spirits in the game and you can see.

An inventory system has been added to my structure, and now you have a mobile phone. In short, you get rid of problems like running to the home phone. Because all your friends call you constantly and only on your mobile phone. Additional features of the mobile phone, which has exactly the same functions as the home phone, include the ability to take photos. You can take a picture of a beautiful landscape and hang it on the wall of your home, or frame it and put it on your desk. You can even immortalize it by photographing your special moments.

Do you have a profession?

As in the old games, Sims are becoming professional and are now more engaged with your professions. Professions; military service, cooking, athletics, science, entertainment sector, journalism, education, businessman/woman, Security, music, politics, crime, medicine can be listed as. These are full-time and career occupations. And there are part-time jobs that you can find in places in the city. These are salesmen, masseurs, funeral jobs in a bookstore or grocery store. When you reach the peak of your career in full-time jobs, other Sims in your town start to react differently to you. For example, if you’re in the army, they give a military salute, they ask for an autograph from a Rock star. You also now get paid per hour at work. You can work overtime and earn extra money.

You have a menu, as you will notice when the car comes and picks you up to go to work. From this menu, you can use options such as sucking up to the boss, chatting with colleagues, working with extra effort, or spreading and sitting. The same system applies to Studentship. It is possible to apply one of the options such as meeting new friends, studying, wandering around while you are at school. It used to be based on your talent score and number of friends to get promoted. This system was quite challenging and ridiculous. Now, your relationships with the boss and your colleagues, your talent, your personality, and performing some of the tasks that the boss will give you are effective. Although it may seem more difficult, it is now much easier for you to be promoted. Even after you peak at one job, it’s not hard to leave it, get another job and get to the top there in a short time. They couldn’t keep it together.

One point I’d like to mention is the Opportunities screen. This section, which describes the opportunities that you encounter at a time during the game or when you travel around the city, settles on the opportunities screen as you accept that opportunity. If you perform the task given up to the appointed day and time, it becomes easier for you to get promoted. These opportunities are not only for professions, but also in your normal life, according to your abilities and allow you to earn extra money or other bonuses when fulfilled. Let’s say you worked and saved money. You can go to shopping malls, theaters, or any store in the city, and you can even buy a complete one. Then all you have to do is go to the store at regular intervals to collect your money. You also have the option to fire employees at the shop you purchased.

Although gardening is no longer a profession, it has been added to your ability to grow crops in your garden. Although at first glance it seems to have been inspired by The Sims 2 – Four Seasons supplement package, I should say that this task package is actually separate from The Sims 3 gardening system. As you know, developing the game is a fairly long process, and at the time of the release of The Sims Four Seasons additional task pack, The Sims 3 gardening system was prepared. If you played that package, you won’t have any problems, because the system is exactly the same. You can make special dishes with the plants you grow. As you wander around the city, you can also find two rare plants and try to grow them by planting them in your garden. These plants are Death Flower and Life Fruit. Death Flower is given to the angel of death at the time of your death, allowing Sim to return from the dead. Life Fruit extends life span. Also, if you manage to make a good meal with life Fruit, you can also revive the dead.

Final words

A first and only life simulation, The Sims series continues its path with its third game. Perhaps the expectations were that the production could not be as beautiful as its ancestors, but the producers are standing in front of us with a very successful Sims. Get ready to spend your hours, because your Sims will need you plenty.

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