The Sims 2 Mansion & Garden Stuff Review

the sims 2 mansion and garden stuff

Sims, which attracted interest when it was announced as a life simulation, entered our lives exactly 8 years ago. At first, the game was actually intriguing and interesting. It was held by many. Of course, rather than this situation, Eden EA Games also did not stand empty. He began removing Sims ‘ additional packages back-to-back. After the first Sims ‘ fury, Sims 2 was released in 2004. Sims 2 also attracted interest, as did the first, and EA Games ‘ classic supplement pack tradition continued. Although there are those who complain about Sims and his additional packages, there is the fact that the series is played and held by many. The Sims 3 is also currently in development, and if nothing goes wrong, it will most likely take its place on the shelves in 2009. But for now, additional Sims 2 packages are still being made and published until it comes to it.

Becoming an architect

The new addition to Sims 2, Mansion & Garden Stuff, offers content that allows us to decorate and organize our Sims ‘ properties and gardens more. Now our Sims will be able to have a Moroccan-style property or architecture, gardens in the mood of the 1920s. New items are added to the game in the build. But as the name of the additional package suggests, the main basis is the addition of gardens and buildings in different architecture and design. The additional package includes three main architectures, which are offered to players with options in the form of Moroccan-style architecture, Art Deco design and an architecture that gives a more romantic, elegant Imperial feel.

If we go to a Moroccan-style arrangement for our house and garden, for example, the architecture of our property goes into a rich and showy form with more rounded lines and arches. We can live our sims in Moroccan palaces and provide them with more comfort. If we look at other options, Art Deco also looks interesting. Let’s talk about Art Deco architecture. Art Deco is an architecture that started in 1925 and became very used and fashionable until 1939. It usually has a design with curved, round geometric shapes. It took its name from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in Paris in 1925. If I’m more specific, the buildings and architecture in science fiction films made in the 1920s and 30s are always like this. In BioShock, which was also highly acclaimed in the game world and was voted game of the year in most places, the architecture and Section designs of Rapture city were in the Art Deco style. Going back to the Mansion & Garden Stuff, we can put the shape and look of our house in the same style as in the 1920s if we want to. Finally, we can choose a style as if it were in the Imperial Palace. Our sims can live in large mansions. The best part in this style is in the garden arrangement. We can make different shapes, such as large palace gardens. We can bring a new dimension to our garden with sculptures in a romantic and elegant theme.

Usual spots

Mansion & Garden Stuff has no other features other than adding different style architectures and some new items to the game for property and landscaping. The basis of the game and the gameplay as we know it again. Apart from these, there are no changes in graphics and sounds. But there are also two technical errors.

In short, Mansion & Garden Stuff doesn’t go forward from a classic Sims supplement pack. In general, the tradition of adding something new to each package has been renewed. If you want to keep your sims alive in a Moroccan palace or in the mood of the 1920s, you can try the new package. But apart from these, not much is expected as a classic, not unlike a classic Sims supplement pack.

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