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the shield

Do you know a series called The Shield, which began broadcasting in 2002? Personally, I don’t know much, and I haven’t watched it. In the detective series The Shield, events revolve around Detective Vic Mackey and his friends, played by Michael Chiklis. Actually, the name Michael Chiklis is no stranger. He played Ben Grimm in the Fantastic Four. The Shield has been very successful as a series that has been going on for 5 years. As a matter of fact, it is inevitable that such productions will be made. He finally stepped into the digital world in The Shield, as did game projects previously destined for 24 and Alias.


Some adventure and detective films, serials are the same features of the protagonists. They are a little late in their middle age, they act on their own, they fight with their bases; but on the contrary, they always complete their tasks successfully, they are good, they are honest, and there is always a ton of success in their record. I’m used to hero standards that have become such a classic now. That’s the same Vic Mackey we directed in the play. The beginning of the game was tried to be made like a series. With our character, we go into one room and get a key, we go into the other room, we open the door. At that time, someone else comes with a gun in his hand, our character catches him, and so the adventure begins. As we go from room to room (when we do the lenses we’re given), it’s like the beginning of a movie, Michael Chiklis, Catherine Dent, etc…. the real names of the actors in the series appear on the screen in black background.

As Detective Vic Mackey, we’re going after him. In general, what we need to do is simple. To successfully perform the tasks assigned to us. Tasks; entering a place quietly unseen, collecting evidence, secretly leaving the area, catching the guy in the gang, etc. It might have been fun for him to do these things, but unfortunately it’s annoying. Because the monotony of the game, the stupidity of artificial intelligence, and some problems with the controls cool the user. In general, The Shield is a failed production.

PS2’dan port is bad. The first point of this is the charts. In graphics that remind you of box-by-box pliers, the texture quality is low and quite dull. In some places, if he is looked at closely or looked at from afar, his eyes seem to overwhelm him. Compared to these, they transferred the players in the series to the game exactly. Apart from the modeling of the main man, Vic Mackey, and some other main characters, there is nothing else that will be pleasant for the player as an image. Sounds are considered more successful than charts. There’s a lack of quality in the effects, but compared to that, the vocalizations are good. Again, the characters in the game were voiced by the players in the series. Already, the quality of the vocalizations is immediately obvious.


Artificial intelligence is very unstable. Our opponents, who jump in front of the guns like Lapins, find us as if they have radar in their ears when we make the slightest noise on missions where we need to move quietly. But other than that, expect nothing but enemies. In action, they just stand in front of us and try to shoot from time to time, that’s all. In the game, there are weapons of sorts, but we can also make our fists talk, except for the action with the weapon. Punches can be quite life-saving, especially in moments when they are stuck.

One of the other details in the game is that we can search at certain points in the environment we are in. When we get somewhere, a sign appears on the left to press “F”. If we press F, A badge appears on the right side of the screen. We move the mouse around in the milk of the badge, and if we hold the right place on the badge, we can find additional weapons, ammunition, or other things. It’s not clear how much benefit this search business provides, but it can add a little bit of change to the game.

Actually, the checks were not bad. In other words, using the mouse and normal FPS controls, we can at least manage our character. But sometimes the camera gets so dark that it makes you get caught or shot by opponents. As a result, The Shield may be a successful series, but the game really fails and is bad. There’s nothing in the mediocre production except the main character modeling and voiceovers. If you’re desperate for a new action game, The Shield will be a game I can’t recommend.

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