The Settlers 2: Next Generation Review

The Settlers 2: Next Generation

Ideas that are popular from time to time are found in the gaming industry. For example, one of the popular ideas at this time is “Episode”, that is, making games in episodes. The producers make 5-6 episodes and release a game, and then they don’t finish the flow of the subject, they write the end “to continue” and put the players on hold. Just as players are waiting for the next episode of a series, the next part of the game is waiting. In addition, another popular idea today is the concept of “anniversary”. If five or ten years have passed since the games were released, they make up the game and present it to us. There are two reasons for all this construction. The first is that producers have a hard time coming up with original ideas. The second is to fill the safe with money.

Under these circumstances, the 10-year Settlers II has been presented with a makeover under the name of the anniversary package. It’s the game that makes settlers Settlers. Before the producers released a new Settlers, they planned to remind us of the past and advertise, in fact, it was good…

When the first Settlers was released in 1993, the lives of these little men spread among many game lovers. Producer Blue Byte had put a new game in the series on hold as it came across the transition period from the Amiga to PC. Exactly 3 years later, Settlers II was published, and another classic that would make its mark on the game world was signed. This version was greatly improved by the number of products, number of buildings, and combat features. After this great success, Settlers 3, which is considered the most successful game in the series, was released, and the game’s sales figures reached the highest value. Although he had a little hesitation with Settlers IV: Heritage of Kings, which we played last year and completely transitioned to the third dimension, he continued to be remembered among the classics.

I need to make a good start

When we open the game, campaign, Tutorial and Freeplay options come to us. If you have never been involved with The Settlers series before, I recommend playing tutorial. Although not very detailed, it gives a lot of information about the dynamics and functioning of the game. When you select Campaign, you will encounter 10 different names. You start by choosing one of these islands. Successful completion of each chapter will give you access to a new island.

My favorite feature of the settlers, the production chain, is preserved exactly in this game of the series. You have to build buildings to collect the wood and stones needed for construction. Instead of felled trees, you should make Forester’s hut, which acts as a “theme foundation” so that your land does not become desert, and you should make the felled trees available by chipping them. By sending surveyors to the foothills of the mountains, you must explore raw materials and establish suitable mines above them.

You must build buildings for professions such as fishermen, farmers, and meet the miners ‘ need for food. You can make weapons or work tools by melting and processing raw materials coming out of Mines. By building barracks, you can also expand borders and train soldiers. The challenge of the game is to ensure that this chain of management is not disrupted.

Minimal makeup is sometimes best

If anyone has experienced playing Settlers 2, which came out 10 years ago, knows that the graphics were not very detailed at the time, but the entertainment factor was very important. Well, when the game was re-released 10 years later, the time difference caused some values to change. In order to compete with the superior graphics games in today’s popular productions, these Settlers also took on a 3-D and adequately made-up look. Despite the changing graphics of the game, which features a new generation of RTS graphics, its smurfiness is still preserved. Besides, it is obvious that other features of the game have never bothered to be touched.

The game’s sound and music, like other games in the series, are chirping and comforting. The presence of day and night and the musical transitions between them emphasized the atmosphere. But there’s no way I can do the same credit for the artificial intelligence in the game. Because unlike other games in the series, you’ll notice construction workers wandering around these settlers empty and never getting where they need to go. Let me tell my master that when you zoom in, the screen gradually zooms in, rather than moving away, it has sudden effects such as crack. It was a detail that tired the eye and ripped it out of the atmosphere.

The essence of the word is that this is the game that makes settlers settlers, and I was very happy to be able to play this classic again in a make-up format.For all its shortcomings, it’s a production that deserves to be played. If you are one of those who love this series very much, I suggest you add 8 points to the game’s score. If you’re a new person, I’d say get caught up in the atmosphere. That pleasant atmosphere is not present in most games at the moment. See you at Settlers 5.

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