The scariest places in games-10 places to make you shiver

scariest places in games

What do you think of when we say the scariest places in games? We have compiled what comes to our minds in this article.

Horror games have a wide range, and all kinds of folk legends, local myths or original fiction have managed to come across and make us shudder by this time. Especially in recent years, with the increase in diversity and independent games inspired by classics, we have had the chance to jump into many terrible places. Although, of course, it is not very possible to cover them all in an article, here are the most terrible places in the games! Come and look together at the magnificent section designs that will always keep you on edge and walk through the peaks of tension.

The scariest places in games

Among the horror games, there are also games that take innovative approaches, such as Layers of Fear, Amnesia: Rebirth, and those that create terrible atmospheres just by image and trap the player in it. In this article, we tried to talk about all of them a little bit, but we are sure that there are also those that we missed. For this reason, you can also contribute to our list by specifying the most feared, most nervous episodes in the comments.

10: Amnesia Rebirth-Caves

Amnesia: Rebirth, released late last year, was a pretty dangerous horror game for those with blood pressure. He had various areas where he kept you on edge, avoiding cheap scare techniques. Among them, perhaps it was the cave in which you had to enter in the middle of a desert in Algeria that raised the tension to the top. Along with the darkness of the environment and the sounds of the environment, this cave, which can certainly be found among the most terrible places in the Games, also contained many mysteries.

9: Alien Isolation-episode “The Hive”

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The Hive section, surrounded by a strange texture that is unknown what is soggy, and with pools of water on the ground that are unclear what will come out of it, was an environment in which the tense moments of Alien Isolation were replaced by disgust and feelings of “what will come out of here”. In a game where we are already moving forward with the fear that something will jump on us at any moment, the developer’s nudging us with such disturbing visuals has put this map among the unforgettable ones in front of us. Like all the environments mentioned in this article, we hated and admired this place at the same time.


8: outlast’s place of worship – the scariest places in games

scariest places in games

Outlast already has many “sickly” episode designs, and “Chapel” is one of them. Especially because of the cinematic flow of the story, this small place of worship has a rather terrible structure, with a cross burning in the middle and creatures worshipping around it. To play to the top of the list, though… it’s too bright. Outlast, one of the sound productions of its time, also inspired many plays later.

7: The Last Of Us – ” Pittsburgh hotel Basement”

The episode “Pittsburgh hotel Basement,” in which Joel and I swim through corpses and move through the darkness, and experience a tense environment to the end, should certainly have been among the scariest places in the games. In this part, the game, which plays itself at its fingertips, manages to give the player the feeling of tension to the end. Creepy sounds of creatures around? And they’re doing very well on top of that tension… You can also share the tension by watching the gameplay video uploaded by Hado from above.

6: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin- ” Wade Elementary School”

F.E.A.R. this unusual school is really wonderfully designed, while the series itself is a production that raises your adrenaline levels. And this screwed-up area will keep you on edge, and Alma’s frequent appearance won’t let you calm down for a moment. You can watch the video bulletng posted on YouTube from above. Let’s warn that the game can disturb you in front of the screen while watching.

5: layers of Fear-unpredictable House

scariest places in games

Layers of Fear was an artistic approach to horror. For this reason, there was a unique method of intimidation, rather than very disturbing, disgust-inducing visual content. He usually does it with environmental designs, and before we go somewhere, “something’s going to happen to us…”I I would go in. It was one of those productions where the Jumpscare event was left to taste, and it stretched from the hallways of the house to the rooms in different ways. Even sometimes it’s enough to see that the door you enter the room as soon as you turn around is no longer there… If you haven’t played yet, it’s definitely one of the horror games you should try. 5 on our list of the scariest places in the games. he also managed to sit in his queue.

4: Silent Hill 2 – Toluca Prison

Silent Hill, one of the most important series in the history of horror games, was hosting such an area in the second game that it was impossible not to be afraid. Toluca prison was designed to stretch, scare the player with every detail, and we can say that it really left deep scars on everyone who played. Thanks to the flashlight, the environment you can see is constantly threatening you, and the floor, like the slime you walk on, was separately disturbing. You can watch the gameplay video uploaded by SourceSpy91 right from the top.

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3: Resident Evil 7 – Baker Manor – the scariest places in games

scariest places in games

Resident Evil 7’s mad family, the Bakers ‘ mansion, was undoubtedly one of the game’s most terrifying episodes. Both in terms of department design and environmental sounds, the mentally ill tissue of the family was beautifully rendered everywhere. This delicious dish, sauced from a first-person point of view, was quite delicious and just as terrible. That’s why Baker Manor manages to sit third on our list of the scariest places in the games.

2: Resident Evil Village-House Beneviento

scariest places in games

Although werewolves and vampires are terrible things, Capcom is the last game in the series with Resident Evil Village, on the one hand Silent Hill P.T.he once again demonstrated his ability to make horror games. In the last game of Resident Evil, a well-established series, the scariest episode was definitely House Beneviento, as the majority of players will also confirm. Donna Beneviento and her little dolls, as well as the various creatures we will encounter in the episode-I don’t open this place too much so that there are no spoilers – bring the tension to its climax. House Beneviento, the only action-Free part of the game, is undoubtedly the same as Silent Hill will inspire many horror games, as does.

1: of course Silent Hill P.T. – Vast corridors

scariest places in games

Silent Hill P.T. you can’t see anyone playing and saying I’m not afraid, and if there is, he’s lying! The demo, in which you encounter different horror events on each tour in vast corridors and literally cannot predict what will happen, was definitely a “marvel of Episode design” production. The Japanese know how to scare people!

As I mentioned at the beginning, it is almost impossible to fit all the terrible episodes in the history of horror games into one article, but in our opinion, this is the most terrible ones. You can also share the sections that you think we missed, which you find quite terrible, with us and other readers in the comments section

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