The New Skullgirls Character Has a Living Umbrella That Eats Individuals

It’s charming yet I’m stunned.

The new character coming to battling game Skullgirls this year is Umbrella, a young lady in a parka who uses as a weapon a living umbrella-like lovecraftian loathsomeness that eats individuals. Umbrella is the second new character for Skullgirls this year after Annie, who delivered in beta structure in March. Both Umbrella and Annie are important for the Skullgirls season pass, a first for the long-running battling game.

Umbrella’s weapon’s name is Hungern, and obviously it eats frozen yogurt and furthermore individuals. It’s not simply legend, either, and Umbrella’s battling style will spin around how full or hungry Hungern is. At the point when Hungern is Starving, assaults that include eating your adversary will accomplish more harm. At the point when Hungern is Overfull, assaults including throwing something up will accomplish more. There’s additionally a sweet spot, called Ravenous, and the declaration infers that remaining in that zone is the place where Umbrella is generally amazing.

Umbrella is the second character in Skullgirls who has a living weaponized umbrella after Parasoul, whose umbrella is extensively less horrendous in light of the fact that it simply shoots napalm. Parasoul is clearly Umbrella’s elder sibling.

Umbrella will be accessible as a beta in Skullgirls second Encore, which is on Steam, in Q3 2021, with a full delivery in Q4. Presently, if it’s not too much trouble, appreciate this charming young lady and her grim umbrella beast.


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