The Incredible Hulk Review

the incredible hulk

It seems that today’s new trend is created by comic books and their associated films and game variations. Actually, there’s no need to think too much about why. Companies have exhausted the products they have; the rest are no longer paying, largely because they have already been tried. Apart from a few highly anticipated unusual games such as Spore, there is no new potential. For this reason, comics that already have stories, characters and even fan bases have been at a premium lately. Well, it’s up to us to examine it…

The Incredible Hulk, which appears on almost all platforms on the market, is also very similar to other versions on the PC platform. Already, no special efforts have been made by the company to adapt it for the PC, it is evident in the more main menu. Because as a command that opens the main menu, there is either a press gamepad or a mouse-click approach. This unholy entry is followed by a short video, selecting the story mode, and then entering the game. As can be expected, this is a not-so-calm entrance. The cops are after the Yesil giant, and we’re supposed to run. Our character performs his duty as a complete destruction machine with a very loud voice. It’s not desirable to be someone who makes him angry. Because the Hulk breaks everything, including metal doors, with his fists, making way for himself. And we have to follow the exit from the map at the bottom left of the screen. There’s a lot of cops shooting at us, but the bullets don’t tell me.

He shouldn’t say it won’t be so much!

Especially the streets of New York, which we are used to seeing recently, continue to appear in this production. It makes us whine that the green giant is slowly tearing it apart, when the city has almost become a living Yesil. Accompanying videos in the deceptions also make it possible to see familiar faces and locations with the film. Although I can’t help but say that it happens, even if there are no cinemas that promise nothing. Due to the fact that the city is not very diverse vehicles and structures that repeat each other, it does not give the impression of a vibrant city in any way. Everything becomes even more isolated, as vehicles and people around start to flee in a moment of terror. Already visually quite bad, the production dulls your desire to play. All we do is punch, blow up enemies, climb and tear down buildings, press vehicles. Okay, maybe the same things happen in the movie, but it can get pretty boring to keep repeating the same things and constantly being in action. As we climb the buildings, we encounter a gray horizon rather than a city stretching across US.

For this reason, it is necessary not to get too enthusiastic about climbing up as in the GTA. The only fun part is jumping around. Apart from story quests, there are also mini-games. But since most tasks are in a repetitive structure, it doesn’t mean much. We have no choice and no chance of interference from our character, who is in a structure that develops as we move forward. The development is just being reported to us from the bottom of the screen. It is also possible to make combos in a construction where the mouse and keyboard combination are used in terms of controls. However, since we are constantly destroying the environment, it does not provide much fun in these combos. In the production, which is also quite bad visually, it seems that even character modeling is not paid much attention. Incredible Hulk, unfortunately, even fans can not recommend a production has been. When there is such a high-quality production on the market, it makes me really give up to see the games released as soon as I hear it hit.

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