The Hustle: Detroit Streets Review

The Hustle: Detroit Streets

Billiards is one of the games that most of us love. Although more men play, it has rarely been seen to play in ladies. In a sense, it can be said that this is also due to the fact that we combine billiards with coffee house culture. It’s a game we don’t share with ladies in men’s venues. But there is an environment without distinction between male/female that everyone can freely play the game they want, overcoming patterns. As can be expected, of course, this environment is a virtual environment.

The Hustle: we can’t say Detroit streets is a new game. But since the production took its place in history as the first pool game to be released on PSP, it is useful to find a review in our archive. However, we did not encounter another production that was able to capture quality as a pool game on the PSP platform. We can’t say that Detroit streets is also a very high-quality production. But we can’t ignore the fact that it still has an above-average structure. Our game has come out of the hands of Blade Interactive, a company that has developed a pool game for PC and console in the past. Although it doesn’t have a logical story, we’re not left alone with the game. Our character, who is trying to earn money and reputation on the streets of Detroit, where he has just arrived, is trying to achieve this in the way he knows best, that is, with billiards. So we have an excuse to play pool. We integrate our character with the profile we have created in a short time. We are being asked if we want to play training mode before we throw ourselves in the middle of the game. Preferably, completing the training can be useful. It shows what works, what keys are used.

Billiards Course

We enter the Hall of our choice on the map and make us speak our lobster against whoever we want. Among the people we can choose are those who have no reputation, as well as those who are masters of the game. In addition, it is not possible for us to approach the person we are going to offer the game without putting a certain amount of money in the middle. And they don’t like the money and don’t like it. So we have to increase the money. While the number of people who can be encountered at first is small, the number of competitors who can be encountered also increases as we earn money and reputation. In addition, we are waiting for difficult challenges with boss opponents who come across certain periods. We don’t have to do meetings for money. We have a chance to practice by offering a friendly match to a person of our choice. Because the construction already contains a large number of different pool games in the same structure, it is possible to make various kinds of matches.

Matches with a few buttons, such as the Analog lever and The X button, do not cause problems in terms of controls. On the pool table, the ball to be shot and the auxiliary arrows showing the directions in which it may deviate are also formed automatically before the shot. Another factor that forms the backbone of shots, apart from the angle of the shot, is the speed of the shot. Before the shot, the force of the shot is determined by a speed meter that appears to the left of the screen. As soon as we make all the preparations and press the button to perform the shot, the scene changes and the character’s playing is shown in decoy video style. If a few small upload seconds are bothering you, it is possible to turn off these animations. But it’s quite enjoyable to watch the character perform especially the cool scenes. In the production, which has several different playable halls, it is observed that the halls are not very different from each other visually. In the game, which is all three-dimensional, the visuals and graphics are above average. Especially top modeling and animation seems to be quite successful. In terms of sounds and music, more repetitive sounds are heard. Before I forget, the Hustle: Detroit Streets includes a multiplayer mode where you can play with a friend. Although it is not very good in general, it can be said that you can enjoy billiards at a satisfactory level on PSP.

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