The House of the Dead: Overkill Review

The House of the Dead: Overkill

If you love the Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez movies, especially if Planet Terror is among your favorites and you’re over 17, then don’t go through the house of the Dead: Overkill (THOD) without seeing it.

THOD is a kind of Light Gun/Rail Shooter that I’m not used to (even playing for the first time). What does this mean? It means we’re not moving our character. Yeah, our character moves throughout the game, and we can only turn our heads right and left. All we have to do is Target and shoot zombies.

Zombies again!

THOD is the fifth member of the series, but the first game in terms of story chronology. In the story set in 1991, amateur Agent G and Isaac Washington, a police officer from Hollywood movies, are sent to Bayou City in Louisiana after reports of too many missing people. After destroying the zombie with his flock in the house they first entered, they find that Papa Ceaser and Jasper guns are behind all this. In addition, the entire game continues with our characters hunting zombies in pursuit of Papa Ceaser. Later in thod, Jasper’s sister, who (we also have a sister) stripper Varla Guns, also joins our characters.

“The game’s graphics are generally good for the Wii. Zombies ‘ animations and fragmentation effects are made of high quality.”

The story can only be followed by intermediate videos, as THOD never deconstructs puzzles and all that is done is kill zombies. THOD has a total of seven episodes and a boss zombie (Boss) waiting for us at the end of each episode. After the house in the first episode throughout the game, we are guests at a carnival, hospital, swamp and prison. A wide variety of zombies appear in each episode. Nurses, doctors, clowns, cops, criminals, American football players, almost all professional groups can meet zombies. Some of them can’t hurt you without approaching you, while others can throw objects at you from afar. Because we can’t direct our character, the only way to get rid of these objects is to shoot them before they reach us. Yeah, as you can see, our game is just aiming and shooting. It doesn’t have any features of classic FPS, such as take objects, open doors, look at the map.


If you finish the story with a certain percentage of hits, you open the game’s “Directors Cut” mode. In this mode, previously removed episodes from Thod are added to the game, and you can play the same story longer. When you finish this mode, one person can play the game with two guns. I can’t tell you about playing with two guns because I haven’t finished the director’s cut yet.

THOD is very simple at the controls as he is a Rail Shooter. We shoot with the B key of the Wii Remote, and sometimes we shake the Wii Remote and load our gun, that’s all. Nunchuk and I can use grenades. I didn’t get a proper taste in any game from Zapper, so I strongly recommend the Perfect shot that you will see in the picture. It’s really fun to play games like THOD with this tool.

The House of the Dead: Overkill

There are 7 different weapons in the game. These are: Magnum, Hand Cannon, Shotgun, Automatic Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle and Mini Gun. As you earn money, you can buy better weapons or improve your existing weapon. Each weapon has different characteristics in certain categories. These features are very important in your weapon selection and development.

The properties like this:

Recoil: recoil.

Fire Rate: time between two shots

Clip Size: number of bullets

Damage: damage to zombies

Reload: bullet refill time

To earn money, you need to collect points. To get a high score, you have to do it. The first is to kill zombies with a good hit percentage throughout the game. Second, kill zombies in one shot as much as possible, for which the power of your weapon is also important. You’re doing a combo with zombies that you’ll kill one after the other without getting hurt or missing. For combos, the weapon I would recommend to you will be the Automatic Shotgun. Points awarded by combos:

Extreme Violence: + 100 points

Hardcore Violence: + 200 points

Ultra Violence: + 300 points

Psycotic: + 500 points

Goregasm: + 1,000 points

In addition, saving them from zombies without harming civilians throughout the game will also earn you points.


Although it doesn’t make much sense to talk about graphic quality on the Wii, Thod’s graphics are too good for the Wii. Zombies move realistically, their bodies disintegrate in different ways depending on where you hit them. While most die from a single blow to the head, they must be hit more than once in the body with weak weapons. The most annoying part of the game is that it has a serious frame jumping problem. Because of this problem, you often feel like you are playing Thod on a PC where the graphics card is not enough. It gives the impression that the production was hastily removed without being sufficiently optimized in this aspect.

“A helpful zombie trying to intervene because the camera is swinging.”

Add to the incredible mistakes in the intermediate videos, a person gets a little bored.Dec. For example, in one of the first scenes of the play, Papa Ceaser hits Jasper guns, and Jasper’s glasses fall to the ground. Right after we see the glasses on the floor in full screen, we look at the glasses on Jasper’s face. A second or two later, we see Jasper again without glasses. In this case, he said to the producers from within the person, ” have you never watched the videos you made?”it comes to ask. But despite all these errors, the game has the most important feature that should be in a Wii game. I mean, THOD, even in this form, it’s an incredibly enjoyable game. Especially when two people are played, and you can play the main story with two people, the game becomes much more enjoyable. I haven’t tried, but I think the game supports up to four people, if you can fit in front of the screen.

When it comes to music and voice-overs, we wouldn’t be wrong to say that Thod has the best music and voice-overs on the Wii. Vintage Funk Music with a bit of Rock and weight fits one hundred percent with the atmosphere of the game. Hollywood-style vocalizations are exactly as they should be. And Isaac Washington’s voice is perfect. Of course, it is worth reminding that an important part of the dialogue is profanity.

Death to zombies!

As a result, THOD will give you the full experience of the Rodriguez and Tarantino type of action. It will certainly make you smile with its characters and dialogue, too. Given the cost of original games in our country, it is a little difficult to answer the question of whether it is worth buying the game. The most important plus of thod is that it gives the player more than the pleasure expected from a Wii game. Especially when two people are played, the pleasure is even more folding. The most important cons of thod is that it lasts no more than 4-5 hours, and frame jumps, but the high replay playability closes this minus a little.

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