The gospel of us Among PlayStation players!

Among Us

Among Us, the simple but fun game that made its mark this year, is finally coming to PlayStation.

The game, which debuted at the end of 2020, had a great success on both mobile and PC platforms. His success was so great that in a few weeks there were no players who had heard of Among Us.

After the game’s momentum, its arrival on consoles began to be eagerly awaited. The statement, which sounded like medicine to PlayStation players, was made today on the game’s official Twitter account.

Among Us will come with PlayStation 4 and 5 exclusive content

According to the information we have received from the sharing, the game will come out with new content. We were expecting exclusive content from a new version of a game already played by millions of people. In the PS version of the game we will see new animals and costumes. Among the important details is that there will also be support for Crossplay.

Although the release date is not clearly specified in the share, we have learned that it will come later this year. We expect the same for Xbox. Two days ago, Microsoft confirmed that Among us for Xbox consoles would arrive later this year. It is likely that the game will be released on the same day for both platforms.

Among Us

After Among Us gained popularity on mobile devices and became the most downloaded mobile game of the year, we didn’t see many steps related to consoles. The game came out as a surprise for the Nintendo Switch, but we didn’t see much more than that.

Although the popularity of the game did not remain the same as at the time it came out, there is still a very large audience of active players. If the producer evaluates the new trump card in the studio, he can get momentum again.

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What’s this about Among Us?

Simply put, we can define a multiplayer game in which killers try to kill victims. There are 10 people on a spaceship, and some of them happen in the role of the killer (impostor). In the role of Impostor, he tries to kill normal people in the role of crewmate in the game. All Dec deciders in the game hold occasional meetings to discuss who or who is the impostor. Since impostor members are involved in this discussion, an environment is formed in which players can blame each other. Therefore, the impostors try to kill all crewmate members, while the crewmate members try to finish the game by completing the necessary small tasks at that time.

The game is one of the great choices that can be played on quarantine days. You can play from PC, Android and iOS, Mac and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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