The Godfather II Review

the godfather ii

The Godfather, one of the cult series in the history of cinema, even its first film, considered by many authorities to be the best production ever, has taken place in our memories with Marlon Brando’s incredible voice and performance, bumpy pace and epic music. We thought EA Games knew how responsible this legend was when it acquired the rights to make games. Although the first adaptation of The Godfather had the best subject matter, it did not make good use of the story as a play. Despite this, it was a good production according to most players. Planned as a trilogy, The Godfather�n was more hopeful than the second, but our hopes staggered with the first screenshots, and when the game came out, it was destroyed.

An adventure stretching from Cuba to America

After the death of Don Corleone, who managed to survive the assassinations of him and managed his family uniformly, his eldest son Sunny was also brutally trapped and killed. In The Godfather 2, we’re directing a character named Dominic who serves under the command of Michael Corleone. On the character design screen that comes in front of us, we design a new character, and then we start the game. In Cuba, where many respected families have gathered for both a celebration and an important meeting, our friends, who have decided to return with the occurrence of a military coup and the return of everything to the battlefield, are on their way to the nearest airport. The action I experienced during this time, the rush of people, the explosions and the visual impact it offered, impressed me a lot. In the first game, I was able to perform the function of watching and attacking the environment by taking cover, which I loved very much. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to realize that this is an artificial process. Whether you hide or attack directly, you do not receive significant damage. Of course, there is no need to remind you that you will be even more difficult in the subsequent tasks.

When we get back to New York, we should be the only judges in our area. This time we are not alone and we are able to move with our men. Our guys have bomb, health and safe expertise. After a little interview, we can go on operations by including them on our own. Thanks to the Don’s View Mode included in the construction, we have a 3-D map that shows the entire region. We can see details such as banks, gas stations, car galleries, police stations and the locations of other families except us, the locations of businesses under their management by pressing Tab. As we move to build a great empire for our own family, we also need to destroy other families.

In any place we stop by, the people we usually try to talk to don’t help us much. So we must resort to violence. As in the first game, in the new production, we should scare people who are not inclined to talk a little by beating them up. As a result of the words you speak this time, you encounter several different options. It’s up to you which one you want to choose. After that, they will already talk like a sock, or stop interfering with you.

Being competent

Let’s just say we’ve cleared all the guys, and now it’s time to implement our original goal. For example, if we need to blow up a place, we need to activate the bomber, if we are going to rob a safe, we need to activate the safe specialist. We have many alternatives, such as sniper, shotgun, automatic rifle, which we can use in conflicts. We can take cover by pressing the F key.

If we are injured in the conflict, we can gradually improve our health by resting for a while. If our men are injured, we help them get up. But if we don’t make it in time to save them, they’re going to the hospital. Once you’ve taken over a territory, you can’t leave it unattended. We can place our men in buildings that we want protected, and take measures against unexpected attacks that may come later.

Both ourselves and our guys have levels of development. We can increase our abilities, such as strength, the ability to use weapons, the ability to move quickly. We can provide armor both on ourselves and on our men, and we can bring the availability of our weapons to better levels. These improvements are also seen in our cars, and we can move in a fully armored vehicle. By pressing the spacebar, our men can hang from the window, and while the armed struggle continues.

Old visuals

With features like The Godfather 2, story progression and don’s View, it can affect players, but never with its visuals. The visual quality used in the production is almost the same as the first, even more colorful version. In addition to the appropriate visuals of The Godfather 1, prepared in yellowed tones that resemble the old ones, the graphics in the new production are not like this. When we first saw it, most of us thought it was a Scarface game. The map we’re on, character designs, intertwined people who disappear when they die, objects that go underground when they break, and more; both graphically and physically, The Godfather 2 proves to be a failed production.

The feeling of flatness in driving and the lack of a share of yawning when turning bends also negatively affect the driving experience. When we look at artificial intelligence, we face a separate disaster. When we say “stop” in the middle of the road, there are people who stand like cats and get out of their car and run away, who never reciprocate, pedestrians who walk around knowing that the car is coming across, and whatever else you are looking for. The best aspect of this episode is definitely the classic Godfather theme, successful voice and voiceovers.

The technical errors of the production are quite large. At least if I speak for the PC version, it certainly is. When I’m talking to the boss of a business, the bodyguards in the background can attack me, but as long as I’m talking, nothing happens to me. As I beat up a business owner, that person talks to me at the time and shakes my hand as if nothing had happened at the end. In addition, players suffer from frostbite and blue screen problems experienced on some ATI cards. We certainly expected better from the first game, but I have to say with regret, the first one was definitely better. Apart from the single-player scenario, The Godfather 2, which features Fire Starter, Safe Cracker and Team Deathmatch modes as multiplayer, supports up to 16 people.

If you’re a fan of the series, don’t try it, but you should know that it’s not a game that reflects the father’s name. It was a game that used only the father’s name, The Godfather 2. EA failed this time, too. We hope to learn from mistakes for the next possible project.

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