The Design of Google News Is Changing from Top to Bottom


Google’s News service, which collects all the news in one place, has received a new design as of today. The new design is aimed at further improving the user experience.

Google’s News service is undergoing a significant change in the classic design, which it has persistently maintained to this day. Today, the Most Widely Read News in the desktop version is For You, It is Followed, and the News that presents the news categories on the left of the main page moves all this to the top of the page.

News, which will begin to serve more closely to the general design lines of digital news platforms, will also have another important change. Normally, the ‘Local News’ section, which is again located in the left menu, will be presented at the same time as the most read and agenda news on the right of the main page.

The new design of Google News:

Google's News

Along with the new design, the weather forecast, which occupies a large place on the right of the main page in Google News, will also be moved to the top of the page in a smaller way. The ‘For You’ list along with the Local News to the right of the Most Read News will also be located to the right of the page.

In the new design of Google News, the top menu will include categories such as Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sports and Science. These categories in the menu will be able to be customized by users. The news from the sources you follow in the News will be displayed in the ‘Being Followed’ tab, which will be located in the top menu.

The ‘Fact Check’ page, which shows the accuracy of the news, will also be updated. The page will now show the original claims in more detail. Thus, it will be easier to distinguish false news from true information.

The new modification will be activated for all users in the coming days.

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