The Chronicles Of Narnia review

The Chronicles of narnia

Clive Staples Lewis’s famous series has joined the fury of motion pictures such as Harry Potter. After the success of Harry Potter on the white screen, they also transferred the Narnia Diaries to the cinema. In fact, the Narnia Diaries are much older than Harry Potter and one of his inspirations. It was successful as a book, but one television series was made. A classic work that the producers looked at was immediately filmed in Narnia, and the game makers did not stop empty, and they immediately made and released a game along with the film. How well they drove…

Do you always?

The general pedestal is as follows; movie games often get bad or stay in the middle. Indeed, there are also quality ones, no, Spiderman 2 ‘ s game for PS2 was super. The version released for the PC could not go beyond the box pliers. Anyway, back to the point, Narnia’s game goes directly in parallel with the movie. Already, intermediate videos in the game are decimated from the movie, but they appear in good and accurate places. The beginning and development of the event begins with a scene from the film and is included in the game just in time.

Narnia brings you into the game as soon as you start. We find ourselves in the making with two brothers without even setting the menu. All we have to do is find our other brothers and take our mother and run away from the bombed house. We have four characters to check out. These are four brothers named Lucy, Susan, Edmund and Peter, who are in the lead roles. Each has a different ability than the other. For example, Edmund climbs poles, Lucky is the smallest, so he can pass through small places. In each episode, we make general use of the feature of all of them. Some times the two go on missions with all the brothers, and some times. With the ‘Ctrl’ key, we can switch between them at any time. According to the various obstacles that we face, one of the four leads to each shape. In fact, obstacles also indicate what we should do; a face shape appears that shows which character should do what, such as Susan come and throw a head or Edmundo break it. This allows us to easily overcome the obstacles we face.

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There’s the sound of both hands

Each character has its own dance style. The smallest Lucy throws shoulders, Peter can get into enemies. In addition, like Voltran, they can join all their forces and attack the enemy or overcome some obstacles with this way. In many parts of the game, you may have to do this.

No enemy AI. They do nothing but attack you directly. Sometimes you may find it difficult because they are crowded or a little stronger than you. Besides, I’d say don’t expect them to be smart and tactical with you. Unfortunately, artificial intelligence is not smart on our side. There can even be times when he goes crazy. We take control of one brother, while the others take control of the computer. But they can’t afford it, because they’ve had their share of artificial intelligence. So much so that sometimes you can be like our Cüneyt brother in an instant with the character you manage. You have to protect your brothers, so you are thrown forward and plunged into enemies.

What you usually do is break the wall, cross the obstacle, beat the enemy, jump to the next section. In this way, the dull atmosphere of the game becomes a little more yellow. In order to distribute this air, you also have the opportunity to play two people from the same computer. Frankly, you don’t know how much fun it would be to play tasks from the same computer as a Co – Op.

Drop by drop becomes a lake

In the game, you collect money from the environment and buy new abilities with what you collect. The coins are either scattered around or hidden in items. Give me two slaps on the table next to you, and your pocket will be filled with change. It happens in personal items, and it’s hidden in things. A sofa or a sofa can come out of it. Then make better and effective strokes with these coins, etc… we’re getting talent for it, developing it.

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Graphics are enough for such a game, they are not Ahim Shah, but they are not considered very bad, terrible or anything like that. In short, they look a little above average. Even though I rooted the settings, it didn’t mean the system. The sounds are extremely spot on, enough. Another good aspect of the game is that the sections are quickly loaded.

Narnia reminds me a lot of EA’s Lord of the Rings games. Narnia is not a bad movie game, but a mid-level movie game. Even if it doesn’t look very good, it’s above mediocre. Camera angles can cause problems sometimes, and I have to examine that sometimes. If you like the Narnia Diaries or have seen his movie, you can try it.


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