The Arrangement Review

The Arrangement

Making an adventure is not everyone’s expense. In order to produce a quality production, it is necessary to perform hard work in terms of both the script and the gameplay. None of the sloppy adventures could hold on and disappeared. Successful productions such as Monkey Island and Broken Sword have carried their traces to the present day and are among the ones that will not be forgotten. The Arrangement also set out to be a good production, but I wish he never went out and sat in his house, it would be better for the nation. I felt sorry for the poor guy when he was playing and devoted about half an hour. In vain, I have never found a decent side.

Are these characters?

As soon as we see the initial demo, our feelings of disgust begin to act. We have nothing to do but laugh at the animations used in the production. The characters must have swallowed a few canes, trying to digest them. His hands are forcibly moving, his hands are already not a trick in their design. They all resemble non-human beings, such as ghouls, zombies, or creatures. Especially at the end of the initial demo, there was a kissing scene that you might want to get out of the game here. I’ve had ambition, I’ve endured it, even if you don’t.

The Arrangement, 1. it’s played from a person’s view. It has a comfortable and controllable structure. Objects that can be examined, used or retrieved are reflected on our screen with certain icons. When we bring our cursor to the corners of the screen, we can go right, left, or forward. Alone screen transitions are also problematic, you get the feeling that you are watching a slide show. An interesting feature of the arrangement is the Windows interface. Initially, we interact with a computer, where we use Outlook and deal with the printout event. Normally, when we right-click the mouse button , we can deal with Save, load, or exit the game thanks to the Windows menu that appears at the top. Inventory also comes into play when we bring the cursor to the top of the screen. These are just playful amenities, don’t be fooled, they don’t add anything.

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The Arrangement is killing you in some places. The objects are so mounted that the material that can be examined or retrieved is overlooked. Okay, objects around are inanimate beings, but do they look so inanimate? It is not even clear that they are an element of the game. In addition, there is a situation where, say, two objects stand side by side. One doesn’t do anything, and the other can be examined. But come and see, it’s marked as if the object that doesn’t work has a function. This drives people crazy. Even a very easy puzzle, you can’t solve it just because these objects can’t be placed, and you get angry. Moreover, some details are also extremely unnecessary and do not go beyond confusing.

Let’s tie it up…

The Arrangement, unfortunately, is a fiasco. The Adventure genre will be ashamed of itself for having such a game. We can comfort him by reminding him that he also has old, quality productions. And my last word, of course, to you players; don’t even go near it, don’t wear your nerves out.

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