Terminator 3: The Redemption Review

Terminator 3: The Redemption

The year 1984 is a turning point for the world of science fiction. Along with newly developing computer technology, many science fiction films appear in cinemas. But one of them is an important work that has sailed on a long-term adventure, darkening our dreams about the future until that day, revealing evidence of how much trouble high technology will cause people. I’m talking about Terminator. In 1984, he captivated science fiction lovers with his unexpectedly successful script, especially Arnold Schwarzenegger, who signed the scenes engraved in the minds of his villain in the lead role and suddenly established a throne in the hearts of all cinema lovers, allowing him to become a “bad hero”.

Terminator, which made its real success with its second film, which was translated in 1991, is no longer an ordinary example of science fiction, it tops the list of the best science fiction films ever. Terminator, who has come to life again with James Cameron, the master of glorious films, is this time the protector of the good side and is now more charismatic than ever. Of course, many people who want to be in the place of the main hero of this adventure, which has been in the language, eyes and heart of everyone since the early 90s, have been looking forward to their games coming out. The first Terminator game I personally remember was on the Amiga. The game was pretty ordinary, even bad, but the fact that we could see in-movie footage was incredible when 1.44 MB floppy disks were the largest storage unit. I know that for 5-6 seconds of images that we can see from the movie, those who want to buy the game create a queue in the computer shop.

If we briefly look at the history of Terminator games, we can see that they are always mediocre and not too much work, given that only their name will make money. Among the Terminator games, which are given numerous examples of all game platforms, perhaps the one-handed success is Terminator: Future Shock, released by Bedhesda in ‘ 96 and offering Doom-like gameplay. Especially 3. as soon as rumors about the release of the film spread, many game producers who covered their eyes with dollar signs put a lot of games on the market, relying only on the name. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, released last year, may have failed enough to become one of the worst games not only of Terminator, but also of the entire gaming world.

So, what is the reason why the games of a production whose film is perfect, whose script is extremely suitable for development, are so bad? “Enough with the name” and no details? Or is it that the film is not focused enough and the atmosphere is not reflected realistically by creating a fake universe? Me I don’t know. But I was sure of one thing: this last game of Terminator should have been very good…

The script is our life, the atmosphere is our blood, the controls are our vein…

As the game follows in the footsteps of The Terminator 3 movie, It contains quite a few images from the movie. In fact, the number of movie images is so large that before the game starts, videos of its producers enter, as if the movie will start soon. But when we watch the first video of the game, we play a very modified version of the same script, although it is thought that it will remain true to the film. In our opening demo, we watch John Connor (the leader of the resistance, which is humans ‘ greatest hope against robots in the future) being killed by Terminator, after watching our super blonde robot teleport into the past and how beautifully it crosses obstacles. Then, when Terminator is disabled and the new program is installed, we take control. Of course, our mission is to stop the blonde robot from going back and protect John Connor and Catrine Bruster at all costs. You will find that this story, which will be familiar to those who watch the film, is actually quite different from the film and is full of unnecessary tasks just to extend the duration of the game.

T3:the Redemption is a typical action game. The gun uses the logic of” shoot anyone, go to the next section ” to the end. It’s not much different from what’s on the market if it’s not for the intervening successful videos and action-packed backgrounds. In particular, the producers tried to create the atmosphere of the film, graphically comparing everything as much as possible to the reality (i.e. the ones in the film). Although it is very beautiful at first, the game moves so far into one level and limits the player so much that you feel like a mouse placed in a maze trying to find cheese. Although automatic aiming and the ability to renew your power with every electrical leak you find simplifies the game a little bit, endless enemy robots excel not with their artificial intelligence, but with the advantage given by the majority, making the game difficult.

The real beauty (perhaps the only beauty) of T3: The Redemption, which is an action genre, is that we can both manage our character Terminator and drive at the same time. Although it may seem quite complex from the start, thanks to automatic aiming, we get a fairly simple use. Another issue worthy of appreciation is that since we use a robot whose Hard drive has been reset and has just learned to fight, we can earn new abilities or improved States of existing abilities with the points we collect at the end of each episode.

Where the fun factor ends, the boredom factor begins

T3: Redemption’s biggest problem is that it can’t give a person the feeling of being a game. Personally, I would like to have fun playing a game or even try the same part over and over again. But in T3, it’s the opposite, as if we’re watching a thriller, we press the buttons like a stretched guitar string. The episodes are really tough. Especially the time set or the enemy before reaching a certain point to kill tasks make a person crazy.

The fact that the graphics are very successful and the backgrounds are constantly in motion is one of the most important reasons that increase the game’s rating. But the animations of both our main character and other characters also have an oddity. Terminator’s cold voice seems to be all over this game. I have to say that I have encountered more failed explosion effects than I have ever encountered in games that are graphically high-level. Especially when it comes to the console X-Box, the result is not eaten or swallowed. Fortunately, December demos and videos are good enough to make our eyes festive. So; there were episodes I finished just to see the next video. (Otherwise I couldn’t bear it).

It is obvious from the fact that the voice-overs were performed by real actors that the filmmakers had a lot of work in the production of the game. The voice-over of the character we saw in the film added air to the game and even gave a sense of vitality. Except for Terminator. Because Terminator’s voice-over was made with such a cold attitude that after every robot he destroyed, his words such as “here’s what I like” and “here you go” do not give a person any feelings, nor do they prevent air from entering. But don’t see it as a minus to the game. After all, it’s The Voice of a robot we’re talking about. Of course, he shouldn’t have a soul.

I think it’s time for me to get to the point. T3: the Redemption, I’d say, disappointed me again. Considering the Terminator series, even considering last year’s disaster, it is obvious that this time a much more successful job has been done, but there are these crazy successful action games on the market; among them, it does not even offer a game to look at its face if its name is not Terminator. Maybe the only reason he’ll get an extremely solid sci-fi game behind him. For God’s sake tell me; how many of you want to kill piles of cans that only walk on you and shoot nonstop, instead of enemies who will plan and force you, lie in the trench, and try to set traps!


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