Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Review

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

After a long wait, Sony’s next-generation baby is at the beginning of the PlayStation 3, a situation that has passed. In some genres there is no high game yet, while in others there is only one representation. Fortunately, lovers of opposite casting games have the chance to experience the Virtua Fighter and Tekken series, two legends of the genre, with their newest representatives. But given the rise in Game prices, the most plausible solution for those who want to beat someone up on PlayStation 3 is Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, which was named among the PSP Classics last year, which can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store for just $ 19.99.

From Arcade halls to our home

Dark Resurrection, contrary to popular belief, is not the make-up version of the PSP version. It’s more of an adaptation of the arcade version in arcades, set to support 1080p resolution. It also features extremely solid graphics and quality gameplay. But there are no shortfalls as well as returns value game. Although the Normal game is very key, different game modes (such as Tekken Force or bowling) that we have been used to playing on PlayStation systems for years are included in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. Also, just like in Virtua Fighter 5, it doesn’t exist online. In other words, you have to put your opponents at the head of the TV by persuasion or suggestion. However, the heart asked for the possibility of finding someone suitable for a strong beating on the PS3 network. In the first Tekken on the next generation console, the only mode you can find outside of the normal game is the Ghost Mode, where you can play against enemies with certain tactics controlled by different intelligence structures. It will be a good break when you get tired of playing Arcade games. However, it can hold the place of real games up to a point.

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Let’s not forget old friends

Don’t get the idea that Tekken DR was a mediocre production. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is a very above-average game with mind-boggling images, characters you love, and combinations you get. As we celebrate the return of Lili and Dragunov, as well as the Armor King, it’s a nice feeling to see Jinpachi as the opening character, too. Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya, Paul, etc. Background music and sound effects that will erase the rust of your ears are also good enough to meet your expectations from Tekken. Using the Points you earn as you fight, you can buy various accessories and clothes that will change the appearance of the characters. Among those you can sit on are concept works and videos. But when you first download the game (about 600 MB), these videos do not open. When you go up and go to the gallery, you see that content such as video is available on servers where it can be downloaded. It will be possible to think about quota internet usage in our country, such a way is very reasonable.

This latest Tekken on PlayStation 3 stands out as a build that should be in the hands of the console owner, with true superior features at an affordable price. If you love the Tekken series, don’t miss The Dark Resurrection either.


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