Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review

teenage mutant ninja turtles

Ninja Turtles were creatures that, for many people like me, 20 years and older, were quite important in childhood, although perhaps not now. Locking on to the screen at the time of the cartoon’s release, supplying toys for all the turtles, even the evil characters, and “serving” the material that served the bilumum ninja Turtle Market in the same way were what most of us did at the time. Turtles, which experienced their most popular period in the early 90s, experienced small turns with small jobs in later years, but did not capture their former popularity. I don’t know how much the stereotype of” until today ” fits here, but these old mutant brothers have reappeared with their new faces as an animated movie under the name TMNT. Ubisoft presented us with our game, which we can call a byproduct of the film of the same name.

Is the fashion for Michelangelo jokes returning?

TMNT, in terms of its subject and structure, has completely adapted it to the film, a beat’em-up that appeals more to children. It would not be right to say that it is actually literally a beat’em-up. Because in games in the style we call beat’em up, the goal is to destroy the enemies that come in front of you, overcome various obstacles and reach the end. In other words, normally fighting enemies is in the foreground, jumping obstacles and similar moves are in the background. In TMNT, the opposite obstacles come to the fore, roughly speaking, he spends most of his game time bouncing around. Enemies, on the other hand, come with the display of “Fight” in a certain area, in a way that I never approve of. When you clear the enemies in that Square, you can jump around with peace of mind until the next “Fight” sign appears. Which is a huge blow to the excitement the game has to create. At any moment, you will encounter the enemy or the plan to be made against an opponent waiting for you on the ground where you will jump in front of me is the biggest fun of such games. Otherwise, I don’t think there’s much fun in beating up guys who come at you in a certain place.

I want to open up a little bit about my thesis that the game is mostly based on jumping, which will also tell you a lot about the progress of this game. In order for you to imagine this, you must first think about all these jumping movements in the Prince of Persia. Walking on the wall, swinging on horizontal iron bars, jumping over a classic obstacle, jumping up and down between two walls, etc.you will see that all of this is reflected in TMNT, even if it is not one-on-one. Already Ubisoft is the producer of both games will be enough answers for this reason. Let’s go back to our topic, these movements that I said, the movements that you constantly apply until the Fight message will appear in this game. Doing these moves successfully in a row comes back to you in the following sections as a “getting support from your friend” score, as I put it. With these points, you can call a turtle and make a special move together. Also let me mention between the lines that you can use by switching all ninja Turtles in most episodes, even if not all episodes. He left behind games where all the characters progressed at the same time in the Sega Genesis.

I don’t think it would be wrong to say that TMNT, which is still playing in our cinemas, naturally takes on a new mood with today’s 3D animation technology and has experienced a revolution in itself, especially with its transition to 3D.

Konami TMNT Games, presented in a series of signed in the last 3-4 years, the transition to 3D, it was inevitable for it to become a necessity in the gaming market, as presented in 3D multiplatform games and again the background in this TMNT designed 2D Characters was hired. It is debatable how much of this is in the failure of the games, but the poor quality of the Konami-signed TMNT games that have come out in recent years is indisputable. In short, our new TMNT game is “completely ” 3D, which is the first innovation compared to previous games.Another innovation is that turtles have kept up with the dark atmosphere fashion.

This theme, which we come across in works such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Prince of Persia:Warrior Within, Batman Begins, is also used in TMNT dark interiors and exteriors, and the Turtles themselves are also covered in a dark air. But it is also obvious that the new Michelangelo, with hard and sharp facial contours, is in contrast to his return with old-fashioned jokes.

Shredder: Rocksteady, Bebop, catch them!
Rocksteady and Bebop: Boss, we’re in the ‘ 90s, and you’re dead!

We also remember from his cartoon that all of these turtles have different characteristics.Donatello is a scholar, Leonardo is a warrior, Michelangelo is witty and Rafael… What was Rafael’s feature hakikatten?.Ve as far as I can remember, none of this is valid in all TMNT games. Michelangelo is always the best fighter, and he has the best special talent. And others stop at work in case you need it sometimes. So has anything changed in this new TMNT game? No, it doesn’t.He’s fighting the best again, and he’s got the best special talent again. He can make quite long jumps by turning nanchaku over his head in helicopter logic. In fights, however, he does not allow the enemy to move by shaking his nanchaku at speeds well above the speed at which you shake your nunchuck. As for the other characters, Rafael can only use his wedge to climb the designated walls, and in fights, this wedge doesn’t work very well. Donatello is able to jump with his stick, backing up from the ground, and fails to fight. Leonardo is relatively good at fighting. And I couldn’t find your special talent, to be honest.

The most important factor that keeps the game’s playability level high is the notes you earn at the end of the episode. These notes are given by calculating the time you finish the game, your success in fights, the lives you lose, you don’t actually have a problem like losing lives in the game, when you burn, it starts again from Checkpoint) and how much help you have with the brother turtles in the following sections. If the sum of the Points you receive according to these four criteria is a passing grade, the challenge Map also opens one of the mini-games and earns points for opening unnecessary game add-ons in the Goodies section. How does this end-of-episode rating keep the game’s playability level high, of course, tell me the room; a goal such as finishing the game under a certain amount of time and finishing enemies with minimal losses is a reason to stay in the game, and a successful or unsuccessful note earned at the end encourages you to play the next episode. Speaking of which, let’s get to the challenge Map. In this section, which you can access under the Extra title, he finds many games that we can say are more fun than the game itself. In these games, we can say that the duo Wiimote and Nunchuck are relatively more creative than their use in the game.

In games released on the market as Multiplatform, it is obvious that the versions released on the Wii should differ from others with their control, not with their superior graphics.I have no idea how difficult it is for producers to adapt games to Wii controls.So with a game released as mutiplatform, for example, I believe it would be wrong to evaluate the controls of a game designed only for the Wii, such as Cooking mama, together.In this context, although the TMNT controls are actually a situation that can be hit from ground to ground, I consider it appropriate to take it from the bottom.As we control the characters, we do actions that cover most of the game, such as progress jumping, with the help of keys, and in the blessings of Wiimote and Nunchuck, we start taking advantage of the fact that the fight text appears on the screen. We make various combinations with our character’s weapon in hand, waving Wiimote, while kicking flying through the air by waving nunchuck. Let’s move on to the problems; I think the biggest problem when using dual controls during combat is arm pain. Sometimes you have to shake the Wiimote for a long time against enemies who come in quite large numbers, which, as I said, causes joint and arm pain. Another problem is that after a while, these fight scenes become incredibly boring, both from lack of creativity and from the Gina of swinging your arm. You can pray not to see “Fight” on the screen. Another big problem is that an option for more convenient control is not recognized. The biggest reason why all these control problems do not affect the negative points I will give for the game as much as the problems experienced by the camera. As I said, the producers, for example, have to rethink all the controls for the Wii, even though they port it without having to change anything for the Gamecube and PS2.

Now that the Tranformers have arrived, we are ready for a return to childhood 3..2..1

Camera angles are a disgrace, as I said, but I think these camera angles actually give the game a different structure. For example, because of the camera angles, you often can’t find where to go, and when you’re struggling to look for where to go, you don’t actually realize how that moment went. So the producers found a different medium to distract the actors. It also adds a different air to the game when you can’t see where your character is from the area where you are stuck (whatever it is). Joke aside, there are really big problems with the camera, which leads to the game being topped by minus points in terms of reliability and control. Our game doesn’t grin too much in terms of graphics, it has a graphic structure decorated with middle-class drawings suitable for dark weather. The fluency and realism of the characters ‘ movements is the most positive aspect of the graphics. In the intermediate scenes, there are usually deciduous frames that we encounter in most games that go up to the Wii. In these stationary squares, the best example is Max Payne, lined up in the mood of a comic book that we encounter. Sounds and music do their job without attracting too much attention,we can define mediocre for them.

As a result, TMNT, for me, could not go further than being a mediocre game that also remained under the film. Despite factors that ensure staying in the game, such as racing against time, it is not a game that requires being ambitious enough to finish. If you have a PS2, it may be more convenient to take it. But it remains pretty weak for the Wii, a next-generation console.


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