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Syberia is an adventure game created by the French firm Microids. Microids is also the producer of PC games Road to India, speed Demons and Warrior Kings. The firm also develops games for PS, PS2, GBC and GBA.

We partner in the adventure of Kate Walker, a young and intelligent lawyer in Syberia. As a requirement of adventure games, he insists on not seeing, for some reason, parts of which are scattered in a thousand places to collect tools to advance the subject. As a representative of the world’s largest toy company, Kate Walker arrives in a small town in Europe to complete the purchase of the Voralberg robot/toy factory. This factory is where the best and most beautiful robots in the world are produced. Almost everywhere in the whole town, robots produced by this factory are used as AIDS. However, in recent years, the demand for these robots, which are only mechanical and therefore expensive in the world, has decreased a lot. The factory becomes unable to pay off its loan debts and is preferred to be sold rather than closed. However, when Kate Walker arrives in town to complete the operations, she learns that Anna Voralberg, the only known owner of the factory, died that day. He goes to the town’s notary to complete the proceedings and learns from the notary that two days before Anna Voralberg’s death, he has written a letter informing him that there is another heir to the factory, that his brother, who has been known to be dead for years, is actually alive. In addition, the only person who can complete the operations, this lost brother; the factory-manufactured brain-retarded (this is my blood, and I’m sure you’ll think so) and an annoying automaton (robots prefer this word in the game), take him to “Siberia”.

As we are used to adventure games in the game, we manage our character through the eyes of the third person. On the playing field, where the camera angles are fixed, we interact with some objects that are on the screen at that moment, ensuring that the subject of the game progresses. Since almost all the adventure games I played last time were signed by Lucas Arts, I was used to interacting with a lot of things on screen in humorous environments, at least in terms of studying them. However, there is little interaction in this game, and there is no work from the joke, perhaps due to the subject. So we don’t have to think too much about solving puzzles. Everything sinks into our eyes when it comes to it, saying, “Here I am.”

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All objects and environments in the game are perfect without exception. Each one is drawn and covered in great detail. The game’s drawings of the city and nature are almost indistinguishable from the truth. On the city/nature “paintings”, each of which is prepared in detail in this way, again, some objects and people designed in three dimensions, each of which is very detailed and high quality, are very successful when viewed only from perspective. Movies that are pre-coated with quality and animated between games are very successful and enjoyable to watch. But there is a lack of effects such as the shadow and track effect that will cast a shadow over this visual success in the game. The shadows of the moving objects and characters in the game consist only of a speck crawling on the ground, and the shadows lack the phenomenon of size, since the backgrounds are made up of pictures. No matter where the light hits, the shadows of the characters fall as if they are just shooting light from above at the bottom of their feet. Another notable deficiency is that wet surfaces and even puddles in the game do not reflect anything new on the picture. As we pass through puddles with our character, there is no movement in the waters, no reflection, no change in our Shadow. Our character’s interaction with certain objects also has perception problems. I mean, sometimes he has to take a lap or two to get to that object. Also, waiting for the completion of the previous movement before interacting with an object can evoke the feeling that we are simply directing a programmed robot. Apart from these shortcomings, the visually excellent game Syberia.

In a game that has no attention in terms of sounds, there is no ambient sound other than footsteps that change depending on the surface we are on, and the mechanical sounds that come out when we start the instruments. Some bird sounds from right to left and the sounds of running water heard according to their location are also not very superior. As with most games, the dialogue of the characters in the game is set in the mood of a bad theatrical play, often monotonous. And the music of the game almost never changes. In his own mind, we are accompanied by an orchestra that revels, stagnates in irrelevant places, even if there is no oasis in the situation. Most of the time, when the music gets excited, you can expect something different to happen, but nothing happens.

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A lot of adventure games have recently been released; Syberia is a game that doesn’t really excel among these games, but it’s still a game where you can have a nice time like watching a movie on your computer. Unlike most other species, adventure is the genre that is best suited to spending hours at the beginning when you have plenty of free time in the summer, they do not create sentences such as “let’s throw a 10-15 minute counter like this”. So if you have plenty of time, make sure to get Syberia.

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