SWAT: Target Liberty Review

SWAT: Target Liberty

SWAT is a production that has managed to attract attention on all platforms since the first day it was released. It can even be said that its history is quite old and ranks first among games in the tactical FPS – Privacy – action style. This time, he shows up on PSP under the title Target Liberty. Let’s see if the beloved producer can provide calm on this console.

The production has a story that is not very strong. In the game, in which we lead Kurt Wolfe as team captain, our two officers are left between two rival Korean gangsters in New York City. It’s not over! however, there is also a conflict in Central Park between your team and the terrorist group, and the area faces nuclear danger. It is a question of why only your team is fighting a nuclear hazard. So we talked more about a sequence of events than a certain main story structure. Because there is no more solid story structure. In a stealth-action-style production, we control Kurt Wolfe with an analog lever from a viewing angle from the top. As you can imagine, the two officers who make up the rest of our team are following us in a row. I should point out that the characters can’t move as fast and fast as they do in FPS-style Swat. For this reason, it would be wrong to expect a very serial game.

Against terror

We use other police officers that we can’t directly control to give more commands and perform actions. We can give commands that will allow them to go to different locations, break down the door, throw Bombs, take actions such as protecting witnesses and interrogating them. Commands can be selected as” Text”, as well as manually giving commands. As long as we hold down the right shoulder key, the target position or action zone can be determined. According to the content of the mission, we can interfere with the elements and equipment that we will take with us. People with different characteristics, such as a research specialist, a query specialist, make it easier to complete sections by using them on the subject they are an expert on. In the same way, it equips experts with the necessary equipment and weapons, providing ease in fulfilling what is required in the targets. At the end of the episode, points are given by listing how much you have achieved the desired goal, how many men you have reported, killed, captured. So our men specialize in jumping ranks.

Artificial intelligence used in construction often does a clean job and helps you. However, characters in your team usually expect all commands from you. It would be better if some repeated commands were given by artificial intelligence. Due to the Privacy part of the game, there are situations such as hiding and lying in wait from time to time. But it is impossible to say that the balance of privacy and action can be well established. In addition to Campaign, which has about five hours of game time, there is a Multiplayer mode. In the production, which has graphics that can be considered detailed when we look at it in general, the environment is more disrupted by the slow walks of the characters. Apart from the repetitive gameplay that occurs when the same commands are constantly given, there is no noticeable lack. Maybe not for too long, but for a while, playing Swat from above is a different experience.

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