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SWAT-3 was a tactical action game with FPS gameplay. One of the most exclusive of its kind, the SWAT-3 outweighed its competitors in some ways. In the game, we had to implement more strategy than we could use in other FPS. Otherwise, we would have left our team alone. For example, entering a building with more than one entrance from the nearest place to the enemy’s weakness has always been very beneficial for us and our team’s health.

As we encountered in many FPS, jumping into the middle of the enemy and firing a bullet until it came, SWAT 3 did not fully work. In the game, they were very smart in the enemies. As soon as they changed their places every time you opened the game, they had to hide in nooks and crannies, and you had to be on your guard at all times. As you walked around the rooms with your team, the enemy sometimes came out from under the bed, sometimes from the closet, sometimes even from a secret hatch under the stairs, which greatly increased the number of exciting floors in the game.

In SWAT 3, whose mentality is based on teamwork, we could divide our team into 2: Red and Blue. So we could work in two groups when we needed to protect more than one position. SWAT 3, which was separated from its competitors in many ways, was released in 1999. In the intervening years, we’ve always been looking forward to hearing new news about SWAT. Almost exactly 1 year ago, the first news of SWAT 4 arrived. We’re glad! because we were going to rescue hostages again and neutralize the terrorists. After 1 year with this intensity of emotion, we have finally captured SWAT 4!


I must have forgotten how long I had been waiting for SWAT 4 while the game was being loaded, I never looked forward to it. Come and see that when the game opens and sees the SWAT 4 logo in front of me, I can say that I am enchanted. My old days, my old operations came alive in my eyes(!) I wanted to start tasks immediately without waiting any longer. But first, I stopped by the Settings screen. Finding detailed image settings in the game is an important plus. In addition, further reduction of key combinations compared to SWAT 3 was another detail that caught my attention. In this way, a good step has been taken in the name of playability. As is known in SWAT 3, there were many key combinations.

I took a look at the training section before moving on to my first assignment. I continued the course I started alone, adding my team to me. The producers have prepared a very useful exercise section. For every obstacle you may encounter during tasks, you can practice in the training section. For those who play the old version, shortcuts in playability will be quite welcome. In SWAT 4, instead of pressing many keys to command the people next to you, we press the right mouse button and select from the drop-down menu. In this way, we can be more dynamic in implementing our decisions at moments when the action increases.

I clicked on career, thinking it was time to go on my first mission. The first episode is”food Wall Restaurant”. Thanks to the interface in front of me, I can get a briefing, whether it’s voice or written. In addition, we can get detailed information about the mission. Details from the target’s hair color, date of birth, eye color, height and weight are presented to us. Of course, we won’t have that much information on every mission. This puts us into the air we’re up to.

Everybody ready?

Just like in SWAT 3, we prepare our own and our team’s equipment. Here are brief information about each of them so that we can get to know our employees. After making the appropriate weapon selections, we click “Start”!

We can’t say it takes too long for the game to load. Both when opening the game, and when installing the partition, unfortunately, it is waiting. But we are patient, saying that the Rose-loving thorn folds, and after the blurry image opens, we are in the Food Wall Restorant. Behind us is our team car. First, I called my team to me immediately. To do this, you need to select with the” Tab ” button. Those who play SWAT 3 Know. Although you are a team of 5 people, you can be divided into 2 or 3 if you want. When you press “Tab“, the” Fall in” command (or any other command) in the lower-right corner of the screen becomes red, blue or yellow. If you look at the color of the names written on the backs of your elements, you will see that 2 of them are blue and the other 2 are red. With the Tab key, you can give orders to this group whichever color you choose. If you choose yellow(specified as Gold), you can command all at once. Here are the most enjoyable moments of the game, that you do not need to interfere with every moment of action. Your people you send from the front can sometimes take on all the danger. This brings the game to a very different point than the classic FPS.

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As of the beginning, we are located in the corner of the building. Just ahead of us, there is the front door of the restaurant, but the alley on the right attracts our attention Dec. I’ll send two people there immediately.

Blue… Go There.

One of the biggest convenience of the game is that the attractions that need to be made appear on the screen thanks to the intelligent system of Swat 4. For example, you need to command the red team to open the door ahead. When you move the target over the door using the mouse, “Open&Make Entry”, etc.at the bottom of the screen… a command is coming out. From then on, all you have to do is just tap the” Space ” button. In this way, your elements will perform the command that appears at the bottom. But if you want to give a different command, when the target is again on the door, you can hold down the right mouse button and select what you want from the drop-down menu. As those who played the previous version know, typing numbers and giving commands is now history.

To send the blue team to the alley on the right side, I gave the “Move to” command by right-clicking on the place where I wanted them to go with the mouse.Dec. So as the blue team made its way there, I made them hold the front door with the “Cover” order I gave the red team. Frankly, my plan for now is to enter the building from behind in a blue suit. Of course, if anyone tries to escape from the front, the red team will be ready to target the door, waiting.

I was driving down a decidedly narrow alley to get to the blue team. Just to my left was a trash can. The lack of jumping in the game obviously plays a little bit of playability. It could be fun to get to some places by jumping. Anyway, when I went to the blue team, I didn’t see any activity in the environment. Otherwise, these specially trained SWAT elements would do what they needed.

Stack up and Check the Lock

We found the back door. I gave my men the “Stack up” command and asked them to see if the door was locked. The door was open. I didn’t think there was any need to be a hero, so I let them in first. Everything looked clean. At the end of the small corridor, there were two passes to the right and left. I saw someone with a gun on the right. I immediately sent the blue team to him and left the point where you were to check the left side myself. I panicked with two shots coming from behind me. I immediately turned around and saw that there were no injuries. The suspect appeared to have agreed to surrender. I went to the guy with his hands in the air and put the handcuffs on him (with the“h” button). Just like in the previous game, we use the material we have to handcuff someone or place explosives on a door by holding down the Left Mouse Button. Soon after the handcuffing process was over, I looked back into the room behind me. At that time, we encountered another suspect who had his gun pointed at us. The young man, who collapsed when several bullets hit him in the body, was dead. I looked at him with the Mouse. We had to report it. I pressed the “f” key to execute the command at the bottom of the screen. It was reported. After we did the same thing to the man we just captured alive, I saw that there are 3 ways we can move forward. The room behind us was the pantry. I thought the room wouldn’t be too big, so I commanded the blue team.

Move to Clear

After I immediately handcuffed and reported the kitchen worker who was inside, I turned my face upstairs. My plan was to get into the kitchen last. Because from there we could get to the front of the restaurant. We went upstairs and found a gun in the first room we entered. Collect all the weapons you find throughout the game. To do this, just point to it with the mouse and press the “f” button. I sent the blue team back to the door just ahead. But this time the command I gave was different. ” Open, Bang&Clear, ” I opened the door and made them throw gas bombs inside. As I thought, there was another suspect inside. As he coughed, the guys were checking the perimeter. Meanwhile, I went to the guy and handcuffed him. After I reported, I took the blue suit and went back down. The red team, who had been watching the front door since the beginning of the operation, would have fallen for business at that point. My plan was to bring the red team in as soon as we entered the front with a sudden raid with the blue team. According to the plan I carried out, just as I had planned, we captured another hostage. Although the message came that the mission had been completed, I also looked at the toilets, which were two rooms I did not enter. After all, the mission was complete!

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Mission Complete

The difficulty levels in SWAT 4 are balanced. You can earn points in many ways, from the hostages you save to the terrorists you right. These points are required to pass the section on all difficulty levels except the Easy option. Because by placing a barrage of points in the game, the producers aimed to save the production from a single improvement in advancing difficulty levels. But easy doesn’t have any dams. No matter how many Points you score, you are eligible to move on to the next mission. My advice is that easy is too easy. If you want to increase the pleasure you will get from the game a little higher, you should at least play at the “normal” difficulty level.

There are some mistakes in the game. Sometimes enemies you shoot in the head don’t die. Also, unfortunately, there are artificial intelligence errors in the production. When you catch the enemy aiming at a different point, he may not see you, even if he turns his head a little to the right and left. But if you can’t shoot and kill him at that moment, he either runs away and hides, or he turns the barrel of his gun on you. Another error that caught my eye is that in one of the following sections, I fired at the enemy below from two floors above, but he escaped on foot without raising his head. He acted as if he had heard a voice, going to check it out cautiously. Unfortunately, there are some minor artificial intelligence errors in the production. But who knows, maybe the producers will clear the game of these mistakes with a patch.

No doubt the biggest minus of the game seems to be its long downloads. As if it wasn’t enough that he waited quite long when the game opened, chapter downloads also take quite a long time. Frankly, while you’re waiting, you’re losing a little concentration. My advice is to keep busy with the work you love, especially when the game opens. Otherwise, at the beginning of the monitor, you are likely to live a mummy’s life(!)

As the first missions were almost followed, 5. you can pause a lot on the mission. The producers followed this method in SWAT 3. As you passed consecutive missions, it was like you were suddenly faced with a difficult episode and hit a wall. And then “restart”begins. As it is known, when your team is injured or unable to continue, you can continue the game, but without you, the mission is considered unsuccessful. At another point you need to know, you can easily become ineffective. In fact, there’s almost no difference between you and your enemies. As much as they do, you can be knocked down with a few bullets. Of course, at the end of the episode, you are killed by an ambushed enemy with a single bullet, sometimes causing you to go mad. Here is another point of the game that separates it from other FPS in this realism.

In a game where we can try many methods to neutralize terrorists, you have to be careful not to kill civilians. For this, do a field survey before each move. Optiwand Mirror will be your biggest helper. At the end of the long-barreled rifle-like machine is a camera with a play cap, similar to that used in combat helicopters. You can also use the device after closed doors, which will be of great benefit in the corners of the wall. Just point the end of the machine at the gap under the door and hold down the Left Mouse Button. So the camera will show you inside under the door. So if there are civilians inside, you drop bombs and prevent them from accidentally hurting them.

In general, SWAT 4 was a very successful production. Already the game deserves to be played in general characteristics. Compared to Swat 3, the game’s graphics are quite remarkable, where playability is quite easy. But while there are astronomical games on the market in a graphical sense, such as Doom-3: RoE and Half Life-2, it lags a little behind. And the sounds are prepared with great quality. If you are having trouble finding FPS to play, here is a very high quality production for you. Adorned with tactical elements, it can give you experiences you haven’t tasted before. I wish you to get it as soon as possible and be in charge of your team for 14 missions. Don’t get distracted by the game and forget about real life…


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