Super Smash Bros. Melee Review

super smash bros. melee

It is an undeniable fact that Nintendo’s characters are very famous all over the world. What player doesn’t want to see Nintendo’s most famous game characters, such as Mario, Samus Aran from Metroid Prime, link and Princess Zelda from Legend Of Zelda, Kirby and Pikachu from Pokemon, Falcon from F-Zero, Fox Mc Cloud from Star Fox and Donkey Kong? Super Smash Bros. In melee, you can see all these characters together. After Super Smash Brothers, which was first prepared for the Nintendo 64, Nintendo also created Super Smash Bros. for the GameCube. He released melee. Highly acclaimed by gamers, this game has undoubtedly been a significant success, selling about 1.8 million units on the Gamecube.

So What Is this Super Smash Bros.?

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a fighting game featuring almost all of Nintendo’s main characters. Super Smash Bross, where 4 people can fight at the same time. In the melee, the players get into a big brawl the moment they hear the sound of’ Fight”. In these fights, everyone can be single or fight as a team. Each character has two small, one large and one super moves, as well as some normal strokes. The number of movements is not much, but I can say that this number is enough for us. Making moves is quite simple, because the game is very fast and having hard-applied moves will greatly reduce playability.

Don’t expect hard-applied combos like Tekken, Soul Calibur or Ded or Alive. Combos are easily made as in the Dreamcast’s pupil Capcom’s fighting game called Power Stone, which means that we don’t bother with direction arrows in combos, we just need to press the normal keys one after the other. This, in turn, allows us to achieve results with movements made on the spot and on time, rather than sleight of hand. Of course, only these movements can not be enough for us to defeat our opponent; you also need to use more weapons that we can’t count, such as the growth potion that we will find around, various melee weapons, pistols, bombs. These weapons fall around every fight and can cause us great damage to our opponent.

Are you ready for an adventure?

In addition to the tournament mode, where we fight against our opponents, the game also features an adventure mode. In Adventure Mode, we take a journey through our opponents ‘ spaces, for example, while our opponent Mario first fights against creatures in the Mushroom Kingdom, trying to get to Mario’s location. Of course, at the end of the episode, we fight Mario as the boss. Sometimes, instead of moving forward, we also fight in an arena against 40 monkeys who come as a quartet at Donkey Kong’s venue; if there were 40 monkeys (I think there were 40? if we can beat a giant monkey (so big that we should actually call it a gorilla or King Kong!) We can Fight Donkey Kong. He also fights Fox Mc Cloud on his ship, while his friends shoot us with spaceships. The Adventure Mode is divided into quite various sections; if you don’t have a friend around you to play tournament mode with, you can spend a lot of time with this mode. In fact, since the game does not pay too much attention to the content in terms of the scenario and is more focused on the gameplay, I say that you should play the game, because there is no way to describe this fun! If you are a GameCube owner and have the opportunity to play this game in multiplayer, I say don’t miss SSB; otherwise you will be deprived of a lot of fun. No, if you say I’m someone who plays games alone, you won’t lose much. Super Smash Bros. Melee is a great entertainment package made for you to have fun with your friends. I’m sure seeing all Nintendo’s characters together is something every Nintendo would want.


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