Super Collapse 3 Review

super collapse 3

We see many games coming to PCs and consoles with their fame overflowing from the internet. After creating enough addiction on the web, they also don’t go through PSP to create a portable disease. In Super collapse, it reappears with its third version. We’ve studied a lot of productions where action and puzzle are intertwined. Although they were usually good, their presence on PSP was not very long-term. However, I have seen that Super collapse creates more addiction on me.

This version of the production is slightly different and comes with new features. When we enter the menu, we encounter Quick Play, Quest, High Scores, Options, Trophies and Multiplayer options. Quick Play and Quest in particular offer a cute and colorful map that allows us to play freely in a fairly large area. In any case, it will be appropriate to say a monument of cuteness for the construction. Because everything from the menu to the map is chirping and designed to encourage you to play. Super Collapse! 3, with ten mini-games and a hundred and forty new colorful puzzles, long hours seem to make your hands sweat.

Thematic Map

As always for construction, it will be appropriate to use the phrase beauty in its simplicity. Maybe the reason such games are kept so much is because they can keep us busy for a long time without thinking too much. When we enter Quest mode, we are first informed about what the emblems, shapes mean, the course of the game and our purpose. Explaining the individual function and use of each shape was a good detail. There are playable main points on the map that appear in the form of stars, and these points also host many types of puzzles under themselves. When we click on a star, we see a new map of puzzles connected by footpaths. Starting from the starting point, we play puzzles with the sequence. It can’t be passed on to the other without finishing one. Because they’re locked, and they open as you complete the previous chapter. Puzzles presented under different titles and genres are actually basically played with the same method. There are boxes of different colors on the screen, and we try to earn points by destroying these boxes with the arrow in our management. At least three boxes of the same color can be destroyed when combined. However, the more boxes of the same color in between, the more points we earn. Our goal is not only to destroy the boxes on the screen; we are also trying to prevent them from accessing the top line. Because from the bottom, new colored boxes constantly push up the boxes on the screen. And the fact that those who come from below start coming much faster as time goes on and the episode jumps completely complicates things.

Sections are not only composed of blocks from below, but also of blocks from below and above to merge in the middle of the screen at the same time, there is content in different styles, such as destroying large blocks of the same color in patterns. And the units that helped us in the construction have not been forgotten. Bombs that come in the same color as blocks allow the screen to explode all blocks of the same color as the bomb at that moment. Of course, this happens only if the bomb is clicked on. Because it is possible not to notice bombs of the same color as blocks. In addition, it is present in objects that sweep the line in which it is located, or change the location of blocks by turning the screen upside down. It is possible to use these auxiliary objects at the desired moment during the game, which can also be purchased from the shopping store on the map screen in exchange for the gold you have earned at the end of the episode. To advance on the map, you must have finished all the puzzles under the main stars and accumulated enough gold. But this way you can go one stage further on the map.

The sections on the map have themes such as Tropical, snowy and volcanic. Whatever theme you’re going on, the background in which you play the puzzles varies according to that theme. Looking at the graphics, the production is quite colorful and attracts attention with its cheerful atmosphere. He has content that he will love to play with, not only the little ones, but also the big ones. In terms of sounds, it can be said that more advanced Mario vari timbres are heard. In the use of special objects, it is also not forgotten that different effects of each object are heard. Add that up to two people can play Multiplayer with Wi-Fi via Ad-Hoc mode. Former players can finish Super Collapse 3 in a few days. However, with all the puzzles of each episode completed, that is, a little right to play, this time can even extend to a few weeks. A fun, addictive game Super Collapse 3, is recommended.

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