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summer athletics

As always, it is quite difficult to achieve a first in the game world. After it was first done, it doesn’t stop coming out of tons of imitations on the market. We’re sick and tired of playing the same things, but the producers aren’t tired of putting the same thing in front of us. For this reason, as with everything else, the game world’s firsts are among the unforgettable ones. Looking back, it’s not imitations, it’s always coming to mind first.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is one of those imitations for Summer Athletics. But this time, it won’t be right to hit the ground to the ground, because its construction is an imitation. Beijing 2008, one of the productions that messed up a sack of figs, also had the controls Summer Athletics should have. Don’t get me wrong; Beijing 2008 is a very enjoyable game on consoles. But on the other hand, when it comes to the PC version, it is possible to meet the keyboard killer controls. What happened in Beijing 2008 was that the Olympics offered the opportunity for the whole world to play. Being able to play almost all the sports and branches you can think of also created a first for us. But as I mentioned, the evil of the PC version created a unique opportunity for imitations of the production. Those who did not get the opportunity to play Beijing 2008 on PSP played International Athletics. And the face of those who are dying on the PC will laugh a little more with summer athletes. Although it is not under the title of the Olympics, as many sports as the Olympics can be played in this production.

As soon as we get into the game, it feels like the quality is slightly lower than Beijing 2008. Single event, Competition, Career, Archive, Records and Options are welcome in the main menu. Since my mouth had burned before, I first went to the Settings section and looked at the controls. But then I have to say that I understand that my move is not so necessary. It doesn’t have controls that aren’t clear what’s in the making, either. There’s a control scheme that makes sense and we can easily count. Well, after not being able to play the game, we mentioned earlier that although it was much better quality, it didn’t work for us. All playable sports under the one-man section are grouped under certain main titles. These include swimming, jumping, jumping, throwing, running, archery and cycling. Each category, on the other hand, has been avoided by hosting a large number of related species under itself. In the Competition section, there are 10 Decathlon, 11 Short Competition, 9 tough competition, 19 Summer Athletics challenge, 26 Platinium challenge, free Cup options along with the different types of sports they contain. The numbers in front of the names refer to the consecutive sporting activities that must be performed in this genre. If the number is not specified, the Free Cup allows you to create a combination package consisting of the types that you specify and want. In the Career section, it covers the stages of creating and developing a special character that you develop, starting with amateurism, distributing certain talent points according to your preferences.

The road to success

Although the types of sports played are very different, they are usually controlled by the same keys. In the construction, which mainly involves pressing keys in series, there are mainly two controls. One of them is speed, and the other is power. One of these two concepts is assigned to the right and the other to the left key. From the bar in the middle of the screen, the levels were controlled. The more you press the right and left keys in sync, the higher the levels, the more attack your character begins to move. In addition to the functions of the CTRL and space keys, which can vary from genre to genre alone, the pre-game controls for this sport are clearly shown and adaptation is also accelerated. Obviously, after the Beijing control disaster, I can say that I got along pretty well with these controls. But this time, Summer Athletics seems to have let us down a little bit in terms of visuals. Although the visuals are not bad, they are not as soft and quality as in Beijing. I can say that the production stumbles from the visuals, especially because the character modeling is not good and the animation is insufficient. Also, in terms of the sounds, there is nothing remarkable except the chants. And it is possible to be sad in the other direction when you are happy in one direction. Summer Athletics in general has been a production that has technical deficiencies, except for controls, but you can enjoy playing a lot of sports under one roof.

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