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Subway Surfers

Is the endless running game Subway Surfers, one of the most important fixtures in the mobile gaming world and cited almost every year as the most popular game in app stores, hiding a tragic story behind it? Let’s look closely at the facts about the Subway Surfers story, which has become an internet phenomenon.

Developed for playing on mobile devices and the App Store, Google Play mobile app stores such as iOS and Android devices by downloading Subway Surfers endless running game that you can play on the day it was first placed on the market in 2013, almost every year, he finds his way into the list of the most popular games. But this remarkable feat isn’t the only talk of Subway Surfers.

A claim about Subway Surfers was made by a Twitter user some time ago. According to this claim, the purpose of the game was to commemorate the developer’s son, who died. The jarring claim soon became a phenomenon, and like any gossip, it grew and grew. So is there really such a tragic story behind the Subway Surfers game? Let’s look closely at this event, which once again proves that we should not believe everything we see on the internet.

Subway Surfers Story

Subway Surfers, an endless running game that you can play on your devices with iOS and Android operating system by downloading from mobile app stores such as the App Store, Google Play. So if you don’t hit any obstacles, you can play the game for hours without stopping. In recent years such games have become increasingly popular.

The Subway Surfers game story is as follows; our character in the game draws graffiti, a mural, on the wall of the train station. At this time, the gar guard and his dog see our character and the chase begins. As you progress in the game, you collect gold and develop your character with these gold if you want, you can get new characters if you want. The only goal of the game is to score as high as possible without getting caught in obstacles.

The story of the game seems quite amusing. There is a claim about Subway Surfers, which is rated in the sports and action category and has quite cute graphics, which is enough to fill the eyes of players. The person we learned of this tragic story is a Twitter user.

Shocking claim about Subway Surfers story:

On July 29, 2020, a post was made by a Twitter user whose name is not known and who is not known. In this share, it was mentioned that the developer of the Subway Surfers game made this game to keep alive the memory of his son, who died while skateboarding at the train station. The claim fell like a bomb on the agenda.

After that share, which received hundreds of thousands of likes and tens of thousands of retweets, the cauldron of gossip also quickly began to boil over. Those who said they had known about the incident for years, shared a photo of the alleged child, or even published fake reports from wherever they found it. And no one bothered to ask the creator of the game if such a thing was real.

The developers of the Subway Surfers game, released in 2013, are the companies Kiloo and SBYO Games. So there’s not a single person playing the game. But if you have to put one person in focus, that person is Mathias Gredal Norvig, an employee of SBYO Games. Norvig is considered one of the main developer brains of the game.

Mathias Gredal Norvig talks about why they made the Subway Surfers play during a conference in 2018, 2 years before the tragic story claim, what inspired them. No, there’s no child who died in a tragic accident. Norvig says that the inspiration for this game comes from street life, music, street art, and the unique lifestyle of skateboarders.

Subway Surfers the developers of the game developed this game with a passion for skateboarding, like everyone who watched the Back to the Future movie series as a child. There is no tragic story, no father mourning his child who has lost his life. The only thing to be told in the game is a young boy who feels the street spirit in his veins.

Where did this false story come from?

The Internet world is the largest information network humanity has ever seen. Moreover, we learn this information not only from official sources, but also from individual experience. But unfortunately, the vast majority of information that has not been verified by official sources or firsthand is lies. There’s a lot of information pollution.

Subway Surfers the Twitter user who claimed there was a tragic story behind the game was probably not malicious. For some, it can be boring for a few people to get together and make a successful play about street passion. Because real life is boring sometimes. He may have wanted to add some color to this boring story and get some interaction.

There are two points to this lie that annoy you. First, the person who spreads this claim can dispel the boredom of real life with a beautiful story by writing fan fiction, while he is content to share a few words of fiction that he does not specify. The second annoying point is, how come we believe everything we see so unquestionably?

Today’s plague is the fury of false news

Subway Surfers

’ Don’t exaggerate, it’s just someone who made up an unreal story about a game, didn’t disclose a state secret, ‘ you might think. You’re right, but this false news furore is not just a few simple examples. Thousands of such false news are shared every day from social media accounts that are not named and who are not known.

Although some of the false news shares are innocent shares for entertainment purposes, some of them can be about sensitive topics that can mobilize the audience. The new fashion is also to open a parody account. There are maybe hundreds of social media accounts that look a lot like Important People or institutions, but indicate that there are parodies in a small place.

There are many different examples of this that we can’t think of. The biggest problem of today is that people make a habit of making such shares and believing in such shares.

We’ve told you all you need to know about the tragic Subway Surfers Story Lie, which started with an innocent Twitter exchange and soon turned into an internet phenomenon, and we’ve talked about the fake news furyas in the internet world. Be you, don’t believe anything you see on the internet without question.


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