Stronghold Review


From 3D games, dizzy, Sword, Shield, arrow, bow, catapult, etc. if you’re someone who likes to use it, briefly loves medieval strategies (like me), we have a game that will dilute your mouth, itch your hand, whine your wrist, cause a treacherous smile to appear on your face: Stronghold. The main theme of the game, as the name suggests, is the defense of the castle or the capture of the castle. Typical RTS elements are also present in this game. Favorite games, favorite features are blended in this game and set on a solid ground with a beautiful theme.All of this created a huge appetite for me before I got the game. After I started the game, I was a little disappointed. When I started the game, I thought that now there is a super animation that will put the person in the mood;my mood went out. They didn’t do well between games. I’m afraid Blizzard’s great animations aren’t here. I think it’s a big minus. If you look at the credits section, the reason for this is a little obvious. The squad that prepares the game is a little limited. So they didn’t hit the last brushstroke that could turn the game into a classic. After the initial disappointment, over time I began to love the game.

The first game this game reminded me of was Lords of the Realms. In that game the castles were fixed. In this, you can make your own castle as you want, using various towers and doors made of wood or stone. At the rate of resources at hand, of course. Some of the resources are obtained in one step, while others have to follow the production chain. For example, we just need to build a lumberjack hut to meet the need for wood. Then one of the empty villagers starts working as a lumberjack and cuts down the trees and processes them; when the number of wood reaches a sufficient number, he takes them to stockpile. In order to produce bread, a wheat field must be established first, the wheat grown here must be turned into flour in the mill, and in the final stage, these flours must be turned into bread in the oven. Different structures need different numbers of villagers. In order for the number of villagers to be sufficient, you need to have enough popularity and make places where the villagers will shelter. The increase in popularity depends on a low tax rate, an excess of food, and adequate security against external hazards. You have to balance all this. An excessive number of peasants will also increase the number of unemployed, which will lead to an increase in dissatisfaction and unnecessary consumption of resources. In short, as with all similar strategy games, you should do good resource management.

In other games, either a worker makes the building while building a building, or the building goes into service for a while. And here the building is instantly built. Meanwhile, one or more of the villagers who have lit a fire in front of the part in the center of the Castle where the Lord is located come there to work for the relevant building, and the number of unemployed is decreasing. And a peasant is necessary to create an army. When you recruit soldiers into the Army alone, unlike workers, the quota in your castle increases, and New peasants are replaced by those who are soldiers. A lot of diversity has been provided in terms of military units. At the beginning, we start the game with the Archers. Then swordsmen, gurzlu, Horsemen, etc. other units are also coming in. Apart from these, there are units that give the attacker an advantage, such as balista, the siege tower. Apart from the soldiers, there are also engineer and ladder troops. Engineers can pour oil on the enemy or repair the castle if you are in the castle. If you’re attacking, they can make units like catapults. And the stair men put the stairs to the castle and try to climb to the walls. The units are beautifully modeled. Gun effects aren’t bad either. If you select mixed units, the icon for all units in the selection also appears on the toolbar to show the number of units. Again Ctrl and 1,2…You can Number them with the 0 keys. To select units in control, you first have to cancel the selected thing and make the new selection, which makes control difficult. Archers don’t shoot out of range either. But it would be better if they walked to the range.Places where signs are found in the game, points where the enemy enters the map. There can be a few of them. And there’s no fog of war in the game. Although this seems to make it easier to protect the enemy, they do not matter much, since the incident took place around the castle. We can’t build buildings around these signposts for a certain distance. More precisely, the buildings we build are destroyed when the enemy enters the map. If you have the idea of turning the enemy with walls at the first moment, it will fall into the water. In fact, this is a bug for the game and a patch for it has been published.

There are two episodes as a Single player. In one, we play war-based games, and in the other, we play Economic-based games. Both have campaign mode and single episodes. As Multiplayer, it also supports almost any form of connection. If you get tired of them, there is also a detailed map editor where you can make your own maps. Geographical figures are quite diverse. These provide both visual and strategic richness. Using geographical conditions, you can also make castles or sets that are not surrounded on four sides. If geography is not appropriate, you can surprise the enemy by designing complex and cleverly thought-out castles. If you have enough resources and time. When the enemy attacks, we can only build buildings at a certain distance from the enemy. Otherwise, we could have built a wall and locked the game as we wanted. The castle gates automatically close as the enemy approaches. Nice, even if you’re hungry, the enemy prefers to tear down walls or fill wetlands. The fall of the castle depends only on the death of the Lord. We can only control the Lord if we attack the enemy. Otherwise, it moves itself and is located in the most central structure. The Lord can usually take out many enemies on his own, but he won’t last long in the face of a large number of soldiers. So you must take care of the Lord, you must take care of yourself.

The game can be played in two resolutions: 800×600 and 1024×768. In a game with an isometric view, we can do a 90-degree rotation. It’s a necessary feature to build where we can’t see. In addition, there is also the ability to reduce the height of all structures to zero, that is, show them in the form of a foundation. Especially when making castle walls, it works very well not to leave gaps.

Yeah, as I said at the beginning of my statement, they released a game that needed a little more work and maturation. It could have been better, especially graphically. And that’s how he lost his chance to become a classic game. The game is not bad, but it appeals more to the curious. Maybe it’ll be better if the second one comes out. It’s your call again..!

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