Stronghold: Crusader Review

Stronghold: Crusader

The first Stronghold game we played last year , in strategy games about medieval and earlier dates, tried to gather some of the elements that players liked most, and was partially successful. The basis of this game was based on the castle, and the economy occupied an important place. Long production chains in particular, although there were different game modes, left the game somewhat devoid of war and movement. Although it didn’t count as bad, since I played on the big monitor, the graphics seemed to need a little more polish.

In the intervening time, the company developed its new game, Stronghold Crusader, based on its old game. This is not an expansion pack; it consists of a single CD and can run alone. Two meanings come out of the Crusader name added to the end of the name, crusades, de combat and the escalation of the war event. Actually, both meanings match the content of this game.

The first thing that stands out in the game is that geography has shifted from Europe to the Middle East. This geography has become popular in recent games. The date of events is 12.century. around. Although we encounter Europeans, Turks and Arabs in general, the weight is on the Arabian Peninsula and in the desert climate. In fact, we can say that it is completely based on this. There are no glaring changes to the game engine. Although minor adjustments were made, we can say that the old one was completely used. So graphics and controls are almost at the same level. However, the desert environment has improved the atmosphere a little more to me. Of course, depending on this, structures, military units, etc.have also changed.

The production chain is similarly present again. So to make bread, you need to follow the chain of wheat fields, Mills, bakers.Of course, again, some things have changed spontaneously under the influence of geography. For example, it’s harder to find water now. Therefore, you will not be able to place a wheat field in the middle of the desert. This, in turn, leads to places such as the Oasis being elements that need to be included in the strategy. Geography affects Wars just as it affects production. Some places are high and you can’t reach them directly. In some places you’re sinking into the sand and it’s getting harder to walk. One thing that bothers me here is that the elevations are not seen properly, and even not noticed at all in some places. But fortunately, we can turn the map 90 degrees. It’s worth turning the map around and checking it before you move.

Different from the first game, the game varieties have been increased. The map editor, where we can create our own maps, is available again. There are also significant changes in the units. There are over 25 types of units, including more strategic units. In each game, different units can play the key key role. The movements of the units seemed more vivid to me. Similarly, everything around here is a little more vibrant, which makes the atmosphere better. Computer artificial intelligence is a little better, but in some scenarios it can behave strangely, in some places it is very stupid. But it turns out that these were deliberately set up and there was an open door left to defeat the computer.

It can be called Beautiful for sounds. He plays mostly Arab music. Arabic vocalizations are also available. The sounds that soldiers make when they attack, take orders, shoot or get shot are fine and realistic. For example, archers can’t hit all the arrows they throw. It’s getting harder to hit a soldier who’s behind any obstacle. So when you don’t hit yourself with an arrow, the soldier doesn’t make a sound. But if he gets shot or dies, he screams appropriately.

It takes soldiers to start wars, but you don’t have to get soldiers by following the production chain. You can also buy some units. In this way, you can reach military units in a short time and organize raids or be raided. Castle construction is more flexible than before. In this game, you need to pay attention to the fire incident. Because a firearm (for example, a grenade) can cause fire, and in an instant your structures and soldiers can turn to ashes. As the protagonists of the game, there are characters such as Lord Crusader, Richard The Lionheart, Sultan Saladin, as well as characters familiar from the old game. And after the wars, it was a cinematic event that some cared about.

When you’re focused on Wars, if you have a fortress and a people, you have to think about them. After all, the people are the foundation of everything. There are a variety of factors, from tax rates to food, to keep the public calm. In the new game, the influence of religion and beer is more prominent than before. Oddly enough, we can only build religious structures such as churches and cathedrals, as if the religion of Arabs was Christianity. Another way to keep the public calm is to increase the dungeons and Gallows. Another strange thing is that we can build structures like a garden, but its image has never fit into the game and it grins a lot.

Stronghold Crusader in general is such a game. Those who like the first game will like it. In this game, there is something only for those who want war, only for those who want economy, only for those who want to build castles, or for those who want to play combinations of them, in short, for almost everyone who loves different strategy games.

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