Story Of The Curse Review

Story Of The Curse

The long-awaited Game The Story of The Curse is now on the market. The story of The Curse, one of the rare Turkish games made with the collaboration of Dinç Interactive and Alsan Elektronik, was written by one person. In other words, there are people who can write one of the games that dozens of people work for the smallest abroad alone in Turkey. I respect their effort and the energy they put in and congratulate them for writing such a play.

The story of the curse is an adventure game. You use the materials you collect from different regions in various ways and use them to open doors, decrypt computer passwords, find secret passages. With your character Asli Sen, that door is yours, this ladder is mine, and you are running from adventure to adventure. For those who think there is no action in between, there are also a number of gun scenes. On some screens, you see the resurrected dead. You have to clean these up. If you manage to finish the game with Asli, you can start the game again with Murat, who is a mercenary. Of course, because the mercenary is better, the creatures you will encounter will also be stronger. There are two more hidden menus you probably need to finish the game to open them.

A menu appears when you drive the game to the first cd. First, you must press the first Button and install the dream platform. Then you have to install divx for the cinemas and start the game. I’ll tell you right away, you have to work a little harder than usual to set up the game.

You set up the game and started it. You can press the adventure Button and start the game. First, you encounter a cinematic that tells you the story. And you start the game from where the cinema ends. The background graphics are quite beautiful. But the moves you can make with the original are limited. You rotate around your own axis with the right and left arrow keys, and you go back and forth with the forward and backward arrow keys. Space to draw the weapon, ctrl to action. (For example, opening a door, using a key, firing a gun)the Shift key opens to a menu indicating your status. The shift key is used for health, tools that you have or use, materials on you, Maps, if any, and all other things. When you start the game, look at all the walls in turn on the first screen. In the rest of the game, the material you need to pick up in many places is evident on the screen, but not in a very visible place on the first screen. So do a detailed search on the first screen. Then, if you’re already doing the right thing in the right place, the game will automatically tell you, “do you want me to do it? E?H?”he’s taking out the option. This is a feature that increases the playability of the game.

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Another feature of the game is that it keeps save files on a floppy drive. In this way, you can continue the game where you left off with grace and without the danger of disappearing. If you want, you can also use a hard disk to save, but the floppy disk is used as standard. Even so, it doesn’t take long to start where you left off.

By the way, I have to point out that it’s not a very perfect game. Not a Tomb Raider or Castle Wolvenstein at all. But it can take a pretty good place in the Turkish-made games that have been removed so far. The atmosphere of the game surrounds you, and after a certain period of time, you don’t understand what happened, and you look at you for a few hours at the beginning of the game. In that sense, I think very good work has been done. I have to remind you, the entire game is written by one person. In this sense, it can even be called a miraculous job.

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