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I found the peace I was looking for growing parsnips

Hello, dear reader. I want to make a confession to you. Actually, you’ve been here for over 1 year reading what someone else wrote instead of me. I came back briefly today to write this letter. If you ask where you’ve been, I’ve been through some interesting things. I have 1 year to tell you briefly.

One day I found out that my grandfather left me a farm as a legacy. Legacy? Both farm? Frankly I wasn’t expecting anything like this. The farm was in a place I never knew about called Pelican Town in the Stardew Valley. He must have made that decision because he trusted me and saw a future in me. I was tired of desk work and city life. I decided for a change. There was no peace in my life, and I couldn’t find the peace I was looking for. That’s why I named My Farm Peace. I jumped on the bus and went.

It was a hot spring day. When I got off the bus, I was greeted by Mayor Lewis and Robin, The Carpenter. They’re both very warm-blooded people. His farm was empty because Grandpa closed his eyes a long time ago. Bushes, herbs, trees, stones are all over the place. God, I panicked about how to turn this place around. And the house was a mess. There was only a table, a chair, a television and a bed. I’m grateful to Lewis and Robin. They supported a new and inexperienced farmer like me. They gave a quantity of seeds and the necessary tools, such as an axe, an anchor, a container of water.

First, I cut an area in front of the house and started anchoring the soil. And then I watered the seeds in my hand. Of course, I’m impatient, or I’m waiting for something to come up right away. When I said that this seed should sprout, grow, I would have to water it every day. Some of them can take a long time to mature. I started cutting down the trees on the land until they grew up. I said I had enough trees, and I needed wood. And I broke the stones with a pickaxe. I couldn’t clear some logs and stones because the tools I had weren’t that strong. When I found the time, I went to see other residents of the town, met women, men, people of all ages with different pursuits. In general, everyone is friendly, but of course there are two grumpy ones once in a while.

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stardew valley

I had a hard time getting used to it at first. Friend, I run out of energy cutting down a tree. I get tired even when I water the plants. One day I passed out from exhaustion. And then the town doctor saw me and dropped me off at my house. When I woke up, I found a note in my mailbox that said Don’t tire yourself out. He put in a medical bill with a note. I have to work, I can’t go to bed because I need money. I can eat my own food and get energy, but if I eat them, what am I going to sell? Fortunately, there are multiple ways to make money. I go down to the beach and collect things that can bring money, such as seashells, corals. The town fisherman gave me a fishing rod. I go fishing sometimes. Fishing is a bit of a hassle, but you get it. Apart from this, there is a mine on the hill. Although the mine is a little dangerous, but from there I could extract copper, iron and valuable ores and sell them to a blacksmith.

A whole season passed in as little as a month. When summer came, what I planted in the spring dried up and died. I went to clean the garden and buy new seeds for the summer. Here 4 seasons are also beautiful. Each season has its own fruits and vegetables. It receives rainfall in all seasons except winter. It works for me, too, because when it rains, I don’t bother watering. On television, there are 4 channels, one of which is weather, the other is astrology, the other is a cooking program, the last is a program about farm life. It’s all right, I’ve had enough. I didn’t come here to watch TV. It’s good to stay away from technology. My mom sends me letters sometimes, sends me food, money or something. So enough.

I don’t regret coming here, but there are a few things I’m weird about. I said that people are very friendly, and sometimes I go and talk to each other. But in order to further my friendship, I have to give them something or buy them gifts all the time. My normal friends didn’t buy me presents that often. And everyone has different tastes. There are beautiful, single Girls. I’m especially thinking about what to buy them. But sometimes when you get something they didn’t expect, well, at least you thought about it, or what to do with it, I can get a reaction now, and it makes me a little sad.

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It’s been 1 year since I’ve been here, and spring has come again. During this time, I had a cat and farm animals. I Milk my cows, feed my chickens and collect their eggs. I’ve learned to use what I have efficiently, and I’m no longer as short of money as I used to be. I still have a lot of work to do. I’ve got to go. If you want to stop by, my door is open, I’ll wait 🙂 take care.


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