Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy Review

Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy

In recent months, I’ve seen a story in the paper that in the last census of Australia, 50,000 people have asked for their identity cards to say that they belong to the “JEDI” religion. I guess this example I gave tells the extent of the interest in Star Wars in the world. Of course, Star Wars admiration in our country has not yet reached the “changing religion” order, but we still have a considerable amount of fans (including me). At LucasArt, he is signing a new job every day to make more use of the vast Star Wars market that is forming around the world. Series 3 his film will be released soon, and young Anakin will complete his transformation into the tyrannical Darth Vader. Despite the fact that it has only been 1 month since its release, the number of users registered in the MMORPG game “Star Wars Galaxies”, which puts people in the belly of what is shown in the film, has approached 300,000, which is a record in the history of online games. Finally, we have Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, which will give us the pleasure of using a lightsaber (lightsaber) from our hair to our toes, which we have been waiting for for a long time. Even if we die now, we will not suffer…

The story that will make us a monster Jedi is as follows: We are one of the winners of the Jedi selection exam (JSS) and we are on our way to the 4-year Jedi faculty (boarding school without money:). But just as we’re about to arrive at the faculty, our ship is being shot down. In order to reach our new home, we take a fairly short walk to the school in the forest where our ship fell, and we see that the faculty is being sabotaged by someone who we later learn is named Rosh Penn. And from that point on, we begin the action that will make us a Jedi Knight. Our main goal is to stop Rosh Penn and his men, who want to possess ancient, evil power. It is possible to finish the scenario by selecting any of the light (good) or dark (bad) sides (this is a choice that you will make at the end of the game). Actually, the election thing is a little grinned in the game, a move that doesn’t make much sense. It’s probably a door to scenarios for future new games. Also, when the main scenario is concluded, I would expect to at least encounter Darth Maul or Luke Skywalker, but the story ends quite faintly. You may be disappointed to see it.

Before I start describing the game, let me point out that JK:JA is quite different from the previous members of the series. First of all, advanced, pleasant RPG elements have been added to the game. Thanks to these, we can even determine which side will use their powers more than the hair color of the character we are directing. We have only seen these opportunities in fantastic RPGs with Dungeons and sorcery. So it can be applied to other games. Obviously, be prepared to see RPG elements in other games that will be released in the coming months. Because the producer companies believe that the inclusion of character development opportunities in their games increases customer potential. Anyway, let’s not get too carried away, what was I saying? Of course, maturation on the way to Jedi is not something that just happens. As we do tasks, our experience increases, and this comes back to us as various achievements. Anyway, let me tell you how these RPG elements have been adapted to JK:Ja, without over-distributing the topic.

Sir, we determine what our character will be like with the help of menus that appear on the screen before starting the game. Here it is possible to choose the various physical characteristics of the character, his hair, head, pants and shirt he is wearing, whether female, male, human or from any of the other races. Then we adjust the color of the lightsaber (lightsaber) used, the design of the handle, or something like that, and choose the difficulty level and dive into the game. There are 4 difficulty levels, and I’m telling you, if you want an exciting game, start at least at the “Jedi” level. The first part you’re going to play is a short training, and I think it’s pretty inadequate. Obviously, it was just placed.

Jedi Academy has a total of 18 single missions (yes, quite a few, but unfortunately this is the case). We’re given 5-task packages to fulfill. Among these 5-task packages are also the main tasks that concern the actual scenario. To play the main tasks, you must finish at least 4 of the tasks in the packages. Package quests are simple but quite entertaining things that are not too complicated. For example, in one of the missions, The Empire destroys a gas station, in the other, we find parts to repair our fallen ship, and in the other, we try to escape the captivity we fell into. The main tasks are long episodes based on the original scenario (destroying Rosh Penn and his gang) and where different situations can occur depending on the course. The length of the missions is also quite well set, and almost none of them (except the last main mission, which is boring because we constantly fight Saber and don’t use other clever tricks) faint. Missions sometimes take place on fairly large maps, sometimes in narrow spaces such as spaceships. Don’t worry, maps aren’t full of confusing mazes. You won’t have much trouble finding your way. If you are in a difficult situation, you can use the power of “Sense” to determine the direction you are going. In some parts of the map, there are secret areas that you will remember from Wolfenstein. Here you can replenish your reduced armor and weapon energy, get various weapons. It is possible to use the AT-ST, the Imperial speeder motorcycle, fixed laser balls, or those kangaroo strange riding animals on the planet Hoth when performing tasks. That makes the game quite fun. But speeder is pretty uncontrolled, and at-St, the camera angle is very bad. As we finish the main tasks, we determine the style of saber use and the type o.

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Among the strengths of the good side, the most I used was “Heal” (self-healing). And the rest is useless to me. The forces of the evil side are more advantageous to clear the enemies. “Grab” (the thing that squeezes and kills your enemy’s throat) is the strongest force of their evil forces. Especially if you are a Rank 3 Grab, you can squeeze the throat of your enemy, lift it into the air and take it to the right/left and throw it down if you are standing in a high place. So you can easily get rid of a lot of crazy people with swords. And he’s pretty good at Rank 3 Lightning. Of course, you can finish the game only by swinging a sword without using any power, but remember that in this case you will have to deal with your opponents, which you will easily get rid of, and the taste you will get from the game is reduced by half. In addition, the artistic movements you make with force+saber increase the motivation for the game, let’s not forget.

“Use the power inside you, Kylie, so you can cut the spin better…”

And we don’t use any weapons at Jedi Academy? Of course, you can use different weapons (other than saber). A new weapon or two has also been added to the game, while others are things you are familiar with from previous series. 3 when using Saber.1 when the camera in person’s view takes a gun in your goes to the person. This is already familiar from the Jedi Oucast. However, it is worth noting that the game is designed in such a way that you will use saber in 90% of the concepts. You don’t feel like using other weapons. Anyway, who uses an E-11 Blaster Rifle when they have a monster saber ? I only used other weapons when shooting enemies far away, and it was no more than 5-6 times. Only in some missions do you need to use fixed laser cannons mounted here and there. E so get. How does a big Tie-Bomber fall with a lightsaber ? (now “dude, is there ever ? Luke dad took down a giant horse-horse with a little saber in the Battle of Hoth…”:)

It is possible to make exactly 41 different movements when using Saber. You can access the required menu with the “Tab” button to see which movement you will make. In this menu, it says which key combinations to make the movements. Movements are performed using up to 3 keys. So you don’t need to spend hours researching forums on the internet or smashing a mouse at the beginning of the screen to learn the movements. Of course, it is quite difficult to memorize and use all the movements at the beginning. But in the future, when you get used to the game, you can do it all, you can cut enemies quite artistically (I’m telling you, there are quite solid movements).

This Jedi nation has not eaten, has not drunk, has made enemies from all over the universe. Our enemies are very diverse and all are characters you will recognize from previous movies/games. Imperial troops, various kinds of aliens, assassination robots, etc. etc. soldiers and aliens are usually easily spent types with laser rifles/pistols in their hands. The ones that fly in between come, but it’s easy to get rid of them with a Saber Throw. It was the assassination robots that pushed me the most. And what is the intelligence of the enemies? Frankly, all those who have guns, except those who use sabers, are simply mindless. They’re not going into different formations to force us, they’re just standing there shooting. If saber’rınız mistakenly:) somewhere worth turning and running 4-5 steps after the fire continues. The ones who have a real mind in the game are the ones who use swords. The best are the red dresses. Especially those who use dual sabers move in an incredible series. And there are teams consisting of 2 people, one of whom does not carry a saber, but uses a “Force”, and the other types who take on the task of engaging with a sword when there is a force effect on us. Be careful, teams can often make solid attacks (for example, the Force element uses a “Grab” and squeezes our throats, while the other cuts with a sword from the bottom)!

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Jedi Academy is a 3. the camera is very important because the person is an action game. The camera usually works well. But there are some sacks on the bottom of the wall or something like that. The same goes for our character’s actions. You can get stuck in some invisible obstacles, stay in strange situations. But I’m sure all this will be fixed with a patch to be released soon. The graphics of the game are simply super. If you have a quality video card, you can make all the features full and enjoy the surroundings. If you have a system that supports the game 2400×600-dual surround is possible to play( I guess such systems are in Uncle George Lucas and NASA…). Especially the interiors, tools, tools, weapons are very high quality drawn/coated. But some surface shapes (ground in some forests, mountains, etc.) and I can’t sing for the sky. You can see some pretty disgusting coatings in one or two places. In addition, half of the intermediate videos are made in a cinematic style, and the other half are made with deconstruction, which is not so high quality. It’s done a little bit of work in our characters. My favorite effects in the game are the ones that occur when using saber (I don’t discriminate, they’re all very nice, especially the burned lines that form on the guys you cut). Especially the finishing strokes look quite artistic. And explosion-cracking events are not so Ahim Shah. The “rag Doll” used in the game (the effect that regulates the movements of characters, such as dying, fighting) is quite balanced. None of the dead are so C-shaped, which is pretty good.

And the sounds are the Star Wars sounds you’re familiar with. The characters are well-voiced, the gunshots aren’t bad, saber’s voice is terrific. And the music used is not bad. “The Imperial March,” which is gently heard in the background on the last mission, is really motivating.

The game also has quite strong multiplayer support. You can choose and play from 6 different types of MP game modes. Obviously this is the first time I’ve seen such a detailed MP support in JK:Ja. Among many maps, you can make various combinations as you want and fight with your friends. Gönül would like if the standards of the internet infrastructure, which is still in the process of intensive development in our country, were slightly higher. So we could play Star Wars: Galaxies. Until then, we will manage with JK:JA multi.

We are the end of summer. Sir Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy may have come to you with a plugin package due to its brevity. But please note that this is the first time that the pleasure of using saber in the Star Wars games that have been released to date has been so intense. If it had been studied a little more, it would have been among the classics. However, it is a production that needs to be bought and archived. We are now eagerly awaiting Jedi Knight: Knights of the Old Republic, which will be published in the coming months. Let’s see how excited he gives us. May The Force be with you.

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