Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Review

Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

Star Wars – Empire at war was a good game. It was perhaps the best strategy in the world of Star Wars. Its subject matter, graphics, sounds were definitely a quality production. Although it all ended with the producer. Petroglyph Games was made up of some of the people who had left Westwood, which EA had swallowed. Dune 2, Command&Conquer, Red Alert etc… Westwood, who has won many successful games, did not miss at Petroglyph. He brought Empire at war to us. In February, they released an additional package of missions without cooling off.


In addition to the Empire and the Rebels, this time the space pirates came with Forces of Corruption. We’re checking on a criminal named Tyber Zann. In fact, he can be described as the leader of criminals, who has built an empire of his own. Actually, Tyber and his Pirates are pretty lucky, so we’re lucky. Because it’s a completely mixed environment that production offers us. The Empire has been wounded by rebels. At a time like this, we’re thinking about where we can scratch more.

For those who play the normal campaigns of Empire at war, the campaigns of the additional mission pack are a little more complex. Because the missions are a different structure and basically follow. After a while in the first game, it was customary to do what was to be done in story mode, but because we are pirates and are against both sides, this time the missions come in different forms.


In Forces of Corruption, we will come across quite familiar faces, and we will even fight against them, except to run into them. As much as this event goes against a familiar and beloved character, we are Tyber Zann, who wants to replace Jabba and become stronger. By conflicts, we’ll be fighting in familiar places again.

The balance between units is also not a problem. Petroglyph, as a third race, has thoroughly fed the Pirates into the game. Against the rebel or imperial units you encounter, you are not weak. The producers continued their success in this regard. Now instead of Jedi or Sith, we are surrounded by bounty hunters and other criminals. Although they are a little boring, they are not really eaten in taste.

Image and sound

Sounds the bomb of the game as usual. The vocalizations and effects are quite successful. It can even be thoroughly appreciated in some ways. The music is the same as the pieces of Star Wars we know. Music, which is already a masterpiece, can bring you quite a lot of gas in the game. The atmosphere is quite enveloping and they are impressive.

In terms of graphics, Forces of Corruption is almost the same as the first production. Empire at war didn’t have such excellent graphics, but it was extremely beautifully made for the game. They were also presented to us without much change in the additional task package. There are some new effects interspersed together, and the graphics are slightly made up on top. So it’s a little more seated as an image.

As a result, Star Wars Empire at war: Forces of Corruption adds a new race and continues the first game with new missions. It was an extremely adequate additional task package. It’ll be pretty good for those who like the first production.

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