Star Trek: Elite Force II Review

Star Trek: Elite Force II

Unreal 2 was a turning point in terms of the future of games. Remember that, you’ll remember it in the future.

Was it too good? No. Setting new standards? Yes What were those standards? “Games for the next generation” features, which we more or less felt in most games until then, were completely revealed for the first time in Unreal 2. In short, these are games that are simple, easy, do not force the player in any way, borrow a lot of features from platform games, finish in a maximum of two days, and the graphics are very advanced. Didn’t there ever be such games? There were, but big firms don’t make such games, and legendary names (such as Unreal) never sacrifice “market conditions”. However, they are now. Take a look at the list of best-selling games. What’s the best-selling game in months? Sims and his mahdums. There are two reasons for this, they are cheaper and simpler than normal games. Do you know the world’s best-selling game? Baseball for kids. He has a much dumber name, but now I don’t remember.. Games are being prepared for a “new generation” with an audience that does not sit on the computer for the purpose of playing games, only tampering with games when it is bored. No one remembers Hardcore gamers.. Because they no longer create a market. The next generation wants games with maximum Sims difficulty, they should have fun (not be forced), they should look at the graphics and be impressed, they should easily understand the tasks and finish the game in a maximum of two days so they can go and get a new one. Now the game is being made for single-digit American babies of the age of intelligence.. And these American babies are not only unique to the United States, they are all over the world.

There are two producer companies that are still not caught up in this current: Raven and Blizzard. You’ll say Id, but we don’t know that yet. Let Doom III come out.. In a nutshell, it doesn’t cross the fingers of one hand, and it can’t. And if it goes like this, they’ll change their perspective to survive. In short, the older generation will no longer be able to play games.. See Enter the Matrix. It was one of the most infamous games I’ve ever seen in my life, short, simple (some episodes are especially difficult to avoid brevity, of course) and trying to fix the film’s fame.. And but the new generation is playing crackling, not shutting up in the forums, trying to discover “mystery” as if it exists in the game, blah-blah-blah.. Games used to be a work of art, and now they’re just commodities.

As you can imagine, and I assume you’re still reading, Star Trek Elite Force II is also one of the avid flag bearers of this current. Raven did the first one. It was nice. In fact, it was the only good game to come out of the Star Trek series. Raven might be glad he didn’t lose the title. Because the sequel game made by Ritual is looking for the first one in all its forms.

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The complete point is changed. In the first game, we were a member of the team on a “lonely” ship lost in the Galaxy and scrambling to rejoin Starfleet. Even that was enough to increase the atmosphere. And in the second game, we were saved. Also, (because the producers also know how weak the game is) now J.L.We’re under Pickard’s command. In short, we’re on the famous “Enterprise” ship. The mission is still the same. The only problem is that the game is unnecessarily long, annoying, and smells “even if it’s over”.

After a couple of entry missions, the game throws us among a number of creatures, and the main thing begins. We’re trying to figure out where the game-long creatures come from, and in the last episode, as you can imagine, we find them and solve the problem radically. But until the last episode, fighting insects disguised as creatures is horribly boring. In the first game, at least, there was a variety of enemies. Not in this, Bug, Bug, Bug.. Mashallah, they’re coming out of every corner. Of course, you have a special weapon that you can use for them, no, not a Cheltox, but a strange object that resembles a food processor. However, like other weapons in the game, its bullet instantly runs out and you are left with a match-sized phaser in your hand.

Of course, this is one of the unnecessary things that has been put in place to extend the game. If the bullet does not run out quickly, it will take a maximum of three hours to finish the game. There are other “tricks”, such as a platform game, the ability to cross by jumping to the right place at the right moment, the ability to cross bridges that disappear and appear on time, demos as long as the game itself, do something/protect someone tasks before a certain time expires, “puzzles”.. Oh, yeah, puzzle. In fact, all of this can happen in a game, and they are not very annoying by themselves. The problem is that the game only starts if it consists of them, and it actually occurs. Almost every minute in the game, you are asked to protect someone until they press the button, or you press the button before something blows up. Excited? Absolutely not, because artificial intelligence sucks. Boring? Ah, yes.. Puzzle? Let me explain, the object called the tricorder, you know, wasn’t there in the first game. To open the doors, you enter the computer panels with the ingenuity of tricorder, and what is it, a game of connecting pipes. You have to connect the pipes and complete the circuit and not touch certain places or something like that. Assuming there are about 40 of them, you need to combine at least one pipe to open each game-length door, which already flies away with a little excitement puff effect. In addition, sometimes you are asked to do this job within ten seconds to extend the game, which is short, which is impossible. And these are the only places you have to load anyway, because the rest of the game is pitifully simple.

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We said demos, right? Make sure this is the longest demo you’ll ever see in a game. It takes minutes, and most importantly, it’s shitty! You can finish the game without watching any demo, and make sure you don’t miss anything. It’s about 1-1.5 hours of in-Game Engine demo and it’s super boring. I didn’t watch any of it until the end. “I’m proud of you for completing the mission, lieutenant.””Thank you, Captain.””By God, bravo, how did you kill so many bugs?” “Favor your captain..”and so on.. That kind of dialogue can last, like, fifteen minutes. And whatever comedy it is, some dialogue options have been added. You can choose one of the answers. Does it affect the way the game goes? Absolutely no. Even the demo at the end of the game doesn’t change. So, what did I get out of it?

Charts, charts.. The game uses the Team Arena engine. Overhauled, edited, manage until Doom 3, the philosophy dominates the familiar Quake3.. According to the first game, the graphics have advanced, of course. But here’s the problem, despite all the technological panache, the ambient graphics are not “convincing.” MechWarrior 4 had a similar problem. Like most games of the next generation, the graphics of this one seem overly colorless and abstract. The graphics of the first game may not have allowed so many tricks, but it did give you the feeling that you were really walking through the corridors of the Enterprise. This stops. And but it’s a completely personal obsession, or if we look at it from a complete objective point of view, good graphics. And no glaring mistakes.

To get to the point, it’s the perfect game for every next generation member under the age of 15. I mean, there’s a bald-headed Picart, a dashing, two chicks, and we’re sick, and (absurdly, we’re asked to choose between them) so what’s the ray gun, Hey.. If Ha is old and you don’t see games only through the eyes of “games”, I suggest you either play the first game or watch twenty episodes of Star Trek. At least you won’t be paying for two CDs for nothing.

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