ssx 3

SSX 3 is a snowboarding computer game created by EA Canada and distributed under the EA Sports BIG brand.

The game was at first delivered on October 20, 2003 for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. It was subsequently ported to the Game Boy Advance by Visual Impact on November 11, 2003 and to the Gizmondo by Exient Entertainment on August 31, 2005 as a dispatch title. It is the third portion in the SSX arrangement. The game was made playable on Xbox One frameworks through in reverse similarity in April 17, 2018.

Set on an anecdotal mountain, the single-player mode follows snowboarders contending in the SSX Championship. Players browse an assortment of characters and participate in different occasions in various areas, bringing in focuses and cash by performing stunts, dominating races, finishing objectives and discovering collectables. Cash can be utilized to redesign character credits, purchase new garments and sheets, and open music and additional items. Various players can play against one another in nearby multiplayer modes, and an online multiplayer mode additionally permitted players to associate with games and play against one another online on the PlayStation 2 form of the game, however has since been suspended.

ssx 3

Advancement of SSX 3 at first started in 2001 after the arrival of the past title in the arrangement, SSX Tricky. The improvement group was made out of individuals from different distinctive business foundations, including an Oscar-assigned special visualizations planner who functioned as one of the game’s specialty chiefs. The game incorporates 30 distinct kinds of snow and general visual upgrades over the past game, like improved models and shadows. It was at first affirmed through a trailer in NBA Street Vol. 2 in 2003. A soundtrack collection, SSX 3 the Soundtrack, was delivered on September 30, 2003.

SSX 3 was widely praised, with commentators lauding the game’s open world, stunt framework, show and soundtrack. It was the main game in the SSX arrangement to sell 1 million duplicates. IGN’s Douglass C. Perry considered it the best snowboarding match-up he had at any point played, expressing that it “develops Tricky in each way”. GameSpot’s Greg Kasavin said that it “conveys a surge like not many hustling games or activity sporting events have at any point accomplished”, prescribing it not exclusively to veterans, yet in addition for amateurs of the series. It got the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ honors for Console Action Sports Game of the Year and Outstanding Achievement in Licensed Soundtrack.

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