Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Review

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

When we think of games that combine privacy and action themes, until 2003, we thought of one name: Metal Gear Solid. As a secret agent, we accompanied this unique hero on countless adventures, facing many intrigues, trying to infiltrate the bases. Although the Metal Gear Solid series, which we have seen recently only on the console, offers people a great atmosphere, it has always felt that something is missing. That must be realism. Although Metal Gear Solid games were successful in the direction of privacy, there were sometimes spots where it clogged with realism. Here is a game that derman the problem of players who have such thoughts came from Ubisoft in 2003. This privacy action game called Splinter Cell attracted everyone’s attention from the moment it was released with its graphics, realistic space designs and original script prepared using modern technologies. Offering the genre’s enthusiasts exactly the privacy theme they want, the game soon became one of the hit games of the year.

While Splinter Cell’s play structure, which repeatedly reflected the importance of hiding in silence and darkness, seemed boring from the start, it reflected the realism of infiltrating places equipped with military units unnoticed. More than our ability to use weapons, it allowed us to use dark corners well and enjoy approaching our enemies from behind and questioning them by hugging them around their necks. In addition to being perfect in terms of reality, the incredible quality graphics were the element that raised the appeal of the game for many people.

With Sam Fisher again

Splinter Cell, the second version of which was expected with great appetite, this time attracted attention for its more beautiful graphics, more intrigue-wrapped scenario, as well as the added multiplayer mode. Although there is a long game time that will distract us more, Ubisoft gave us a short game, adding Pandora Tomorrow, which it adorned with beautiful graphics, as if it were a multiplayer mode, and gave people a hush share. Because, aside from multiplayer mode, Pandora Tomorrow wasn’t far from the first. In addition, the game, which ended in a short time as maps were small, did not satisfy people, causing their appetite to swell more.

It can be said that the announcement of the third version soon came as a surprise to many people. Because it was not long before the release of the second game, screenshots of the third game began to circulate on the Internet. And the images we saw were the kind that would make us drool. Although it is usually longer game time and better artificial intelligence that all players expect, Ubisoft promises much more than that, saying it will bring innovations that will take the Splinter Cell theme we know quite a bit forward. With dates showing April, Splinter Cell took its place on the market. First, the game we encountered in the Xbox version was magnificent in one word, heralding in the first minutes that it was an adventure far beyond our expectations.

As before, if I need to define Chaos theory in general, which was announced on all gaming platforms and was first able to play the Xbox version; I must say that I think it is not only the best of Splinter Cell games, but also has the best graphics, the most excellent sounds, the most successful level of artificial intelligence in Xbox history, and is the most successful console game I have ever played.

The great adventure begins

The game, in which we first embarked on an adventure on Georgian soil, took us to Indonesian soil with its later version, making us feel more like a successful action thriller than a game with countless political intrigues. Our third game begins with our character Fisher being involved in the crime scene on the news that a major terrorist plan has begun to work on Korean soil. We start with the lighthouse section, which is the landscape that those who play the game’s demo will remember. The first attention is undoubtedly the incredible quality of the graphics. Chaos Theory, which I can declare as the best graphics game in Xbox history, begins by making our eyes feast with excellent lighting and shadow effects. As we enter the beach to infiltrate a small camp, we first pass through a small cave, and this time we admire the sounds. Because every time you enter this kind of cave or a large enclosed space in the game, our ears feast this time with a great echo effect.

Revolution in artificial intelligence

After a little progress, this time we want to observe the development of artificial intelligence in our enemies. The first soldiers we encounter are very sensitive to what they hear and see, wandering around in typical Splinter Cell logic. But again, as in any version, we secretly approach from behind and strangle our enemy. It’s a good idea to interrogate our enemy every time, because we get a lot of the information we need from these soldiers, as we’re used to. But I have to say that soldiers are smarter than in previous games. Soldiers are now more skeptical of the surrounding sounds and images and are careful not to leave the job to chance.

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For example, in a dark corner, you made a sound while watching the methods of wandering enemies and made someone come to you. If you wait in the dark place without moving, then your enemy wanders without seeing you and goes back to the old point, saying, “I think I heard wrong.” If we make the same mistake again and make a sound, this time our enemy comes with a light source to control where the sound is coming from. Sometimes he starts researching with a flashlight, sometimes with a torch. It’s a mistake to wait quietly without moving when you have a light source, so we have to move. It may be a cold case example, but if we make a sound or appear again, this time the enemy is not alone, he comes with someone next to him, or the general alarm starts to sound. One element that I can’t say is that the enemies still shoot, even though they can’t pinpoint our location after they engage us. Actually, this is a very well-thought-out method of intimidation. Panicked soldiers randomly shoot where we’re supposed to stop. In this case, we can get injured, even if it coincides decisively.

A snapshot that exemplifies the development of artificial intelligence is also seen in the game’s videos, we can experience a similar situation in the game at high levels of difficulty. For example, you neutralized an enemy, killed him, and turned off the light and left. You escaped before you had time to close the door to the next room. A little later, a soldier on patrol notices that the door is open and enters to check that everything is fine. He then sees that the lights in the next room are turned off, becomes suspicious again, and goes in and turns on the lights. As a result of all these zircirming AI games, when the soldier who turns on the lights sees the body standing on the ground, he immediately rings the general alarm, and suddenly the alarm goes off when you sneak into a completely different place on the map, everything can be ruined.

Our toys to use against artificial intelligence

New ones have been added to the technological toys Sam Fisher uses in every game in this adventure. In addition to our best friend, night vision goggles, where we will notice our enemies with heat in foggy and zero field of view, we have a new vision apparatus when we wander in dark environments. Thanks to this new tool, in which we detect the location of electronic tools, we can easily detect both laser beams and cameras that are causing us trouble.

Encrypted doors, which always appear, can be opened in two different ways. As we can interrogate the surrounding soldiers and find out, we can get door passwords by finding clues from emails on computers. But in cases where this is not possible, we can break the passwords on the doors thanks to a tool next to us. We’re playing a little intelligence game to crack the code in about twenty seconds. We come across about 20 combinations of numbers sorted from mixed numbers, and our tool right next door gives us clues to find the right one. These tips; ” the first two numbers are 92 “or” the last two numbers are 34″. If we can guess the correct combination of numbers before the time runs out, the door opens. The last way we open the door is to break it down. If we kick in, break down the door and go in, it’s not very useful, since the door will never close, an alarm will sound from a soldier who came to the scene to check later.

Fisher is more talented now

In Chaos theory, we overcome our enemies not only with our electronic toys, but also with our many athletic abilities. At the beginning of these, we had ways of opening doors that I liked the most. Normally, before we open a door, we always look under the door with our little camera and check the room. According to the condition of the soldier inside, we will adjust the way we enter. In Chaos theory, we can open the door slowly or suddenly by kicking if we want. If a soldier is standing behind the door, we can suddenly open the door and neutralize the soldier. Or if we have to go in without making a sound, we can open it slowly.

Our ability to stand between two walls, which we have witnessed in videos or screenshots that we have watched all this time, or to bend over and drown a soldier while hanging on a pipe above a wandering soldier, are some of our most beautiful acrobatic movements. In addition, we also have some capabilities in relation to what substance the surrounding objects are made of. For example, we can cut materials made of cut material (clear plastics used to close a tent or room) with our knife and enter. In addition, we can easily shoot at our enemies behind such easy-to-overcome materials, catching them off guard. Of course, we use our heat glasses to see the enemies behind such obstacles, so we aim.

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As with any game, we can adjust our slow and fast walking using the precision of analog levers. A feature that I like when using our vision devices with Normal control keys is that we can hold the gun from any side. If we aim at the enemy and press the left analog button, the camera watching from our left shoulder moves to the right side so that we can capture the best angle depending on the situation. In addition, it is vital that we can record the game quickly at any time. In a game like Splinter Cell, where we will face danger at any moment and hours of passing episodes, fast recording is the element we will resort to the most.

The mystery of voices

Another innovation that we will all enjoy in Chaos theory is about sounds. This time, we have to pay a lot of attention to silence as well as not being seen when we move. Just below the bar that shows our visibility, there’s another section that shows the sound we make. Here, in the form of a small square, the sound level of the environment is also indicated. If the sound we make exceeds the sound of the environment (i.e. the small square), we are noticed by the nearest soldier. Determining the sound level of the environment in which we are located is another source of pride in the name of the game. For example, if there is someone listening to music in the place where we are, it gives us the advantage of making a sound at the level where it opens the sound, and we can even run through the environment without warning. But we have to pay attention to a few small details. For example, if it is not a tape that the soldier listens to, but a radio channel, these sounds can sometimes decrease and increase. If the song that is playing ends and the DJ’s speech comes in, the volume will suddenly decrease, so we are in a noticeable position when we run. I’ll give you a final example for the helicopter. Let’s say you arrive at a building with a helicopter on its roof, the sound level of the helicopter becomes so loud that you can make it sound as you want.

Technically the best of its kind

SC: Chaos Theory is technically the best of the games the Xbox console has released to this day. The highest possible level of graphics I’d say. None of the skins that you will see throughout the game repeat themselves again. The maps are realistic enough to say that they have broken away from everyday life. And the size of each episode is also extremely satisfying. Especially considering the second game in the series, Chaos Theory offers a much larger playing field. Just as the wetness of characters and objects in rainy weather is excellent, the character designs and animations are incredibly successful. Graphically, the only negative aspect may be that we encounter the same enemies too much, but they are also made in such detail that we can even feel the reactions of each of them to events.

Before forgetting, the feature that should be added is that the game allows multiplayer, as in the second version. Xbox Live, which is both ethernet and online with friends who own an Xbox console! we can play with the system. In addition, there are game modes both in the form of co-op, that is, you can play against artificial intelligence at the same time, as well as in the form of fighting agents against each other. Among them are original tasks, such as collecting CDs sprinkled inside the map.

Chaos Theory is not a game that ends with telling, no matter what point of view it is taken. Every episode you play, you discover a new detail, and you officially feel yourself in the middle of it when you’re running an agent trying to stay afloat in technological and political intrigues. I’m sure the Xbox is the best, both technically and in terms of atmosphere, as well as being as perfect on other platforms as it is here. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory should definitely be at the top of the list of games that all Xbox players should take blindfolded.

Note: as someone who has also tested the PS2 version of the game, I must be clear that the Xbox version is very visually ahead. As soon as you start playing, the difference between the two consoles is very evident when you look at the boat standing next to you. In addition, in other coatings and textures, the Xbox is one step ahead of the PS2. Another detail that is not overlooked is that some episodes are also shortened in the PS2 version.


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