Spider-Man 2 Review

spider man 2

After cinemas, PCs and consoles, the Spiderman 2 craze came to N-Gage. In fact, Nokia wanted to make this game the exit Game of the N-Gage QD and delete some of the negatives created by the first N-Gage, and apparently Spiderman 2 made both Nokia and Activision laugh

Network disease…

Doc Ock, Rhino and lizard in front of you as Chapter bosses in the game you can see 5 3D and 15 2D episodes. In 2-dimensional sections, you beat up the enemies you encounter, jump over the building, try to save the prisoners who are in poison-spreading environments that have been captured by the bad guys. In some episodes, we are given the task of taking photos, and usually we encounter a boss at the end of two-dimensional episodes. Between Manhattan’s buildings, we start to net in 3-D and try to go where the arrow above us shows. At this time, you collect tokens that increase your score. Here’s where the game’s biggest problem begins, in 3D episodes, N-Gage almost freezes, and the frame rate drops incredibly, so the game starts to work hard, and the graphics start to go down to the C64 level. And in these 3-D sections, the control system has been strange; when you press in one direction, you can suddenly start to fall upside down. This, in turn, is written as a huge minus to the game’s household.

Obviously, in 2D sections, the directions and functions of the keys are very clear, but in 3D sections, the playability of the game is really a disaster, because when you press the direction keys, you can’t predict what Spiderman will do. Especially if you try to turn around to collect something (which I think never mind), your world turns. 3-D episodes give Spiderman 2 A minus rating in the controls after the graphics. In short, the sections that appeal to your eyes and hand will always be 2D sections. In general, in a game that runs in parallel with the movie, extra adventures were also included in the theme to increase game time, which gave the game a difference.

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Using N-Gage’s external speaker system, the game makes Spiderman fans laugh with sound effects, but the music is not as careful as the effects.

If we had reviewed Spiderman 2 for another console, we would have said that you would definitely not have a job, but this game is designed for your mobile phone and believe me, it has entertainment potential in a state that competes with the Spiderman game on PSOne. So if you have a network disease, Spiderman 2 would be a good choice if you also want a Game On My N-Gage.


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