SpellForce: The Order Of Dawn Review

SpellForce: The Order Of Dawn

In Blizzard’s rts classic WC3,” hero ” was able to level up by gaining experience and become stronger. Spellforce, on the other hand, takes the job of managing heroes too far. A character system as detailed as we can see in an ordinary rpg game in Spellforce ( even more detailed than Diablo), too many items to search for any rpg game, a lot of quests are waiting for us

The game is really a very high quality rpg / strategy, the producers have exaggerated the rpg work so much that we can play the hero as the 3rd person using the keys “W,s,D,a”, as in classic fps games. We can move between other units, buildings in a proximity that has never been in an RTS before.

It’s really fun to see the workers working in the city or the soldiers fighting up close.
In the game, we portray the character we created in the first place. I’ll give you a few tips, since this hero will be very important in the game.

Specialize in one subject ( don’t try to learn every skill, the character remains powerless)
Don’t create a wizard character if you don’t want to be too hard
Specialize in light weapons, not Heavy ( light weapons in the game are more powerful)

An excellent game system and unlimited items in the game that enriches our own character other than rune slaves can manage, but they can not jump the level.
The rune slave/warior are heroes who can summon units from monuments and return to life through certain structures when they die.

There are many NPCs ( none player character, i.e. computer-managed heroes ) in the game. They give you a lot of tasks, they want something, or you shop against it. One of the biggest shortcomings of the game is that only the main protagonist can talk to these NPCs. Other characters can’t do that. Although this seems like a trivial detail, it takes minutes to get from this guy to this guy in sections full of giant maps that are already slow and have no acceleration settings.

Spellforce is not a very good strategy game, even if it can qualify as a very good rpg application. At least not as good as the Warcraft series. I’m infuriated that there are no hotkeys in the game, and it’s also annoying that our own units are “artificial-jerks.” We run a lot of different races throughout the long game. After we get the rune of a race, we begin to rule that race. Mechanical units are not available.My favorite feature is that the races use partially different resources, The Dwarves can’t cut down trees, the elves don’t understand mining, the orcs and humans can fish. All races use different methods to obtain food. It’s a plus that each race has a bunch of different units. Dwarfs also have effective soldiers and sorcerers from a distance, while elves have close-range fighters. We usually make the best mix ourselves, as we manage a lot of units at the same time. There are many races in the game, such as the familiar elf, dwarf, dark-elf, human, troll.

Enemies also change frequently. As the game progresses, all the characters ‘ levels increase, meaning that all the units we created in the first place are 1. level, while in the Future 3. if we find a level rune, all the units we create are 3. the level is starting to form. Opponents also change as the division jumps.

I must point out that the game is very, very long and exciting, despite the fact that the world is a stale subject, such as the danger of extinction, constantly changing enemies; giant maps, unlimited items, small demos that interfere turn the game into a time-killing machine

Also, unlike other stupid strategy games, this game is aimed at the past. It provides complete realism. So you can go back to the map you passed later. The cities you created are disappearing, but the NPCs and the real cities are standing there.

They’ve made cities so beautiful that sometimes you might think you’re playing bauldur’s gate.

You can constantly visit this city, this country, this land, you can return to unfinished quests. We can travel through bindstones, where we are revived when we are already dead. For the first time, this feature, which appears in rts, is annoying due to the fact that the game downloads are long. I also strongly recommend that you do not switch to other maps without opening the entire map.Because in this game we logically capture the plans of new buildings and units. So I moved on to the next section, let’s see if there are new units out there. If you skip a chest, you may not be able to build a building that you need to do on the next map.

The graphics are incredibly detailed, as I mentioned earlier, even the graphics quality at 3rd person view is pretty good. I can’t say the same about vocalizations. All units of a race make the same bad noises. Also, the music, which is not very bright, starts on its own. Although there is no war, he can suddenly play something exciting, don’t say he didn’t warn you.

The maps are very large and the sections are long as the units move slowly. Also, the style of placing buildings in the game is complete nonsense. When you want to build a building somewhere, your job is up to a little luck, especially in towers, you suffer from this problem, you can’t predict where it fits by looking at the map. It is also difficult to use a mini-map on sloping terrain. A disadvantage is that the resources do not appear on the map ,because the map is too large , the mini-map is useless, as a result, the resource you just found disappears on the map.
It is a very good feature that resources cannot be completely depleted, that is, they regenerate themselves over a certain period of time ( although very long). It is also an unusual feature that enemies do not deal with resources.

Spellforce is a really long and solid game. It’s played tirelessly, although it’s a little annoying because of bad AI and lousy controls. It can satisfy both RPGs and strategy enthusiasts. The game really has an unlimited number of units, heroes and items. And a lot of cities, not to mention the npc.

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