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soul reaver 2

Soul Reaver 2, as the name suggests, is a sequel to one game (Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver – 1999), but the previous game was also a sequel to another game (Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain -1996). All three games were released primarily for console gaming machines. But all three were later transferred to the PC. This game (Soul Reaver 2) is also a 3 like the previous games. person action game.

I have not played the previous games, but at the beginning of this game” forced, but with pleasure ” after the animations I understand the subject:

A long time ago, when Raziel was a holy warrior, his grave was corrupted by a vampire called Kain, and his soul was taken prisoner to serve Kain. After serving Kain for thousands of years in a half-vampire, half-demon form, he is ostracized and thrown into a pit. His entire skin was burned, and his eyes were destroyed by the blue fire in which he burned, and they were replaced by cavities that radiated blue light. Raziel, our blue-skinned and seriously super charismatic hero, carries a weapon “Reaver”, which is unlike anything else, but is placed on his right arm in a slightly human body form. There is a special connection between this weapon and itself. Raziel wants to take revenge on Kain, who has put himself in this state with the help of this weapon. Kain Kaine ours back a ton about to meet and fight him full swings and “the speech” pulls open then disappears through a door, in and of itself passes through the door because he was in a wormy Raziel time keeper (Moebius) finds that a person is faced with her dangerous Raziel knows, but she doesn’t know exactly what to do. The time guard, the enemy of my enemy, is my friend, and in his logic, he gives Raziel a ton of lectures himself. He tells her how 6 of the 9 time guards were killed by vampires or something. Raziel is now confused; unable to decide who and what to believe, he sets out to take revenge on Kain with Moebius ‘ gas.

Gameplay: in the game, we control Raziel through the eyes of the 3rd person. Raziel consists only of muscles built on bones, wings that look like rags on the back, and charismatic hair and a head that shines from the eye sockets. But when viewed as a whole, it has a very charismatic structure 🙂 it has a scarf that is entangled from the lower jaw to the chest. We’ll know why this scarf is there when we play a little. When we open the scarf, we see that Raziel has no lower jaw and drinks the spirit of the opponents we kill. Raziel is an undead character with the nature of demonism and vampirism, and he can never really die. When his body is killed by someone, or when we want it, he moves into the spiritual dimension, where he can gather energy again and return to the bodily dimension in “appropriate settings”. When it moves to the spiritual dimension, the living enemies do not appear, instead of them, sometimes demons and free spirits can appear; the space in which we are in bends, the geometry of the environment changes a lot, we can notice some things that we did not notice before. In the spiritual dimension, Raziel is able to fill his energy by swallowing free souls in the environment, glide through closed fingers, reach places that he cannot reach when in the bodily dimension, but cannot use any weapon other than Reaver, which is fixed in his arm. If it’s bodily, it can climb walls and swim in water, interact with everything physical. In other words, we use Raziel’s ability to change dimensions to save our soul in moments when we are stuck, or to reach places that we cannot reach in any dimension in another. In both dimensions, we can glide down high places using our wings.Raziel can use axes, torches, or weapons he gets when he kills his enemies, as well as a kick and slap, as well as a very powerful Reaver. Named a Reaver Raziel on his right arm, this weapon (a sword in the form of energy density) at the beginning of the game, only revealed when your physical health is full, while of the subject in the beginning of the game (the grave we find the real sword on his grave broken and Broken Sword found here are merging from touching named Reaver, Raziel when he was human and physical endurance picked him up and remember the days are losing a large portion of) the result of acquired talent, giving their bodily strength at the time that wanted to Reaver compromise can occur. Reaver is very powerful and literally settles my code, but he is very stingy and absorbs the soul of the opponents you kill, and if you use the weapon for too long, he will starve and start stealing from your soul. In addition to these weapons, you can throw a power wave from your hand, repel enemies and interact with some objects, and if you throw a power wave when you have a Reaver, you can also hurt the other side. (The creation of this Reaver and the events of this power wave reminded me of the Jedi Knights for some reason…)

In the game, you can’t record every time you want to. This is nothing more than a wriggle to extend the gameplay of the game. Because the game has a really easy gameplay, your opponents don’t push you too hard. In the name of the puzzle, there are things like opening locks in some places, pushing columns, making Reaver touch and charm him in some places, and activating some objects and opening some locks. And the things you need to interact with can be seen without much effort. In the game, there are illuminated obelisks that are located on the left and right to record, and it is impossible for you not to notice. “Save that what relevance would it be?”the game makers, who knew that we would think, also allowed Raziel to explain the situation to us: when we came to the first of these record stones, when he touched this stone, his soul could be called again from this point, blah-blah-blah, thanks to the density of his soul in this region, when he was in a difficult situation… Anyway, as a result, we can’t record the game every time we want to, so try not to leave the game without finding a registration point. Because Raziel can’t run too fast, and it’s very boring to go through the places you pass over and over again.

Controls: we use keyboard and mouse for control. Each has individually adjustable keys. With the direction keys, we can run right and left from the screen and towards the screen, and we can set other keys according to your setting, such as soul sucking, tapping/interacting, strong tapping, jumping, bending and “auto focus”, which is the key that works most in the game. Thanks to autofocus, you don’t run back and forth to pin down your opponent, who runs right and left, Raziel automatically turns to him constantly. And when you’re facing multiple enemies, it focuses on the one closest to you. (Enemies do not attack you at the same time, except in exceptions, they wait when you beat someone, this reminds me of the action movies of Yesil Pine). The game does not have features such as an event called strafe and walking back. Your wings don’t just help you fly, they just float around when you jump down from one place, you have to press the jump button all the time. You use the normal hit key to interact with something. For swimming, you also use the running and direction keys. In order to jump from where you swim and go to land or jump to a high place, you first lean and then jump. The only difficulty in the controls and the situation that will break points is that swimming is really very difficult to get used to, until you get used to swimming in directions that you never want.

Graphics: the game uses a very successful 3D engine. This game is one of the most beautiful games I have ever seen in terms of graphics, the animations of all the characters are very realistic, their facial expressions are very impressive with their movements, teeth, tongues, everything in the sockets of their eyes. The ambient drawings, liquid and fog effects are very high quality and gorgeous. All in-game movies are created with the game’S 3D engine and are also very great without rendering. The only boring situation is that we can’t go through these movies, we tried so hard that they said you have to watch them, well, well, when we call the game from the record, it’s not good to watch Dec movies that we already know.

Sound: the game is simply extraordinary in terms of sounds. Raziel and the other characters in particular are each voiced by professional actors. Raziel’s story and his conversations with other characters are very pathetic, and the voiceovers reflect this really well. There is nothing remarkable about the game that I see as imperfect in the name of sound.

General: take this game strictly and play it. In general, no matter what genre you like, fantasy games interest you, the interaction of the characters in the game, Raziel’s enemies, although he does not want to see the “brutal” killing, at least taste the visuals of this game and see the success in vocalizations, you should get this game. I’m sure you will absolutely love it. The only flaw is that you will finish the game without taking too much time, because it is a really easy game to play…

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