So Blonde Review

So Blonde

So Blonde is the name of our game, where a beautiful or elegant blonde stands on the cover. Although it doesn’t seem to have much of a feature when you first see it from the outside, it attracts a little more attention, whether you want it to be found in the background of the game, that is, as a producer, Steve Ince, who will probably know many adventure game lovers intimately. Some of you said, “I don’t like the adventure game, Who Is this Steve slim?”such a thought can pass. He’s the name behind series like Broken Sword. I mean, in general, he’s always been successful, and that increases our expectations of so blonde, whether he wants to or not. But how much of these expectations can the production meet? That is a topic that requires discussion.

Blonde Pirates!

The character we’re directing is called Sunny Blonde. Sunny goes on a sea journey with her family’s difficulties, even though she never wants to, and during this journey, nothing will happen to her. Finally, as a result of lightning falling on their ship, the ship capsizes and falls into the sea. He’s on an island that he thinks is deserted when he comes to, and the interesting thing is that he doesn’t mind if he has to find his family or if he’s lost. The only thing that’s a problem for her is her deteriorating makeup and her wet blonde hair. Sunny is someone who has this attitude and attitude throughout the game. But as it progresses, events will become more and more strange, and Sunny will have to fight the Pirates, as well as arrange two weddings to lift the curse on the island.

In this way the subject is being processed. For so Blonde, we can call it a game based on a very clichéd scenario that is not really creative at all. Anyway, it seemed to me that the topic was extended by a little force. And as it has already progressed, it has been annoying to see that the production has certainly tried to extend itself with unnecessary details. But the humorous elements of the game make it playable. But how far?

No wedding without a hump

The graphics are already prepared in a comic book style so that they can be easily understood. Actually, they’re pretty well scratched. It’s colorful and chirpy. Graphically, no problems have stood out, and it is obvious that they are being dealt with. The dialogue in the game is designed to highlight a sense of humor, and they are both funny and successful as well as funny. Their only problem is that dialogues don’t help puzzle solutions in the slightest. It’s not really going to help, so get ready for it. Although it does not change the fact that the sounds are successful, but this small problem can come out of the small and become a giant problem, given the functioning of the game. Already So Blonde is constantly walking, and you really walk so much that you will even have to tour the island from the beginning to solve the puzzle. Add to that the fact that Sunny pocketed everything she got. It means that whatever you see that’s not related to puzzles or games, you can put it in your pocket. But because the items you use do not disappear from your bag, and this object retrieval process takes forever, after a while your bag will turn into a bottomless well, and it is difficult to find the item you are looking for, as well as you can find out which ones will work in puzzles by trial and error one by one. The inventory business was a very unsuccessful study. On top of that, let’s add that dialogues don’t help to solve puzzles. Music varies according to the environment and atmosphere, and they are generally good. In short, perhaps the only good thing about the game is the sounds, music and graphics.

I mentioned that you are constantly walking in the production, let me add that you do not have a map. If a small map system had been added, it would have been much more successful indeed. But after a while, because of the commute, you will memorize these paths. Apart from that, So Blonde has tiny little games in it, and they’re really fun. I enjoyed playing minigames more.

Sarıkız Sunny

It’s worth a try for so Blonde, but it’s a game that can’t be played for a long time. I liked the sound of graphics in general. Although a funny and humorous atmosphere is tried to be created in the production, the feeling of great emptiness in the production will cause you to close the game and even not open it again after a while. On top of so Blonde, “What Did You Do, Steve Ince?”it can be said.

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