Smash Court Tennis 3 Review

smash court tennis 3

The sport of tennis, which is mentioned in activities performed by more famous names in our country, cannot be said to have received the necessary attention in our country, except for tabloid bulletins. When it comes to Sports, Football comes to mind both because it is a sport that can be done in a cheap way, and because the public is more focused on this sport. Abroad, the situation is different as usual. Tennis competitions are being watched, courts are being filled, the private lives of successful tennis players (see tennis competitions). Anna Kournikova) gets attention. As always, we can only enjoy playing alternative sports in video games.

Smash Court Tennis 3 and Virtua Tennis are arch-rivals. The fact that they have maintained their presence in the market for a long time is also due to the fact that they have emerged as quality productions. Smash Court Tennis 3 takes its place on the Xbox 360 and PSP consoles. The part that interests us is the PSP platform. In a professional sense, we start our tennis career by creating a player. We create a player and enter our career from options that are completely up to our choice, such as different hairstyles, facial features, and clothing options. Given that we are a novice player, we can get a lot of training, which first includes how the game is played. As we can choose what we want from the trainings, it is also useful to take into account the warnings recommended by the production or must-read.

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Featuring four main game modes: Exhibition, Pro Tour, Arcade and Challenge, Smash Court Tennis 3 promises some pretty fun gameplay. Exhibition Mode is more of a mode based on self-proof. Arcade Mode also has a similar structure to Exhibition. However, in arcade Mode, you can choose sixteen real tennis players and make any number of matches. In Challenge mode, it seems that more fun comes to the fore. It is possible to define this mode as more themed or sub-structure tennis matches such as Pac-Man. In Pro Tour mode, we have a calendar, a schedule, and we play accordingly. The Pro Tour also brings many options under itself. It includes many subcategories, from organizing tournaments to signing sponsor agreements to finding partners for doubles matches. Regardless of the feature, partner, mode you choose, the result becomes the same; make tennis matches. Numbers and points earned during matches also return to our character as experience and level points. In these points, it increases the player’s ability points. Skill Points Earned are also distributed to be used in the directions you want to develop.

It can be said that the controls in construction are generally good. However, for the sake of being realistic, it is not overlooked that it has shifted to a slightly daunting level. Graphics that can be considered good are accompanied by high-quality and smooth animations. However, it is impossible to see the same success in favor of voices. In general, silence prevails in the environment, and the only sound heard is the sound of the ball. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is more like a failure of your teammate. A build that supports game sharing allows multiplayer via Ad-Hoc mode when you want to play with UMD. With its pros and cons, Smash Court Tennis 3 promises an average gaming experience. Considering that there are a small number of examples on the market, some of their shortcomings can be ignored.

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