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Actually, I’ve never been against singing and karaoke, and I’ve never been disgusted. Until the storm of so-called “star” creation programs, which appear on every channel and continue to appear, began to blow. As it began, storms broke out, nailing half the population to the screen, and real stars to our country(!)the game of the winning competition program(s) also pressed our console after the televisions, friends. We can comfortably think of SingStar as an advanced version of the karaoke game we all know. Our goal is to use the microphones we get with the game to be able to read the lyrics at the bottom while my uncle Ricky Martin sings on the screen, hold the tempo, apply the emphasis on the spot, and enjoy the features necessary to become many stars to the jury of the Virtual Gift Cascade.

I sing when I’m in my mother’s womb

SingStar has everything that we watch on our televisions in Star creation programs. From the jury to the day of elimination… In SingStar, you can choose a career mode and join the competition and start drawing a career for yourself. The more successful you are, the more difficult the game is. Also, as long as you are successful and can continue to do so, first you sing in small bars, and then in large venues and
you’re going to television. Even then, you went on a world tour, your fans throw their pants and bras at you, and you sweat so as not to step on them on stage. Apart from the career mode, there are also modes where you can perform songs for your taste.

There are three difficulty levels in the game. As you can imagine, I don’t see the need to write any of them. In any case, what is the difficulty in this kind of Game? You get points in the game even if you say it by doing brutal vocals on the microphone (I did it, it happened). A little jury, I’d say they’re pretty tough. In any case, you have no right to object to the men. After you’ve come before them and made yourself feel sorry for yourself, shed two drops of tears, and then people say to you on your cell phone, “bik bik bik..” it’s not the vote messages. So whatever you do, you have to try to sing the song in the best way possible, but this is the only place where you can show yourself in the game.

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I want to touch a little bit on the parts in the game, but I say that I did not touch, but if you bought the game, you played, I say that you will touch on how much you do not like this type. Ricky Martin Livin la vida loca’, Avril Lavigne ‘Complicated’, Jamilia ‘Superstar’, ‘ Atomic Kitten ‘Eternal Flame’ as well as popular songs such as Carl Douglas ‘kung fu fighting’ and Motörhead ‘Ace Of Spades’ such as classic pieces available. I’d say I’ve already given 45 points in scoring just for these two classics.

I like pop music, watching MTV, partys… I am a ” degenerate teenager!’ Forget the rest!

The Singstar game is not a bad game, okay. The idea is very good. An advanced version of karaoke. But when you live in a world where there are a lot of things that are already blunted by music channels like MTV and attract the glow in young brains like a sponge draws water, a person says something like that. E, come on, there was. Well, if only there were more classic and more useful pieces! He who wants to listen to them and say them opens the channel on his TV and says it to the fullest. I love you baby, give me some more, oh oh yeah! ‘to give money to that game to be able to say. In short, I can’t say that the game is for those over 11-12 years old (I bought it, I played it).). It appeals to those of that age and below with its subject matter and structure. And if
I’m sure if they take SingStar, they’ll be able to have a great time both alone and with their friends. But someone who has come of college age or even passed the following game alırda, “I was sick brother, devastated..!”pity that man if the sentences come out of his mouth.

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Note:” Singstar ” was more like a review article than a game review article.” So what’s it to you as soon as you get what you want, it’s a matter of taste? Besides, it’s just a game. Why did you make such a big deal and take it seriously?” But everything that ends badly “it’s just a game.” I would like to add that in people who have come to “pity” (in other words, preppy, pop, MTV youth), they have become that, not taking this and such issues seriously enough, not going on it, not growing it.

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