Silent Storm: Sentinels Review

Silent Storm: Sentinels

2 in the last period. A lot of games were made about World War II. Some became legends because they reflected the atmosphere of the era so well, while others could not go beyond mediocre. One of the rare successful examples of this fury, which was largely composed of first-person Shooter-style games, was the turn-based tactical strategy game Silent Storm by the Russian producer Nival Interactive. The game structure, which resembled the famous Jagged Alliance Game of the ancients, was a good reason for the addition package to be removed soon after the original game itself, which was highly acclaimed for its adoption of a 3-D camera system.

For those who have played the first game, we can say that the scenario has not changed much. In 1947, we enter a relentless struggle with members of an organization called Thor’s Hammer, leading a secret group of agents who have infiltrated behind enemy lines. The turn-based game structure offers a game that requires us to act smarter by thinking. A Plus is that the in-game graphics and interaction are too detailed to expect. All objects are affected by weapons and bullets, and can also have consequences that will affect the flow of the game.

Strategy? Simulation?

The game, which we first started with the character creation screen, hits its first blow here. Because the character creation screen is detailed, as if we’re going to play “The Sims.” I don’t know why so much detail was shown in the game, where we can choose the face of our character down to the smallest detail, but we can even adjust his voice. Don’t miss the vital part of the soldier’s profession. Because which class of military you choose becomes very important during conflicts. 4 soldier options include Soldier (regular soldier), Scout (scout), Sniper (sniper), and Grenadier (bomber). The Soldier excels in normal firearms, while the Scout excels in close combat. The Sniper “makes” the long-range rifle, so to speak, while the bomber can point the grenade. Although every soldier uses his own weapon very well, I can’t make much sense of how he uses other weapons quite badly. For the sake of Allah, whoever you give a gun to 30cm in front of the target will hit 95%. Come and see, if the Sentinel is not a soldier’s specialty, he can’t even hit his enemy 10 cm in front of him with a full hit. As a result, you need to decide what tactics you want to play in the game when creating your character.

Money, Money, Money…

Sentinels is a game in which we lead a group of mercenaries, buy the necessary equipment at the beginning of each episode, and collect bullets, weapons, etc.from chests and boxes in the game. And yet the importance of money increases. In order to collect successful groups and equipment on the next mission, you better understand that you need to collect valuables on the last mission you completed. You start each episode at your base. You take your mission, select your weapons, switch to the map screen, and reach your mission locations. When the missions start, the map structure, which resembles a little commandos and a little Jagged Alliance, meets us. Press the right button of the mouse, ‘free camera mode’ and select the desired angle. While we can zoom by moving the mouse wheel, we can make transitions between layers if we move the wheel by holding down shift.
Although the overall gameplay is very similar to Commandos, yun stands and becomes turn-based in case we encounter any enemies. Here, the action point called AP, that is, the action points, becomes important. You move along the map as far as your movement score allows, then use your weapon. When you’re done, pressing Enter says” End the turn, ” you give the order to artificial intelligence.

With this additional package, improvements in the game’s artificial intelligence are immediately noticeable. In the first game, enemies who constantly attack you as kamikaze does have been replaced by soldiers who act more intelligently and plan. As he fights, enemies who understand that he cannot succeed alone can turn around after a while, as well as teammates. If there’s no one else, he’s hiding behind a certain trench and waiting for you to come. The fact that we can configure artificial intelligence in the main menu to the smallest detail has been a source of great appreciation for both experts and new, starting games. The game, which has also improved on weapons, has raised the bar a little more, not only by offering plenty of weapons options, but by reflecting them realistically. Every weapon we use can break down or jam after long periods of time. With weapon cleaning kits, we can extend the life of the weapon and minimize its jamming.

What’s Havoc engine doing in a strategy game?

When we examine the game graphically, we see that it deserves a very good score. First, the graphical details that catch our eye on the character creation screen are also evident in map design. It offers beautiful details not only in appearance, but also technically; when fired, objects can explode, windows break. If a bomb goes off next to a wooden ladder, the ladder becomes unusable and you need to change tactics. And the arms and legs of the enemy corpses that we carry on our backs move as we walk. Only overlapping corpses can make absurd movements and jump and jump, and sometimes arms and legs can pass through walls. I think it can be overcome with a patch to be made. In a game where the sounds are very successful and the music is appropriate for the time, each soldier speaks according to his own accent. And the gunshots are satisfactory.

Level jumping and increasing their abilities is exactly the same as in the first game. In a game where we can be an expert on many issues, the skill screen works just like Diablo. Improved regional damage adds a distinct flavor to the game. Enemies shot in the upper chest and head get much more damage, while a soldier shot in the leg walks slower when it’s his turn.

As a result, it draws a very successful line in Sentinels, an additional package of Silent Storm, the original of which is quite a game. New details added to the features found in the first game added a beautiful color to the game. Those who love the first game should certainly not miss it.

Note: you must have the original Silent Storm to play the game.

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