Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific Review

Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific

I’ve always had an interest in submarines. They’re really great tools. They can be used for war, for research, for many purposes to save. There are many types of those that go deep in the ocean that work with nuclear energy. They even launch a rocket underwater at a distant target, and they become a path for scientific research. Along with tanks, submarines are the most beautiful tools I love. But there were always those who were my point of interest in them, in a certain period of time, on a certain date. He made his way through the dark vast waters of the Atlantic Ocean, quite feared. Yeah, the first stylish thing that appeared in your mind is “U-Boot.” There are two main points of me being so close to U-boots. The first is my general interest in submarines, and the second is the film “Das Boot”, which affects me quite deeply. In fact, Das Boot is, to me, the best submarine movie ever translated. 2. He described what a German U-Boot went through in World War II, what they went through. If you find it, definitely watch. It affected me quite deeply. Of course, if Silent Hunter comes on top of them, which is a pretty good series in the field, I’ll never miss it.

Legend Series

The Silent Hunter series, which has found quite a wide place in my heart for a long time, is among my favorite. A beautiful introduction with the first, the series raised the bar with its second game. He filled the eye with his developed graphics. But for me, Silent Hunter 3, the best in the series, seriously reached the top. My fondness for U-Boots was very much in your face with Silent Hunter 3. There were mistakes when the game first came out. But over time, these were closed. My favorite part was the editorial support of the sh (Silent Hunter) series. It was possible to do different tasks with this editor, especially the game was taking shape with modes that could be drawn from the address. I can never forget the attacks, especially on convoys. I will never forget that for hours we had a convoy attack with other players from the multiplayer, these long-lasting collisions. Of course, it took a while, and I ate Silent Hunter 3. My main concern was the new game. Ubisoft did not break those who think like me about it, and announced the game and released it.

This time we’re crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea. We’re going further from the German front to the Pacific Ocean. We will play a leading role in the clash between the Japanese and the Americans. But the first point I got stuck in the game was here. We can’t choose the Japanese side. So forget about playing with Japanese submarines. We can only play with the American side. There are four different types of submarines on the American side, designated as Tambor, Gato, Salmon, and P-class. I’ll tell you in advance, American submarines are heavier than U-boats. In maneuverability, U-boots maneuvered sharper and faster. But as if American submarines were slower, it seemed to me personally.

Easy menus and errors

There’s a menu that won’t come to those who play other Silent Hunter 3. Again, there are parts of the museum, career, single tasks, practice. If you’re just starting the series, definitely play the practice parts. Basic commands of the submarine, how many knots (one nautical mile 1852 meters) it must go, maneuvers, periscope depth, torpedo attack, convoy attack, etc…. you can learn all kinds of details in the first parts of the exercise.

The main career part of the game, including the practice sections, and you have to choose a certain degree of difficulty in the tasks. You can adjust the low, medium, or high level difficulty from realism. You can also do this yourself as “Custom” if you want. At the difficulty level, there are many options; limit battery, limit fuel, numbered torpedo, etc. If you’ve played a series like me before and want realism in short, make the difficulty level the highest directly. Believe me, that’s the fun of the game. In any case, real submarines don’t have unlimited fuel. However, let the first beginners take it to a “low” level after practice tasks and play.

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Silent Hunter 4 actually splits in two. The first is before the patch is installed, and the second is after the patch is installed. I’d better give you a nice summary of what I’ve been through. When you first installed Silent Hunter 4, I expected an error, just like in the third game. Of course, there could be Program errors, graphics errors, some shortcomings in the game system. But I didn’t think it would mean anything deep. The first noticeable error is a malfunction in sonar and radar. Sonar settings aren’t working. But it can work at periscope level. According to the script, radar finds something in singleplayer. But when it comes to multiplayer, it doesn’t click. Let’s move on, if you have installed the game directly in other parts, sometimes a strange situation may arise, such as the fact that the task you are doing is not accepted. But for me, the most affecting factor in the game is the speed problem. One of the very big cons of Silent Hunter 4. This problem has even been made in the face of a painting. According to this table, manual calculation is made and tactics are made according to it. You may be able to face the problem of hijacking the speed of targets. You have to adjust and calculate well. Some of these problems are fixed with the patch, but there are still minor problems with speed. So I recommend that you download the patch published for the game and install it in every way. It fixes errors at critical points. And with the patch, it’s not exactly over. Problems with the sonar can continue. There are also some problems with the sound effects. Errors in the clock and time part also continue. In short, although patch 1.1 fixes some bugs, there are still bugs in the game. So it looks like patch 1.2 will make quite critical updates. Already 1.1 patch with the release of the game, immediately offered for download. Play whatever install. Let me also explain a point mentioned in the Subsim forums. Along with Patch 1.1, a protection system in the game is also active. If you run the game illegally, all your 3-D sailors become 2-D.


It doesn’t click on our guys on the submarine anymore. Personally, I am surprised by this situation. We used to click on our guys and give them orders. Instead, you now need to use the shortcut keys or menu. Shortcuts are the same as previous games, no problem if you’ve already memorized them. The menu looks a little more neat than Silent Hunter 3. In the third game, I was not very happy with the hidden menu on the left of the screen and the menu on the top right of the map sections. When you came at them, they came out of hiding. But in Silent Hunter 4, it seemed easier to me. The menu is completely located at the bottom of the screen and is quite convenient. The angle of maneuver, the depth indicator, the indicators that we set how fast it goes, are slightly changed in the lower right corner. The symbolic jib, eraser, pen, etc.that we use in the map parts are located immediately under the left of the map. Their use and access were convenient.

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You can say that the tasks in the construction progress on the same level as Silent Hunter 3. Apart from classic things like commuting, sinking a ship, attacking, etc., there are changes such as reconnaissance. In fact, the dynamic Campaign in Silent Hunter 3 continues. It’s more full and with changes. But sometimes the game can go crazy. Except that he doesn’t accept the task you’re doing, a lie can give false warnings. For example, it is said that there is one merchant ship, but when you go to the scene of the crime, the wind blows instead of the ship or something different comes out. The “dynamic radio” feature, which was praised before the game first came out, is a pretty nice detail. First there’s The Washington frequency. It doesn’t sound like a timbre from the radio at first, but it gets interesting later.

I liked Silent Hunter 3 graphically. But as soon as I saw Silent Hunter 4, I really got tangled up. Especially the sea effect is disastrous. From fluctuations to its response to changing weather conditions, it’s Super. The sailors ‘ modeling is as great as ever. I can’t even touch on submarines. Because real modeling was taken and put directly into the game. Now we have details, such as algae wandering in the sea. Again, one of the nice details is that if we switch to the “free Camera” angle, the screen is covered with drops of water when we enter and exit the sea. There used to be no such detail. Enemy modeling, light games, sun reflection in the sea, changing weather, the appearance of stars, etc… the graphics are really great. Sounds can actually be counted in the same way. The main menu includes professional vocalizations along with great music that plays and goes into the atmosphere. The only problem is a sound problem in Patch 1.1. But that will definitely be fixed on the second patch. I can’t say that this problem is not in my head, because I have a craziness that I want to hear all kinds of sounds on submarines. There should be no problems with sounds in these mechanics. Actually, not in the general sense, just that little mistake.

Enemies are more advanced than previous games. They’re doing every tactic to find your location. They’re kicking his ass with water bombs. I found AI successful in general. But from time to time, artificial intelligence can jam.

Silent Hunter hides and perfect result

There are some interesting things in the game. For example, sometimes incoming messages can write antique things. As Mexico allegedly declared war on Germany. There are quite interesting secrets, such as the Stevens stopwatch made in the name of Nael Stevens, The Smile icons that appear on the radar. There are many other things, such as a U-Boot picture that comes out between textures.

Silent Hunter 4 is actually a nice game. It looks like it was released before it was completed. So there are bugs in the game, but they will be closed with future patches and mod Masters. Bird production system needs are high let me point out. Graphics to open and play comfortably 256 Mb graphics card, 3 Ghz processor and 2 Gb ram must be. In any case, simulation games will necessarily want a high system, and those who like this genre, like me, will suffer from this problem. Silent Hunter 4 is a quality game with successful Multiplayer mode, map editor, graphics, hidden hidden, salt and pepper errors. He deserves to be played.


Great graphics, one-on-one modeled submarines, dynamic missions, seamless Multiplayer, the best quality of its kind

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