Silent Hill 2 Review

Silent Hill 2

If we look at the games we have played so far, there is no doubt that there is always a lack. Of course, you should evaluate all the games in your own branch, but the end always leads to indigestion. Because in games, in our real lives, people are afraid of one feeling. Fear!

Who wants to stay home alone? Who wants to cross a street where a light flashes between dog barks? Who wakes up in the morning and opens their door, wants to see Cam drops on their door? Nobody? Unfortunately, that is wrong.

It is scientific proof that fear is the only emotion that feeds a person. Without fear, a person who is lacking in creation cannot keep his consciousness constant. Of course, every feeling has to have a limit.

Silent Hill 2 (referred to as SH2) is a game that allows us to be absolutely within these limits. SH2, who stepped into PS life with his younger brother a few years ago, gave us a nice trip with a long wait and then a PS2 and then an XBOX release. In addition, it was improved in the XBOX version and made worse. At this time, according to news circulating on the internet, Konami would not produce games for the PC until 2005. Fortunately, it became clear that the news only applies to Winning Eleven and the series with the successive Konami games and the subsequent announcement. He finally arrived at Sh2. Released because it was known to be a true horror classic, not even to be, SH2 was now on the tip of our keyboards.

Our entry to our subject let’s just do it now. Our main character, James Sunderland, receives a letter from his wife, who died of illness a few years ago. In the letter, he asks them to meet in the town of SH. Confused at first, James decides to go to town, as a result of the fact that he has been in enough space since Mary died. After all, he has nothing left to lose. James goes into town, looking for a woman, and comes across an empty and eerie landscape. It’s a place that’s between the definition of “Ghost Town” in cowboy movies and “City of fear,” even a combination of the two.

As can be seen, even in the introductory paragraph, we are faced with a game aimed at removing fear from where we hide it. If you add to this our sighs that we have seen on PS machines for years, it becomes clear that you are holding in your hands a work that can mix the most enjoyable minutes while revealing the simplest fears. Let’s move on to the review section of the game, which will be very short.For the moment, the game has the best games in its class. It is obvious that he also has an overwhelming superiority in games outside his class. The fact that your system features are low, we are sufficient features certainly do not affect the quality. Based on systems now, the fact that this game works on my system means that in theory it can work on absolutely any system. In addition, it also allows for a resolution that many of us, such as 1600 * 1200, do not even support the SH2 monitor. So the graphics are almost flawless.

And the sounds are just as successful as the graphics. Almost everything has its own voice. But here’s a little detail. The sounds of the creatures you encounter do not change. So each character class uses the same voice. And our shoes sound the same tone both on the board and on the asphalt. I call them simple shortcomings.

Silent Hill 2’s playability has also been comfortable, the most problematic aspect of such games, even if the camera angle definitely still drives the guy crazy in some segments, the fact that it is playable from the keyboard, the ability to give almost certain orders in character management, keeps the game’s control at a high level. Of course, in addition, game tables can also be played using the joystick.

A person can’t pass without saying that I wish they had mouse support. One point to pay attention to in the controls is your right to choose “Rotational” or “Directional” from the settings menu. Depending on how you manage your character in such games, you can either manage your character by pressing “Rotational”, i.e. the direction keys, turning it in the direction you are pressing, or “Directional”, i.e. walking in the direction you are pressing. In the first few minutes you spend with the game, you can try both and make your decision.

Let me finish the review and point out the differences between the difficulty levels of the game by the end. At the easiest level, James starts in full health, encounters very few creatures, can find more bullets, health, necessary materials. As the difficulty level increases, everything reverses. The creatures die hard and come out more, the bullets are very scarce, and James starts the game in lower health.

as a result

The game is a real monument of success. It’s one of the only games made for our system, and it’s a game where everyone has to take the one who loves the one who doesn’t, and add it to their archive. Absolutely do not pass, you will lose a lot.

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