Shrine: Circus Tycoon Review

Shrine: Circus Tycoon

For a wide segment of the world, circuses are a huge source of entertainment. From the trapeze artist to the lion tamer and from there to the clown, thousands of people cut their money to watch them and have a good time. Or they think they have. This huge tent, the only source of an alternative carnival for young children, is, in my opinion, a great torture for parents. In the early 1900s, it may have gained acclaim for being attractive and unusual, but it’s the last place I want to go in my life. And I’ve always been afraid of circuses since I was a kid. The paint on the faces of these clowns was more deadly than cute to me. I need psychological support. And that’s why I don’t like circuses in general. I can love someone who loves, that’s separate…

If I don’t like circuses, it will continue unless it gives me something in the real sense. Nice, I never thought about building a circus until now, and I never will. Especially when I encountered this unofficial game called Circus Tycoon, my desire not to create a circus was even more clutch. And then what did I do? Yeah, I didn’t start a circus right away either (?).

I know circuses are fun…

Circus Tycoon is the last leg of the” tycoon ” fury, although in general the fact that tycoon games contain routine surprises and contain no difference from others is the first branch of the negative score forest I will count. You’re trying to build a circus, and the game ends when you’re trying to build a circus, because it consumes itself so quickly. The biggest reason for this is that your adjustment time is quite long. It’s too hard to put your equipment on the map. From the simplest, you choose the land to bring a trapeze artist to the show. You choose the room where the trapeze artist will stay, you arrange the shows he will do; in short, you have to pay special attention to all the elements under your management. In this way, the game disappears within itself.

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Especially if you don’t get a tutorial at the beginning, you can find yourself alone in the middle of the field because you don’t know how to do what. So is the ‘ tutorial section at the desired level?’ if you ask, the answer will be quite simple: no! Menu introductions performed as a slide show and tips on how to organize organizations are very inadequate. In the end, you start without understanding what is what and not being able to concentrate well, and in the end you don’t get any pleasure. If you think all my abusive words are caused by my inability to taste the game, you will be mistaken.

Dad, take me to the circus…

You say,’ I get used to them when I play the game’, then take a look at the graphics. In a word, boring and bad. I’m sorry, that’s two words, but it’s okay. There is no depth in any way, and everything is in one flat. Your visitors and the guys on your staff are acting without animation; despite this, it is very much in your vein that they do not complain about it. You think you’re a circus operator, but the fact that you can put amusement park toys on the map, not you, on the contrary, is an indication that the game is impersonal. I’d like to touch on their animation, but I have to skip them, too, because something that happened can be touched. You also have a wide range of entertainment men on duty that you can use. There are all the personalities you’d expect to see in a circus. It is an undeniable fact that you have to specialize in the tutorial part to get them into the game.

And there’s no beauty in the voices. Very ordinary and vulgar sounds almost scratch your ear. In fact, no matter how wide your playground and circus expands, the ambient atmosphere in no way increases kills the atmosphere. I guarantee that if you take the game, you will close it in no more than half an hour, and then you will never even look at it again. Everything looks like a Rollercoaster Tycoon in makeup.

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Even the circus itself is more fun, think about the difference!

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