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shrek superslam

In 2001, we were obliged to watch the first film and in 2004, the second film of Shrek. Films adapted from William Steig’s book were prepared using the animation technique, and both were found to be quite successful. Because every circuit of the production was carefully prepared, even the voice-overs were made by Hollywood stars. If we remember, valuable names such as Cameron Diaz(Princess Fiona), Antonio Banderas(Puss in Boots), Eddie Murphy(Donkey), Vincent Cassel(Monsieur Hood) and Mike Myers(Shrek) performed in Shrek 1&2. As such, it was a very enjoyable adventure that was watched with interest all over the world. Of course, when Shrek became popular, toys, clothes with Shrek pictures, etc… a lot of material is being released and Shrek is being used as much as possible. We’re dealing with a popular animated hero! Do game makers stop? Direct agreements are signed, and Shrek becomes a game… At least a dozen times…

Super Shrek Slam?

The last ring added to the Shrek Games series is Shrek SuperSlam. You know, a PC fighting game doesn’t come out much, that’s the type of Game fighting. But the age Mass he addresses appears to be children. But is there a reason adults shouldn’t play? You’ll find the answer in the article…

Various combat modes are available in the production. In these, you can choose a character and participate in single fights, create tournaments and show height in qualifying matches, or click on the story mode and follow the story of the production. Especially in this episode, you fight your enemies using the fun character of the Shrek world. But these are not ordinary collisions. Because the “power bar” we see in almost all fighting games is not in Shrek Superslam. So there is no such thing as neutralizing your opponent. They replaced it with a very simple scoring system. Otherwise, they would have caused Shrek to lose his sympathy. The logic of the scoring system is as follows; as is evident from the name of the game, it is based on hitting your opponent from ground to ground. As you hurt your opponent, the color of where your name is at the bottom of the screen changes. When Green is completely dominant, the Yesil suddenly turns red. At this point, you need to do superslam. These slams are the only material reflected in your points at the end of the fight. Each superslam is written in your household as” 1 ” points. If you have 1 point on both sides of the fight, unfortunately, you are considered defeated. If you slam your opponent, run until the time runs out. Because artificial intelligence becomes very ambitious to earn points and attacks you.

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Shrek Slam Super?

The characters in the production attract our attention as another plus. There are 20 characters that we can choose, some of which are initially closed. Of course, these are not very normal characters. If you’re a stranger to the Shrek universe, you’ll find that there are no normal characters. For example, a cookie and a cat in Boots fight or a donkey and a knight meet is quite normal in this game compared to other fighting games. Of course, each character also has movements according to him. For example, a donkey and Fiona’s movements are not the same, or Shrek and Puss In Boots…

The minimum system requirements for playing Shrek Superslam are very low. So much so that the P3 800 MHz processor, 128 MB of RAM and 32 MB of video card will work. Thus, Shrek SuperSlam has become a game that even low-system users can play very comfortably. Even the proposed system for the game is less than the minimum system of many recently released games (!)

Super Slam Shrek?

In general, Shrek SuperSlam is a cute fighting game that appeals to children. Of course, he promises hours of fun for adults who love Shrek movies. In short, it can be a good experience for those who can’t find a game to play. If there is a production that you expect to come out in the near future and you are bored waiting for it, you can also try it sometime. It will rise like The Sun on your depressed world with its colorful atmosphere. But how long it stays on the hill, it varies from person to person. Shrek SuperSlam doesn’t promise very long-running gameplay. Don’t get distracted by the game and forget about real life…

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